Fuck Yeah: Blended Fruit

While in Asia I discovered a secret. One that has been hidden by juice makers all over the country.

The secret is this: You do not need four different fruits, two fruit juices, a tub of frozen yoghurt, and $9 to make a smoothie!

We drank so many blended fruit drinks while we were traveling and we watched while they were made. We watched while nothing but one type fruit (or two if you’re faaancy) was put in a blender with ice cubes and water and maybe a little sugar syrup sometimes, and blended. We drank so much fucking watermelon.

I cannot wait till watermelons are back in season. But for now I’m blending bananas (discounted ones because they’ve gone a little spotty!), and pineapple from a tin. Or a cup of frozen berries, and a banana. Or oranges, and berries, and a banana. Bananas are cheap and filling ok.

What are your favourite fruits for blending?