Kick Ass

hit girl

Comic book style ultra violence, cute nerdy boys, bad ass chicks being bad ass, dramatic music scores playing behind one-against-many shoot outs. If you like any of those things you should go see this movie. If you like all of those things you may spend the whole movie throwing your arms about exclaiming “Oh My God” or “Amaze” or “Ack she’s SO cool” while sporting a dumb agape face because you’re stupified by how awesome the whole thing is.

Comic book movies are my favourite genre. (Is that even a genre? It should be by now) And Kick Ass is my favourite of all the comic book movies. Chloe Moretz is perfect as 11 year old killing machine Hit Girl. This movie deserves its 18+ rating.

It’s so awesome that Hit Girl overtook Gogo Yubari as my favourite bad ass.

It’s so awesome I want to go see it again.

It’s so awesome that even Nic Cage nailed it.

Note that I haven’t read the comic so this is from my view as a complete newbie to the Kick Ass story.