Things I Have an Unnatural Dislike For

Things I Have an Unnatural Dislike For
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  • & – I really wish people would just write and. I think & is pretty as a symbol and I use it a lot when writing with a pen, but as a substitute for a typed word I hate it. My business is called Cupcakes and Mace, not Cupcakes & Mace! :] (it actually makes me shudder to see it written that way.)
  • Boats – Nothing happened to make me so scared of them, but I am. I refuse to go on one, to the point that it excludes me from some family gatherings (well The Boy’s family gatherings, mine don’t seem to do boats as recreation).
  • Doors being left ajar – I am mildly OCD when it comes to certain things, and doors are one of those things. Wardrobe doors must always be shut in the room that I’m sleeping in. My toilet door should always be closed. And the door to our second bedroom clicks into place when you’ve closed it properly, if it doesn’t click I send The Boy back to do it again. (who’d want to live with me?!)
  • Pastel colours – Eurgh
  • Doing the dishes – I would rather scrub the toilet than clean the dishes. I tend to work things into a frenzy in my mind and I’ve done that with dishes. At first I just didn’t like doing them because they’re a chore, then I preferred to dry rather than wash, then I started to get pissed off when I had to do the dishes, now I actually feel upset when the prospect of doing the dishes is upon me. It fills me with an unnatural dread, I hate staying at peoples houses because the house guest is expected to do the dishes out of politeness. I’m so relieved when people have dishwashers.
    Am I crazy?
  • People calling me – I’m a writer, and I deal with people in other parts of the world most of my day, so I expect to communicate with written words – email, twitter, blog comments, facebook, chat, and texting, and not with a voice call. We actually get so few calls that when someone rings I get a bit freaked out and think someone has died.
  • Playing hide and seek and tiggy – My biggest fear is being chased. Any time I  feel like someone could be following me I get freaked out. If someone is running after me I prefer to run into a corner and turn around to face them because having someone running after me freaks me the fuck out.

What makes you shudder unnecessarily?