New Shop Things and Xmas Shipping

I’ve been temping again for the past month (with another month on my contract) in order to get some dollars ready for xmas and new years and all the fun things that happen without me when I’m not getting much money in. And as always the reality of being cooped up in a cubicle sent my brains into over drive and all I wanted to do was make all the things, and photograph all the things, and write all the things.

But I can’t do it all so I just made a few of the things:

Ampersand necklaces
Ampersand necklaces in Quicksand, Baskerville, and Futura fonts

Bunting necklace
Bunting in pink white and blue

Black bone bead necklace

3 finger ring
Faux 3 finger rings

There’s only one finger hole and the bar sits above your digits, way more comfortable and allows heaps more movement than a true 3 finger ring.
Futura ampersand brooch

Heart brooch and ring
Heart rings and mini heart brooches

More things soon

I’ve got a few more new designs that need to be photographed and listed so look out for another update in a week or two. Expect bows and anchors and bone beads in more colours and ceramic hearts.

Xmas Shipping

Unfortunately my super dooper laser machine friend is moving cities in a couple of weeks so the laser cutter will be out of action for a while. I can still get things made but there will be a 2-3 week turn around instead of a week (max) turn around. This means custom xmas orders for pretty much everywhere need to be in by mid November! Not long! How is xmas so soon!?
You have a bit longer for jewellery in stock. Those orders don’t need to be in till the end of November if you need them to arrive by xmas.

Ozzies have till the around the 20th of November for custom orders and till December 9th for jewels in stock.

Kiwis have till the start of December for custom orders and till the 19th of December for everything else.

If you’re buying gifts I can send them direct to the recipient with a note! And even if you’re buying for yourself your jewels will be packaged with tissue and ribbon and love.

Misery Boutique

My beloved Misery Boutique (Misery is an Auckland based artist) is closing down and soon the Misery clothing label will be no more. This sucks but it does mean they’ve reprinted some earlier designs and you can grab them before mid April for pretty cheap.

I just ordered the Lil Gothie and Melancholy Sisters T-shirts, a Miss Muffet sticker and a Wilma patch to add to my collection. The best part is the t-shirts were only $30 each. The last one I bought was $60 instore!

These should arrive soon, well within the next two weeks.


You can now find Misery at Miseryland! It’s totally cute.