101 Things in 1001 Days May Update

I still haven’t managed to finish writing the 101 in 1001 list. But I know for sure there are going to be many more goals to add to the list in the months to come.

Things have been kicking off for me in a big way the last few weeks. I decided to leave my job, started getting orders for my jewellery through Etsy, and have had a few late nights emailing customers trying to be the best darn customer service/company representative I can be.

I’ve beaten my “make and sell 10 items of jewellery” task well and truly already. I aimed a bit low on that one. I’m thinking the next goal should be to sell 1000 pieces in the next 2 years! :S Gotta aim high!

Since the February update I’ve:

  • created a new blog header
  • gained a few more subscribers
  • added the completion of the ProBlogger 31DBBB to the list and started it
  • gotten into the habit of making my lunch instead of buying it. It’s saved me heaps of money!
  • quit my job!!!!
  • purchased two new pairs of glasses
  • watched some more movies in the IMDB top 500

It’s very exciting time right now!