All Hope Is Lost


Now that Lost is over forever it’s being talked about by everyone. Everyone seems to have an opinion, whether it’s that the show was great but confusing and the last episode was beautiful but unrevealing (me); or that Lost made no sense and was worthy of being discarded during season one (almost everyone else I talk to).

Chatting on Facebook the other night I realised that how and when you stopped watching Lost can be compared to how your relationships with real people play out. Me? I stick around till the bitter end and still get disappointed when things I hoped for still don’t happen after 6 years.

Here’s what some others had to say:

  • I got confused, gave up and moved countries. lol.
  • Hah… I got annoyed and confused in the first episode and I’m still wondering why there was a polar bear on the island… (@sarah_puppy)
  • I gave up after season 3 and got back togeher with it for the last season. (@casper_99)
  • I quit after s01 when I realised I liked the teasers more than the show itself. I will break things off if not working quickly? Although when bored I did occasionally watch an episode. Oh man. This does sound like me. (@ehjc)
  • I watched for a while, stopped, and then went back. Again and again. Huh.
  • I gave up during season 2, but ask my friends for updates and what’s happening, then get upset as I’m missing out. I also think wistfully about watching the rest of it in the future, but remember that it probably won’t work out.
  • I only started watching at the start of season 2, got bored (not confused) even tho I liked some characters and quit watching. I’m willing to get sucked in totally if things are interesting, but if I get bored, I detach.
  • Watched Lost til the very end, getting angrier & more & more frustrated as it developed.
  • I watched till the Polar Bear. C watched for long long after. Despite being a pro lost & an anti lost we are still very together!
  • Stopped after maybe series 2 or 3, when I realised it was going to take ages to find out wtf was going on.
  • I followed it on the internet obsessively even after it made it clear it didn’t want my attention. OH SHIIIIIT!
  • I stopped watching when I moved away and lost my TV
  • Has anyone said abortion?

No wonder we’re all so fucking dysfunctional.