Sunday evening cute

Ducklings - Waitangi Park
Puppy in a sweater Wellington SPCA
Kitty Wellington SPCA
Puppy & Jo Wellington SPCA
Puppies Wellington SPCA
Ducklings Hamilton Gardens

There’s quite a bit of cute to be had at this time of year with all the puppies, kitties, ducklings, lambs, and whatever other cute baby animals get born in spring.

About a month ago I took a trip to the Wellington SPCA and spent some time cuddling the puppies and kitties. It breaks my heart to see so many animals there, but it’s very nice to know they will be looked after as long as it takes to rehome them. LOOK AT THOSE PUPPY DOG EYES.

I spied the first lot of ducklings in Waitangi Park and bottom lot in the Hamilton Gardens. Squee!