Jura, Scotland

Way back in 2011 my Mum & Rod showed me a documentary on Jura Distillery in Scotland. Days later I had ordered a bottle of Jura Origin and shared it between 8 of us. I fell in love with the whisky and knew that one day I would have to go to the source.

For me this is when the idea to go to Scotland and see distilleries first started. Wanting to visit Jura was certainly one of the major deciding factors in doing a self drive tour instead of an official guide lead tour as none of those deemed Jura an Island worth visiting.

Though I was still pretty sick when we visited Jura I had a little of my taste back. We booked a tour and drove the island until it was time, taking in the fairly barren landscape and completely failing to spot any of the 6000 deer that outnumber the people 30 to 1. In typically Kiwi fashion the woman who served us lunch had a sister living in Queenstown. Perhaps one day I will go back and have a chance to hike the area.

We had decided not to buy whisky that could be found in New Zealand but I couldn’t resist buying some after the tasting session. A bottle of the Diurach’s Own which is still unopened 7 months later. I’m sure this winter will be the right time.

Paps of Jura
Stream at Jura Distillery
Jura Distillery
Paps of Jura
Bay at Feolin