Blogger Politics

cat fight

Being a female blogger feels a bit like being a teenager attending school in an American movie. There are cliques, there is backstabbing, there is jealousy as far as your mouse will take you. Growing up in New Zealand I never had to deal with the insipid task of making sure I got in with the right group from day one. Sure, groups were formed, and those groups had their distinct personalities. But none of it came to the extremes that movies like Mean Girls portray.

The blogging world is the first time I’ve come face to face with the harsh realities of working with thousands of opinionated women. We bitch and moan about companies in our blogs, but it’s comments section and places like Twitter where we think we can be sneaky and talk about other bloggers. Mean comments are supposed to make people question why they like the blogger being discussed, they’re meant to discredit, they’re meant to make the commenter seem like the authority instead. Unfortunately for the commenter they don’t realise that the people interested in reading those sorts of comments are bloggers themselves, meaning more often than not the readers are smart fact checkers who can form their own opinions.

It’s not only commenters that need to be careful what they write. Recently I saw a very well known blogger tweet that lots of people rip her off and stated that she could name people that have copied her blog design. She’s smart enough to not actually name names, but those comments make her seem a bit petty. Everyone thinks their work is original, that their statement style or colour is theirs alone. In reality no one has an original idea, there are 6.7 billion people in this world and chances are someone liked pink before you.

Do your thing, do it well, and maybe you’ll make it. I read hundreds of blogs, there’s room for more than one top dog.