Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving: A holiday celebrated in The States that has nothing to do with me, or my history.

Nevertheless, the idea of remembering to be thankful and sharing a meal is one I can get behind. Much like xmas for me has nothing to do with remembering Baby Jesus and everything to do with remembering baby cheeses.

This year I’ve gone from never having celebrated Thanksgiving to having 2 celebrations in the space of a week. The first being at Mika’s on Sunday. Her place was crammed full of people and we ate an assortment of salads, vegetables, birds, and pies. Delicious.

Tonight, Brend, Kate, and I are going to share a chicken and cook all the vegetables in butter.

A few things I’m thankful for:


When I was a child, before DVD players were a thing; back when owning a computer was a big thing and Encarta was one of the best things I had ever seen; I remember distinctly wishing out loud for two things.
1) A device which would allow you to have more than one CD on rotate. Stereos that could do this were awesome and eventually discmans that could play MP3s came along so you could have a couple of hundreds songs on one CD.
2) That TV ads would go away. “Wouldn’t it be amazing” I mused, “if you could somehow download all of the days TV and fast forward through the ads.”
Every time I think back to these moments my minds blows up a little. We live in the future and it’s pretty great.


I have the best little group anyone could ask for. We’re all pretty different while being exactly the same. I especially like that as the group grows bigger and we find someone we want to join the group we kinda work together to lure them in and trap them. Um. Yeah.


On Saturday New Zealand votes for its next Government. Whether it changes for the better, or remains a festering pit where an ex Merrill Lynch trader trades our country into the ground, we will have come to that conclusion through a democratic process. Yay democracy. Vote Green.

Modern Medicine:

The immunosuppressants and anti inflammatories that stop my guts from exploding daily. And the steroids that bring me back from the brink of almost wishing for a colostomy bag. :/

Science will always be better than a fairy tale.

My Privilege:

I’m thankful I’m in a place in my life where I can recognise my privilege. I’m thankful I have the luxury of deciding when to have children, if ever. I’m thankful that I can easily earn enough money to live on. I’m thankful I have a supportive Mum and Step Dad and siblings.

I’m thankful for my body, though it is sick with colitis and all the facets of life that affects, it still carries me the places I need to go.

Good men in my life

I have a lovely boyfriend who supports what I do and is interested in the world around him. I love him very much.

What are you thankful for?

Desert Road Tripping

Mt Ruapehu

In an effort to save money, as well as get my sister to come to Wellington, we drove home with her after our few days in Hamilton. It’s real long drive, about 8 hours without stops! But the scenery is beautiful even if you’ve seen it all many times before.

The Desert Road is one of my favourite stretches. It’s desolate, covered in tufty grasses and rocky creeks. It’s often misty and the three volcanic mountains hold snow on their peaks. Tongariro National Park is a dreamscape.

Desert Road
Mt Ruapehu
Mt Ngauruhoe
Lake Taupo

Mt Ruapehu // Desert Road // Mt Ngauruhoe // Bulls // Blossoms // Mt Ruapehu // Lake Taupo

Nine Things #1

I’m following the lead from a few of my favourite blogs to share some of my favourite things!

  1. The number 9.

    + / + / + / + / +
  2. Unusual light fixtures. Chandeliers made from mason jars and tea cups. Yes please!

    + / +
  3. Parks and Recreation. One of those shows I watch that I find so funny my laugh changes. It’s weird and probably pretty annoying for everyone I live with (sorry!). Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson should be everyone’s idols. I’d like to live like Leslie and Ron by eating breakfast foods at all times of day.
  4. Bright pants. And everything else on the Wear Color Tumblr. Wear Color was recommended to me when I complained, once again, about pastels, and about wanting the pastel trend to die and be replaced by brights. Success.
  5. Cake. Forever.
  6. Shop Sweet Lulu.
  7. Coloured keyboards.
  8. MIA swinging above New York.
  9. Super bright art in all of my favourite colours. I must have the iPhone case!

Fuck Yeah: Blended Fruit

While in Asia I discovered a secret. One that has been hidden by juice makers all over the country.

The secret is this: You do not need four different fruits, two fruit juices, a tub of frozen yoghurt, and $9 to make a smoothie!

We drank so many blended fruit drinks while we were traveling and we watched while they were made. We watched while nothing but one type fruit (or two if you’re faaancy) was put in a blender with ice cubes and water and maybe a little sugar syrup sometimes, and blended. We drank so much fucking watermelon.

I cannot wait till watermelons are back in season. But for now I’m blending bananas (discounted ones because they’ve gone a little spotty!), and pineapple from a tin. Or a cup of frozen berries, and a banana. Or oranges, and berries, and a banana. Bananas are cheap and filling ok.

What are your favourite fruits for blending?

Life is great

What a great day today!

  1. I just secured a huge new house with some of my favourite people in the sunniest area of town.
  2. I have a temping job that pays well, is easy, and keeps getting extended. On Friday we’re going for a long xmas team lunch.
  3. My jewellery business picking up because of xmas which spurs me to spend more time on it.
  4. Tomorrow I’m going to the Harry Potter midnight screening and crossing something off my 101 in 1001 list.
  5. The boyf has a new job lined up for the start of next year meaning he gets to work with people he loves rather than dreading going in every morning
  6. I paid my part of our bach rental for New Years. 5 days of beaching with friends!

