21 Grams

Before I start I want you to know that if this site does ever attract sponsors I will never endorse a product or brand I have no interest in. OK so now you’re wondering what the fuck I’m on about…

Staying up late on a Friday night twittering like a true anti-socialite with a preggo for a best friend I saw 21 Grams tweet to ask who likes free stuff and why you deserve to win free stuff. With the promise of blog love I was told I was ahead of the rest, but the “competition” turned into a who can sign up to our website and email me the fastest kind of affair. I didn’t win, but my promise of blog love endeared me enough that Andrew decided to send me a free tee anyway! Woohoo.

So now I’m living up to my end of the bargain writing this while sitting in a comfy grey tee with 20 ONE G emblazoned on the front. It’s currently the only girls t shirt available, but the sizes run true and are long enough for my tallish frame, two things I’m always concerned about when ordering tees online.

I can’t wait till summer so The Boy can take photos of me in real light!

Pretty stoked that my first freebie as a result of the blog is a t shirt from a NZ label!

21Grams is a urban streetwear label based in New Zealand, this interesting tidbit is the story behind their name.

In 1907 a Doctor in Massachusetts conducted a number of experiments on dying patients to determine the weight of the human soul. The Doctor found that the patients lost small amounts of weight in the three hours leading up to their death as they lost moisture. At the exact point of their death the patients lost 21 grams, giving the human soul the weight of 21 grams.