11.50 pm

It’s illegal to try and persuade someone to vote for a particular party on election day. Or something?

But it’s not quite election day.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow. Vote Green. Vote Labour. Vote for people that care for more than themselves.

voting mosaic
What I was wearing to vote 3 years ago.

New Zealand Has Voted

Although the outcome of the New Zealand General Election on Saturday was not what I desired, consensus among friends is that if we had the choice to change the outcome, but in order to do so America had to give up Obama and have McCain, there’s no way we would do it!

Obama benefits everyone and New Zealand is pretty centre aligned anyway with the two main parties barely left and right of centre.

I’ve been pretty disgusted with all of the recent comments left on Stuff in relation to election articles. Right leaning citizens accusing lefties of having no brain, accusing beneficiaries of being lazy dole bludgers who don’t deserve to be able to vote! It makes me sick, I didn’t realise we had such creeps here.

Anyway, this is what I wore to vote

voting mosaic
  • V neck t-shirt – Ezibuy
  • Satin skirt – Country road
  • Bag – Thrifted
  • Boots – Demonia, Gravel 20
Demonia Boots

After voting I headed to my BFF Benhi’s to make cupcakes. The master plan was to copy Ems naughty penis cupcakes, but in brown instead of white to honour Obama. We were rather tipsy (ahem, drunk) when we came up with the plan! But we stuck with it…(stop scrolling now if you are at work or somewhere where it would be equally embarrassing to have a big penis made entirely of icing on your screen)

Obama, Made Of America

Note the extra large penis. That’s one stereotype I’m assuming black men don’t mind.