I dressed up as a feminist for halloween except actually I didn’t, but that’s a great idea for next year.

Saturday involved another trip to the food mecca that is Petone, and a final cheese toastie at Cultured (their store is now closed D:), a bag of biltong from OnTrays, licorice from the Dutch shop, and a hanging planter for Brend. The planter is the only new thing I bought in October that wasn’t food or entertainment! A present for someone bought from a store owned by someone I’ve met in real life totally doesn’t count as failing Buy Nothing in October.

While in Petone we popped in to Sweet Pea, a new high tea place that looks so fucking cute. I absolutely adore Martha’s Pantry in the city but Sweet Pea was really spacious and felt like it would be more relaxed. When I’m next in Petone and not full of cheese I’ll definitely try it out.


After drooling my way around Petone I drooled all over the awesomeness at Craft 2.0 and then dragged myself home in the hot sun to finish the icing on my Halloween party cookies! They had scary words on them like ‘Babies’ and ‘National Government’ and ‘Feminist’.

You know I can't eat your ghost cookies

Hungover on Sunday meant french toast and reliving the costumes from the night before. Best dressed went to Tim as Ron Swanson that time he got back with Tammy 2 and ended up in prison with corn rows; and Fiona dressed as Al Swearengen from Deadwood. She wore a chest merkin, and kept a glaring scary look in her eyes. We managed to not die before seeing Drive at the Embassy, where we also sighted John Waters in the wild!

Also I never used to understand the Ryan Gosling hype, but now. Daymn.

Mt Victoria

I’ve lived in 6 different houses since moving to Wellington. Three of them have been in Mount Victoria, including the one I’m in now. And it’s no accident.

Mt Vic is sunny, close to town, full of cute houses, and full of cool people. Kate and I took a walk around the burbs for a bit of sun and exercise and cat spotting.

Big downside of living in a city built on hills = no garages = cars parked in front of all the pretty houses.

Photographic Evidence – 31 October – 7 November

Last weeks trip to see family was a complete success. We ate tonnes of delicious food, enjoyed amazing weather, and got to see my Grandad while he’s still in relatively good health.

city gallery yayoi kusama

After going to see my tattoo sketch (which hadn’t been done) and on the way to drop a library book off I saw the reopened City Gallery covered in spots for Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition. We flew to Tauranga later in the day.


That night we were treated to dinner at the amazing Tay Street Cafe. After a quick walk on the beach across the road of course. The area’s called Bay of Plenty for a reason, the first metre or two of shallow water was covered in baby pipis (or tuatua, how do you tell the difference?).

Prawn  cocktails and joy bar

I got my chef on while we were in Te Puke, helping to make these old school prawn cocktails for starters. I also helped make aioli, a couple of dinners and made a couple of cakes too.

How great would it be to not only have this view, but to have the view from your own little bar with both ping pong and pool tables!

Up in the tree

You can get a much better lay of the land up on the platform in the tree.
It’s strange to see my hair like this, until a couple of weeks ago it was down to my waist and my fringe was so long I had to kept it swept to the side in order to see.

I'm so cute

Found on my Mum’s dresser: a picture of me looking cute as in my snoopy outfit. I think I was about four. Twenty years later I have the same haircut again.

outfit 6 november

Eek Get this whitey out of the sun!

I tried on an awesome dress the day before I bought this skirt. It was on sale at Max and would have been perfect except my upper and lower halfs are different sizes, my boobs and shoulders couldn’t fill the dress properly. This skirt was a great alternative, almost the same material. I have a few skirts in this shape now, I really need to make a big petticoat for underneath.

Dinner and driving

My big, younger, league playing, brother is the master of getting the most out of a Chinese takeaway buffet. Just when I thought he’d filled the container so much he’d have trouble getting the lid on he sticks a couple of slabs of egg foo yung on top and closes the lid tightly! Side effects of this include a meal shaped like a brick, big enough to feed a family.

Everything is green in the BOP this time of year. It’s a nice drive back over the Kaimais.

Maketu beach sunlight
Maketu beach

Down the road from Te Puke at Maketu we enjoyed a lovely meal with stunning views. I ordered a huge pile of mussels which came with a huge bowl of chips and a salad. I couldn’t even get close to finishing everything.

Have you had any adventures lately?

Photographic Evidence

Time for a life update.

Things are trucking along in the Cupcake Factory. We’ve had a couple of good weeks of sales which is promising. These are a few of the new designs, I’ll be showing you a few more on Friday for the competition! (or you could just go check out the shop)

Cupcakes and Mace Jewellery

My 101 in 1001 list is going sloooowly. Subscriber numbers are climbing steadily (yay, Hi!) and I should reach my goal of 200 soon.
I made ambrosia for the first time but didn’t take any photos. Woops.
Tattoo planning is under way, a book is being read, and I’ve tried a few new recipes.
The list of things I have not done however is longer.

The Boy

The Boy has had some big projects on at work. He also made a model using cardboard and the laser cutter. That was a very long night for him followed by a full day of work. I forgive him for spending his spare time doing work though because he wears awesome paisley ties on occasion.

