Win An Exclusive Shirt! [closed]

T post tees
Why yes, that is Che Guevara’s image depicted in toilet rolls

A few weeks ago I was contacted by T-post asking if I’d like one of their shirts. I took a look at their site, and discovered that their shirts aren’t like normal tees. They’re also micro magazines!

Printed inside each tee is an article that reflects both a current news piece, and the state of the world. The issues I have to give away are “Negotiating a War” this article is about music file sharing and the charges RIAA are claiming from small time downloaders; the other is “Spare a Square” which talks about Cuba’s current toilet paper crisis, they’re running out of it quickly! Alongside the article is a column about the tee designer.

T post articles

T Post is a unique idea. You subscribe like you would to a magazine, receiving a new issue every 6 weeks and not knowing what will be inside till it arrives. Each shirt is exclusive, print runs are limited to the current number of subscribers and back issues cannot be ordered.

I’m extremely fussy when it comes to tees and I’m a good little bogan who only strays from black for special occasions. For this reason alone I turned down the offer of a free shirt and instead asked if I could give one away. Lucky for you they sent two.
Both shirts are womens medium. If that’s not your size don’t forget the other t shirt lovers in your life, you could score a unique xmas present for free!

If you’d like to win these shirts simply leave a comment letting me know. For extra entries tweet (include @msconstantine so I see it) or blog about the giveaway.

You have until the 20th of November.

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