The L Word Returns

Everyone’s favourite lesbian drama has returned for its 6th and final season.

It starts 3 months in the future and Lucy Lawless (the kiwi, Xena, Cylon) enters as a policewoman. You’ll have to watch it to find out why :p

It then cuts back to the end of season 5 where Jenny find Shane eating out  her girlfriend (complicated relationship as ever where any of these ladies are concerned). I can’t help but be on Jenny’s side with the gorgeous dress she’s wearing. She’s so damn fierce. I didn’t appreciate that side of her personality in previous seasons of The L Word, but she may take a surprise first place as my favourite character this season.

Jenny's dress, The L Word 6th season premiere

The first sex scene doesn’t start till the 35 minute mark and feels very restrained for a season premiere, the scene doesn’t even get very graphic when it’s finished off near the end of the episode.

Gorgeous back on Jenny's dress, The L Word 6th season premiere

Unfortunately the sex in episode 2 is even less existent. You’ve got 6 episodes left ladies, better ramp it up quick.