Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving: A holiday celebrated in The States that has nothing to do with me, or my history.

Nevertheless, the idea of remembering to be thankful and sharing a meal is one I can get behind. Much like xmas for me has nothing to do with remembering Baby Jesus and everything to do with remembering baby cheeses.

This year I’ve gone from never having celebrated Thanksgiving to having 2 celebrations in the space of a week. The first being at Mika’s on Sunday. Her place was crammed full of people and we ate an assortment of salads, vegetables, birds, and pies. Delicious.

Tonight, Brend, Kate, and I are going to share a chicken and cook all the vegetables in butter.

A few things I’m thankful for:


When I was a child, before DVD players were a thing; back when owning a computer was a big thing and Encarta was one of the best things I had ever seen; I remember distinctly wishing out loud for two things.
1) A device which would allow you to have more than one CD on rotate. Stereos that could do this were awesome and eventually discmans that could play MP3s came along so you could have a couple of hundreds songs on one CD.
2) That TV ads would go away. “Wouldn’t it be amazing” I mused, “if you could somehow download all of the days TV and fast forward through the ads.”
Every time I think back to these moments my minds blows up a little. We live in the future and it’s pretty great.


I have the best little group anyone could ask for. We’re all pretty different while being exactly the same. I especially like that as the group grows bigger and we find someone we want to join the group we kinda work together to lure them in and trap them. Um. Yeah.


On Saturday New Zealand votes for its next Government. Whether it changes for the better, or remains a festering pit where an ex Merrill Lynch trader trades our country into the ground, we will have come to that conclusion through a democratic process. Yay democracy. Vote Green.

Modern Medicine:

The immunosuppressants and anti inflammatories that stop my guts from exploding daily. And the steroids that bring me back from the brink of almost wishing for a colostomy bag. :/

Science will always be better than a fairy tale.

My Privilege:

I’m thankful I’m in a place in my life where I can recognise my privilege. I’m thankful I have the luxury of deciding when to have children, if ever. I’m thankful that I can easily earn enough money to live on. I’m thankful I have a supportive Mum and Step Dad and siblings.

I’m thankful for my body, though it is sick with colitis and all the facets of life that affects, it still carries me the places I need to go.

Good men in my life

I have a lovely boyfriend who supports what I do and is interested in the world around him. I love him very much.

What are you thankful for?