Because you asked

Another installment of Because You Asked. Where I either answer or poke fun of search terms that lead people to my blog. The spelling in the search term is all theirs.

Gloomy Bear Tattoo

tattoos of bears – A quick Google image search will give you a multitude of results.
This one on the right is pretty awesome though.

Librarian Harry Potter back tattoo

harry potter tatoos – Same goes for Harry Potter tattoos. This Dewey decimal tattoo on the left my pick of a quick scan of a bunch. It’s not obvious at first what it’s all about, which I like. And it combines her librarian job with her love of Harry.

socks foded like cupcakes – Awwww aren’t they precious?!

gala darling real name – Gala’s name really is Gala Darling. She changed it legally, though I believe the name her parents gave her was Amy.

how to do a ransom note for pj pants – I’ve never done a ransom note for PJs before. Though I imagine you could copy this one some friends made.

Ransom Note

Because you asked

The semi-regular feature ‘Because You Asked’ pokes fun and offers information about some of the things people are searching for when they arrive at Cupcakes And Mace.

  • Great white ninja – My immediate thought was of Chris Farley, aka Beverley Hills Ninja. He died in 1997 from a drug overdose, his obesity was a major factor in his death. Not all ninjas are awesome.
  • Dessert to go in Wellington – There are many places to get delicious desserts, I imagine most of them would offer takeaway options. To start with try Strawberry Fare, Midnight Espresso, Sweet Mothers Kitchen or The Watusi.
  • Recipe for cupcakes with laxatives – That is so mean! You know a couple of girls got expelled for pulling this prank? Of course you do, that’s why you’re searching for a recipe.
  • Ninjas are sex – Just wanted to share this with you. I have nothing further to say on the matter.
  • Bus driver socks – This search totally made my day. You have choice between boring blue (must be worn with blue shorts) or these ‘Bus Driver socks‘ with pictures of buses and stop signs and books.
  • There has also been far too many searches for big p*nis, black p*nis, and Obama’s p*enis. Please make your way to this post immediately! Pervert :p

Because You Asked – 04.02.09

The second ever “Because You Asked” post where I give some guidance to people who have searched for something and been led here, or where I laugh at strange searches.
The first “Because You Asked” was all about Katherine Moennig/Shane McCutcheon. I still get heaps of traffic from people searching for her.

  • Pirate cupcakes – You will find pirates and cupcakes individually on Cupcakes and Mace but you’ll have to look elsewhere for actual pirate cupcakes. For pictures of pirate cupcakes have a look at Cupcakes take the cake, Blue cupcake, Flickr, Flickr, and more Flickr. You can also get a pirate cupcake jersey or some pirate cupcake stickers!
  • pretty 11 year old cup cakes – Ew, I think your going to have trouble finding 11 year old cupcakes that are anything but disgusting.
  • suspenders buy wellington – I got my rainbow suspenders from Too Cheap on the Courtenay Place end of Manners Street, they’re quite small, kids size I suspect. Spacesuit on Cuba Street also sell them for about $15 I think.
  • yo benhi hil – Were you going to say “Yo, Benhi’s hilarious!”? Well yea, I have to agree. Have you seen her Foolery Four comic?
  • do i 2 days off work for a colonoscopy – Do you need to take two days off work for a colonoscopy? For the two days prior to the colonoscopy that you are taking a laxative I would definitely take the time off work. The laxative is horrible to drink and starts working pretty quickly! The day after the colonoscopy you can go back to work as long as there were no complications. You’ll should recover as soon as the sedative has worn off.
  • sex mace – Really can’t help with this. Really don’t want to. I’m scared to Google it, and it sounds painful!

Like a Dog With a Bone

One of my defining characteristics is my constant search for truth. I’m known at work for constantly checking things with Google.

If we receive a group forward that seems dubious my colleagues just say “Kim will find out if it’s real”. And I will. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. I’m determined!

I demonstrated this will power again yesterday when I wanted to find a song. I’ve previously spent hours looking for a music video when all I knew about it was that it was dance-y/techno-y and had two people dancing across a basketball court. I found it after a few hours of searching.

This time I knew the tune of the song, I thought it sounded like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I took at a guess at remembering some of the lyrics. The first and last time I heard this song was 5 days ago. I’ve never been a big fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers so the task seemed pretty big.

I thought the lyrics were ‘all I wanted was someone to…’. Google kept telling me the lyrics belonged to a group called Hidden In Plain View who are no longer together and don’t seem to exist on the internet apart from some lyrics and a Wikipedia entry. I was still pretty sure it was the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony’s voice is pretty distinctive.

Many many searches, reading of lyrics, and watching of YouTube videos later I decided to listen to the 30 second clips of the hundred or so RHCP songs in the iTunes store. The song I was looking for didn’t have the chorus as part of its clip but I recognised the tune enough when I heard it to look up the lyrics and hope I’d found the right one. I squealed and ran to tell the boy when I realised I had found it!

The song is Hard To Concentrate from the album Stadium Arcadium. The lyric I thought I knew was “all I want is for you to be happy”.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Hard To Concentrate