What’s good in your life?

Hier Und Jetzt – 10 July 2009

On my iPod: Crazy Sexy Cool by TLC

Watched this week: Bruno; Season 4 of the Gilmore Girls; Australia.

Best buy: I received an email last week from offering me a free pair of frames (because I had entered my prescription details on their site and signed up to their mailing list, not because I’m special) so I decided to have another look around. Googles4u is the place that had the amazing red and black frames I lusted after in another Hier Und Jetzt. It turns out that sometimes they hold only one or two pairs of a frame so you’ve got to be quick if you spot something you like.
Their prices are already ridiculously cheap at $13 for frames and a starting price of $17 for lenses, I couldn’t say no to an extra offer of free frames. So I ordered these babies. They promptly went into out of stock once I’d placed my order. pink and clear glasses

They shipped they day after I ordered them so should get here in another week. Even if they turn out to be shit, don’t fit my face etc it’s no big deal because they cost me less than a dinner at a restaurant. And shipping was free. Awesome!

On my wishlist: Blackbird’s Attackin’ in the Dead ‘O’ Night t shirt. Pretty, I love that it’s plain black on the back and mostly white with black pattern on the front. Unfortunately it is only left in L and XL size.


What I’m Loving: Whittaker’s toasted coconut block. I’m halfway through my second block of the week; Bruno!!; Being able to find out so much about peoples lives through the Internet. I’ve been feeling very voyeuristic this week; fully realising that gender and sexualities don’t need to fit into boxes and can be as fluid as you like; androgyny; swamps.

Favourite photo: Did you know that swamps are one of my favourite things to look at?

P.S don’t forget to enter the competition to win a nameplate necklace!

Hier Und Jetzt – 4 July 2009

Movies watched this week: Green Street Hooligans; Never Back Down; Marley & Me (I’m so glad I didn’t see this at the movies, I bawled a lot! :'[); Meet the Browns (terrible movie!!).

On my wishlist: A black or pink “Delete Grenade“. Pretty.

Delete Grenade

What I’m Loving: Hanging out with friends, boys dressed as girls, boys dressed as nerds, being a night owl, Gilmore Girls (!), new readers, possessing the scone gene, Family Guy, caramello chocolate, free organic kiwifruit which is sweet and isn’t tangy.

Best line: “A hard yank will usually do the trick (and is very satisfying), but you could use wire cutters or a soldering iron if you are a poof want to do it right.” –

Favourite photo: Encroaching Evil. Amazing!

Encroaching Evil

Things I Love Thursday

Pink and Grey jewellery bits
  • Deciding not to do a Things I Loathe Thursday this week even though I’ve been getting pissed. The reason I didn’t do one? Today made everything better.
  • Being self employed!! I new I had made the right choice this morning when I was lying in bed at 9am with my eyes open, too excited to sleep any longer. I just wanted to be up doing my thing.
  • Finding some new pink acrylic. I’ve been searching so long! The fluoro pink tint I use is great but it’s more orange than pink when it’s held against a dark background. I always wear black, so I usually only wear my fluoro pink necklaces when my top is cut low enough to expose my skin more. The new pink is bubblegum like and frosted. The boy just cut some new pretties for me and I can’t stop squeeling!!! :D (of course my picture doesn’t represent the colour anywhere near accurately. I’ll get proper ones when there is real light and I’m not so excited.)
  • My first day of self employment had beautiful weather! Despite the fact it’s winter here, the sun was shining and there was hardly any wind.
  • I get to see my family tomorrow. My sister turned 21 today (happy birthday!) and we’re going up to Hamilton for her party tomorrow. It’s going to be 16 hours of driving in 3 days, but it’ll be worth it.
  • Getting things off my chest. Yesterday was my last day of work and I had an exit interview to do. I don’t expect any of my complaints to be handled properly, or anything done to improve the situation there, but I said what I had to. And I did all I could to make things better for all the people still suffering there.
  • Having a best friend. For years I didn’t have any close friends (except for The Boy of course), and it’s really great to have one again.

Things I Loathe Thursday

I present Things I Loathe Thursday, in participation alongside Gala’s Things I Love Thursday, and Gem’s Fuck You Friday.

Give me something to hate
  • Stupid purple bus – We use a card system in Wellington for the bus, much like the Oyster and Octopus systems. Except this one stupid purple bus isn’t meant to do the Wellington route, it belongs to a different bus company, it just “helps out” in the morning, and doesn’t have the Snapper system set up. It comes to my stop in the morning at least twice a week and I have to find cash to pay for it. And then you get the stupid bus drivers from the actual Go Wellington bus company that drive straight past pointing behind them to catch the bus behind them which is the STUPID PURPLE BUS!
  • Managers who micro manage – Especially when they know don’t know anything about the job they’re trying to micro manage.
  • People who don’t move down the back of the bus – People that catch the bus everyday should know that if they don’t move down the back the driver is going to think the bus is full and not stop to pick people up. Even if the aisle is almost empty.
  • Being tired all the time – Trying to focus my attention on two personal project; exercise; hanging out with friends; staying up to date with tv shows, movies, and music; all the while working a full time job lends no time for sleep! I have a crazy, deranged, foolish, hope that something will come of it one day though.