Baby shower fun
Baby shower cake

Chickie Little’s baby shower was on the 13th. It was lots of fun and very exciting to know that in 9 weeks (give or take) a brand new baby girl will be coming into the world.


All in a day in Wellington. The iceberg that was placed in the harbour last month was instead sitting in town at Queens Wharf.


And Gravity coffee bragging about how they’re not as discriminatory as all the other corporate fuckheads.


What would my life be without food? I got more free food from Wagamama. Learnt how to turn tortillas and garlic into delicious garlic tortilla things. Learnt that the breadmaker is great for making frittatas. And received a delicious gift of candy from my friend who had just visited USA, Canada, and Sweden. The orangey looking ones are maple syrup, so good. The NY squares are chocolate. The black box is “moose poo”, it’s a mix of liquorice and salt and tastes like ass.

A to Z – Photographic Evidence

I’ve been saving up all my photos from the last 6 weeks so I could do an A to Z recap. :D

A is for All In

A is for All In – I had a game of poker with The Boy and a friend and I wooped their asses. I think the shiny shiny cupcakes and hearts we used as chips gave me special powers.

Baking and Cherry Coke

B if for Baking – Chickie Little has been at it again. She’s made a few new things this month, one of them being lemon meringue pie (one of my absolute favourites!).
C is for Cherry Coke – The supermarket closest to us is one of the biggest and best in the country. They have a few UK imports now and cherry coke is one of them. It was my first time trying it. Quite nice but I’m not sure that I’d regularly spend $2 on a can.

Deer, Entourage, Flowers, and Grass car

D is for Deer – Remember those shoes? The store I bought them from had a big display honouring Babycham and the Babycham deer. Too cool!
E is for Entourage – I watched all 6 seasons this month. 0_0
F is for Flowers – My friend Shonali gave birth to a beautiful little boy. I gave her these flowers on a visit to the hospital.
G is for Grass Car – Spotted when we attended Craft 2.0 at the New Dowse.

Hangover cure, Iceberg, Jewellery, Kitty

H is for Hangover Cure – Whenever I feel sick, hungover or otherwise, I can count on an e2 to get me perky again.
I is for Iceberg – As a publicity stunt an “iceberg” was placed in the Wellington harbour to bring attention to global warming.
J is for Jewellery – Lots of new stuff added this month. My favourite of the moment is the little ghost.
K is for Kitty – That crazy crazy downstairs cat has been stealing our attention all month!

Large Insects, Maranui, New Dowse

L is for Large Insects – This one being a Weta. The Boy looked over at me from the kitchen and said “Kim, don’t freak out, but there’s a weta”. 0_0 Weta have a reputation for being huge scary insects, thankfully this one was a baby, and The Boy thought it was dead. It was only playing though. I’m so glad I have a boy around to deal with this type of thing (and by deal with I mean put outside, not squish).
M is for Maranui – This much beloved cafe (and surf club) of Wellington caught on fire and was gutted. It will be back in about a year, but until then Wellingtonians mourn. The Boy’s sister is a manager and world class barista at this cafe so we’re hoping for it to be back ASAP.
N is for the New Dowse – I saw it for the first time with the girls this month while attending Craft 2.0.

Oddities of Nature, Photographs

O is for Oddities of Nature – These funny cluster things are strange looking.
P is for Photographs – Sometimes the blurry shit ones are my favourites.

My creation
My creation

Q is for Quirky Street Art – While driving to breakfast we noticed another fence that had been covered in art. I love it when installations like this go up. The fence is going to be there regardless because it will soon be turning into a construction site, so you might as well use the space wisely.

R is for Recipes

R is for Recipes – I’ve been trying out a few new ones. This mushroom and courgette bread was pretty damn delicious.

S is for Spring

S is for Spring – I think it’s making a comeback. I’ll just ignore the torrential rain which forced its way under our front door a couple of nights ago.

Tui, Urban Wetlands, View, WordCamp

T is for Tui – These beautiful birds love the kowhai that’s flowering right outside our house.
U is for Urban Wetlands – I took a walk down to Waitangi park after a doctors visit and snapped some photos of the urban wetland they have going. I really love what they did with the area, even if it cost a shitload.
V is for View – This is what I can see from my blogging chair. Usually the blinds are down because I lounge around in my robe all day. But when I take photos inside I pull it up like this to get more light.
W is for WordCampI blogged about the fun.

X is for X rays

X is for X rays – I had a bone scan about 5 years ago. It checks the density of your bones, and because I had been on steroids for a while my first scan showed I was at the low end of the acceptable scale for bone density at my age. This time around I’ve been off steroids for over a year and my bones are looking a bit stronger and developing as they should be. Yay.

My creation

Y is for Year End – Or so The Warehouse would have you believe. Who actually buys christmas wrapping paper on the first of August?!
Z is for Zero – Which is how much I’ll be paying for my next meal at Wagamama. This photo was taken at my last meal at Wagamama. We had received vouchers from the Entertainment Book to say sorry for the crappy meal we had a Cafe Pica. Wagamama then held a competition for the best photo taken while eating at one of their restaturants and I got second prize. :D Another $40 worth of vouchers for me. Sweet.