To the guy who, when I was 14 and I asked how old I looked, responded with 24

  1. Thanks. That’s pretty much exactly what my teenage ears wanted to hear. I felt so mature laughing at the absurdity of you getting my age wrong by 10 years.
  2. And

  3. Were you high?! There’s no way I looked 24 when I was 14!
14 or 24

I’m far more mature looking at 24 obviously!

p.s I’m actually 17 in that photo on the left so the photo is kind of redundant but it’s the oldest digital photo I have of myself.

p.p.s Awesome flatmate Jason took the photo on the right along with a few others, but I decided to use the one in which I was making the stupidest face.

p.p.p.s My Aunty just put up a picture of my 14th birthday on Facebook. How convenient.