Sydney Fife: Style Icon

We finally got around to watching I Love You, Man last weekend. It’s very funny, very cute, has great actors, a great script, and an adorably awkward man almost every woman wants to marry (Paul Rudd as Peter Klaven). What surprised me about the movie was how much I loved the style of sloppy mismatched Sydney Fife (Jason Segel). What surprised me more was when we went shopping the next day and The Boy told me he really loved Sydney’s style and wanted to emulate it. :D

Next thing I know he’s buying a hooded grey knit sweatshirt and I’m planning his wardrobe. I love being with a guy who is enough into fashion that he cares about how he looks and thinks about his purchases, but still relaxed enough not to look like preppy douchebag (I like preppy style, just not preppy douchebag style).

This one’s for The Boy, and anyone else who wants to get the Sydney Fife wardrobe.

Board shorts should be refined to the water and ugg boots should be kept inside. So really I should be screaming NONONOOOO at the thought of this outfit. But Sydney makes walking a small dog along a board walk in both board shorts and uggs look like the best idea in the world.

Sydney Fife - I Love You, Man - Ugg boots and board shorts

Start your Sydney wardrobe with some kitschy board shorts, low cut uggs, and a cowboy check shirt.

Sydney Fife - I Love You, Man - Tweed jacket and jeans

Add a grey tweed jacket, a light coloured striped sweater, jeans, and slip on shoes.

Sydney Fife - I Love You, Man - Cable knit cardy

Shop for a tux or relax with a beer in a shawl neck cable knit cardigan and t shirt.

Round it all off with a couple of scarfs and some more buttoned shirts, especially cowboy check shirts in yellow and blue tones. And there you have it, your very own Sydney Fife-d wardrobe.

Would you “let” your man dress like Sydney or dress like him yourself?

Reinventing Your Image

I am in dire need of a makeover. It has come to the point where sleep is far more important than having enough time to get ready in the morning, and choosing clothing must be done in the minimum amount of time. This usually means I grab the cleanest top and pants I can find and if I haven’t worn them to work that week they become my outfit for the day.

See my problem?

Thankfully for me (but maybe not so much for her) my friend Benhi has the same predicament. This weekend we are planning to rectify that by a day long shopping spree where we will push each others usual style boundaries and dare to be daring. I’ll need to get rid of the mounds of clothes I no longer wear that are all over my house as well.

In order to prepare I need some guidelines, otherwise all that money is going to go to waste.

What to do if you’re in the same situation

  • Keep an inspiration folder at all times. I have a hardcopy one with pictures from magazines and mailers, and an electronic one with pictures from the net. if you’re using more than one computer it might be helpful to set up a private folder in Flickr to upload the photos. Don’t forget to record where you got the picture from in case you need to refer to it. I name the pictures with the link I got them from using ~ instead of / so the file name is valid :]
  • Have an idea of the style you like and what suits you already.
  • Go through the inspiration folder and really absorb what you’re seeing. Is there a recurring theme? Are the colours all the same, lots of waistcoats and pencil skirts? This is what you like and this is what you’re aiming for.
  • Make a list of the staple items you need to achieve your look and do a mind dump of colours, accessories and descriptive words that fit within your new look, it’s a good idea to include a few pictures that encompass what you’re trying to achieve. – This is your shopping list.
  • Go through your wardrobe and remove anything that you never wear, isn’t flattering, and doesn’t fit into your idea of your reinvented style. Then you can chuck out the gross stuff and give the goodies away.
  • Take a trusted friend with you when you go shopping, one who has style you admire or who you’re happy to share your ideas with. They’re going to have to be brutally honest in helping you choose the items to create the new you.
  • Don’t buy ANYTHING that doesn’t fit your self imposed guidelines. Try something on and then scan your list, does it fit the new style? No? Put it back. Same rules apply for anything that is too short, too long, too big, or you’ll fit in it when you lose a couple of kgs. Unless you’re an amazing sewer those clothes are never going to be modified and you’re wasting your money.

My latest inspiration has been I’ve subscribed to the feed in my Google Reader so I can easily star anything I like and save it for reference.

At the moment it is showing a lot of ties and shirts, big ruffly petticoats, man style pants, black and white, chunky boots, blazers, thick rimmed glasses, collars and even a few top hats.

Is there a particular style you adhere to? Have you thought about reinventing yourself? Any suggestions or tips?