26 in 26: Participate in a protest


Saturday October 15 saw people all over the world occupy their cities to let everyone know they are not just going to sit back and let the crappy economic system carry on the way it is. They gathered in solidarity for the people in New York that have been camping in parks for a month. They gathered for themselves, and more importantly they gathered for the ones that don’t have an easy time having their voice heard.

I have it easier than many, I’m white, I have a supportive family, I have enough money to live on, I live in New Zealand. I support a welfare system because I know that not everyone has had the same chances in life as I have. I support it because I know that sometimes people are made redundant and have to support their families while looking for new work. I support it because childcare is expensive. I support it because I support human rights.
I am sick of hearing people refer to benefit fraud and dole bludgers All. The. Time. Do these people know there is a fraud intellegence team in the social welfare department set up to catch this stuff? Do they know that the percentage of fraud proportional to benefits paid is just 0.10%. Do they know that 2009s $16 million dollars in benefit fraud is what NZers spend per day on impulse buys? And do they know that the amount of tax not paid by business owners with creative accounts is an insanely bigger number? Not to mention the $1.7 billion Government bail out of Canterbury Finance last year.

Have a think about what you stand for. Are people more important than money?

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The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them. – Karl Marx