We Now Return to Your Scheduled Programme

What a week! Hugest order ever, birthday, birthday, derby, spewing, sunburn, candy, order, UPS guy. DONE.

With all of the extra excitement around here I neglected the blog more than usual last week. But do not worry. We are now returning to the usual late night postings and inane ramblings of a one Ms Constantine. Now bought to you by wireless keyboard (I’m so 2000 and late).

Unicorns and Narwhals

Friday the 2nd my big order for ModCloth got confirmed so we spent most of this week putting that together. Turns out I can’t handle that on top of normal orders and a blogging schedule and seeing how I get paid for the orders it was my blog that took the hit.

Birthday Cake

BIRTHDAY! Dinner was delicious (as always at Arashi) and Chickie Little made the most amazing cake! White chocolate mud cake with cream, chocolate, crushed maltesers, and a bit of baileys in the middle. It was so rich and amazing. And it was even decorated with pink sugar and cupcake candles. Best lady evah.

The Boy’s present was a wireless desktop set (keyboard and mouse) and a copy of The Matrix. It might seem like a lame present to some of you but let me just say the hunchback look is not a great one for a 24 year old (24!), and I was already well on my way before I got my laptop.
The Matrix has been on my 101 in 1001 list from the beginning. He also paid for dinner and candy on Sunday.

After dinner with friends I met up with a couple of cool ladies I found through blogging and twitter. It was awesome and we clicked straight away.

Roller Derby 10 October

Saturday night involved more meetings with internet friends including Laura (from Friday night) and Jo (bottom left with the Perky Nah Nah supporter sign and stalkery necklace) two really great ladies that I love. I also got to have a brief chat with Katie who I also love and who is a skater in training. I started enjoying myself too much though and drank enough that I had to leave early and go spew in my hair.

laura leopard print

Laura looking bad ass in her Smash Malice/Brutal Pageant crossover outfit


Thankfully the terrible stormy weather cleared up on Sunday and our picnic up the cost at Lindale went ahead as planned. We didn’t go to a farm show but We got Kapiti cheese and ice cream and The Boy bought me a whole bunch of candy! :D
The duckling and her mum kept us entertained for quite a while in the picnic area.

Wholesale order

Finally the order got completed and packed. Now I just really hope the couriers pay attention to my fragile warning and everything arrives in the US in one piece.