I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to run away

Soap suds in hands

I haven’t used soap in weeks. Or shampoo. Or facewash. It’s been over 5 weeks actually. Well, that’s a lie, I’ve used a little soap on my underarms, lady parts, and hands. But that’s all.

Sarah Von mentioned not using soap on the Yes and Yes message boards and I figured if I can survive with only 6 items of clothing then I can do this too! Bonus points for making travel easier as well.

I read approximately a million articles on the subject and most said that if your skin goes crazy then try your hardest to wait it out for a month because things should come right by then. Fortunately I’m awesome and my skin did nothing weird.

For the 5 weeks I’ve been cleaning my hair with baking soda (alkaline) and apple cider vinegar (acidic to close the hair shafts once they’ve been opened by the baking soda), and cleaning my face with baby wipes at night (I’ve always used these as a cheap make up wipe replacement) and a flannel (face cloth) with my morning shower (don’t use fabric softener on flannels or towels, they’re excellent for exfoliation).

The result: My skin is far less dry! It has settled down a lot. I’ve always suffered mildly from teenage like skin, even though I’m 25 now, but finally it’s starting to behave! ( unless it’s the week before my period)

My hair is getting proper greasy after about 5 days, a huge improvement from the 2 days it used to take. Living through a couple of weeks of greaseball hair is worth it when it trains your scalp not to produce so much oil.

Unfortunately backpacking with a tub of baking soda and a bottle of vinegar seems to be more trouble than it’s worth, but not having to use a tonne of soap is going to be grand.

Am I low maintenance or what!