Not your Grandmothers cross stitch

Brand new obsession of approximately 6 hours: Embroidery.

The chance to pack all my mess away and start afresh again has sparked something in the way of creativity. Much like the big plans I had when I moved to 361 I’m scheming workspaces and looking forward to decluttering both my possessions and head space.

A clear mindset however temptation for one more thing to take up residency. And tonight that thing is embroidery.

Spurred by ModCloth’s interview with Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching, and in particular the amazing tattoo style ‘mom’ design she’s holding I realised that this new style of Subversive Cross Stitch combines everything I love.

Pretty dainty patterns? Check.
The ability to add swear words and skulls to those dainty patterns? Check.
A wide range of colours, patterns, and suppliers to work with? Check.
Being generally subversive? Check.

Previous cross stitch experience involves plastic mesh, wool, a large plastic needle, and a pre printed pattern of a house. I was very young so it’s understandable that Nana would start me off small. The love never took off though and I doubt I could get away with stitching like that at my age. Not cute.

This is not your Grandma’s cross stitch though.

A slew of patterns are available on the net from places like Subversive Cross Stitch, Sublime Stitching, Miso Funky and Needles and Pins. All I need now are the tools.

For Fuck's Sake
Heart with dagger