Sex And The City: The Movie

Now that I’ve finally seen the Sex And The City movie I can open my eyes and ears to comments and reviews once more. I feel the need to chuck my two cents in though about how I feel about the movie.

I came out of the movie sated. I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed the clothes and shoes…

The introduction

I started watching Sex and the City as a young teenager, I think at the time it was more of a way to be naughty and watch sex on TV though. I hated the clothes when I was younger. I though they were crazy, unrealistic. No one would wear something like that in real life I thought. Well, how wrong was I!
I’m a little older now and I read fashion blogs constantly. While I am unlikely to spend $600 on a pair of heels I’ll never wear and because I’m living in New Zealand I would feel uncomfortable wearing something extravagant through fears of being over dressed; I still lust over all the pretty, shiny things in the world.

The pretty stuff

I hadn’t watched Sex and the City for a long time. Not since the series finished on TV. I’d consider myself a fan, but I never made the time to re-watch any of the episodes, so going into this movie I didn’t expect much, just lots of expensive crazy clothes and sex.
I wasn’t disappointed. I adored the clothes, they were unbelievable. I lusted over almost everything, the highlight had to be the cupcake purse that Charlotte’s daughter Lily used at the wedding! I find it a bit strange though that anyone would entrust a small child with a purse worth over $4000 though. No matter how rich you are.
The wardrobe was also beautiful and made me completely jealous!

The scene where Carrie walks down the street in a white dress with a huge flower on her shoulder made me giggle. As she’s walking down the street a group of four younger women walk past and one of them turns around and says it’s a great dress. It reminded me of a post Gala had done a few days earlier, her Daily Outfit post for 19 June 2008. Gala talks about the compliments she got…so many compliments! I was thinking how alien that situation is in New Zealand and how it must have been a freaky not often done situation anywhere in the world. People never (well hardly ever) give you compliments in the street here. And I’m not just talking about compliments aimed towards me, I never see anyone else getting them either. I guess New Zealanders are too reserved.
So that scene made me giggle because it showed how different it is in other cities. Gala stuck in my head a lot through the movie, I guess with her current New York jaunt it fits really well.

In conclusion

So, I came out of the movie feeling pretty good about the experience. It wasn’t until later on when I read the comments on Gala’s Sex & The City: The Movie post that I began to doubt it. That made me a bit sad because Gala is usually such a positive person. One of the main issues that was raised in the comments was the massive amount of product placement. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with this when it comes to Sex and the City and I didn’t even notice it in the movie. Isn’t that what most of this show is about? Labels, labels and more labels? How could you not give a Louis Vuitton bag as a gift and leave a pair of blue Manolo Blahnik pumps in the wardrobe in a Sex and the City movie?