Things I Loathe Thursday

  • People who have the beeps on on their phone and send text messages while standing next to you on the bus simultaneously breathing their stanky breath everywhere.
  • Cold, rain, and wind all at the same time.
  • Flying..
  • When your favourite shoes start leaking.
  • The waiting time between handing in your resignation and the last day.
  • Not being able to catch a beautiful landscape with a simple camera.
  • Taxi companies that have a long wait time and then never show up. And then when you call them to see where they are they tell you you’ve already been picked up. O’rly. Is that why I’m calling you?

What’s pissing you off this week?

Things I Love Thursday – 6 November 2008

1. Baracks Smile 2. Red Martini

  • Barack Obama – I am so in love with America right now, for the first time in my life. I said “I’m so excited” so many times last night. I also likened it to Christmas. And I believe the words “screw the NZ elections we’ve got a black president now” came out of my mouth! (If you’ve just joined us, the reason that is funny is because I am in fact a New Zealander and therefore I do not have an American president at all.)
  • Midweek cocktails at Chow – At Chow you get two cocktails for the price of one on Wednesdays. They are delicious. We got a bit drunk celebrating Obama because we hadn’t eaten yet. :S
  • Nasal Spray – I have a stupid cold at the moment which is blocking my nose and marking it hard/impossible to breathe through my nose. I couldn’t even breathe well enough to inhale to nasal spray last night but it still cleared it up within one minute. I am so glad I discovered this in the last couple of years, it makes it easier to do everything while you have a cold. No more choosing between blowing your nose or dribbling everywhere while you’re at the movies!
  • Handwritten letters and printed photographs – I received a letter in the post from my littlest sister yesterday. She’s been very sick with adrenal gland failure for the past three months and has missed school all that time. She decided to write to keep up her vocabulary and such. She’s 13 but has acted like a 30 year old since she was a baby. :D Enclosed with the letter was a photo of her, almost all of my photos are digital these days so it’s special to have a few printed ones.
  • Non religious Prime Ministers – I’m an atheist so while I support the religious Obama I prefer secularism. I was happy to hear both John Key’s and Helen Clark’s responses to questioning on their religious views were that neither of them are deeply religious. John Key does not believe in life after death and doesn’t know if there is anything up “there”, Helen is already well known as an agnostic. I’ve had less luck finding out the religious views of Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russel Norman, leaders of the Green Party, who I am probably going to vote for (I can’t believe I’m still um-ing and ah-ing about it!).