Isle of Mull

I was taken aback by Mull. So obsessed with the idea of Jura that I hadn’t given the other islands much thought. And then I arrived and immediately fell in love.

I already loved the Ledaig whisky which comes out of the Tobermory distillery, but I didn’t expect the island to be so green and idyllic. Brightly painted buildings, the gorgeous Tobermory Bay, waterfalls, castles, and even a couple of cute ginger cats with their own book. The locally brewed beer was still shit. But that’s to be expected.

Isle of Mull
Calve Island
The view of Calve Island from Fairways Lodge B&B was worth the walk up the hill.
Tobermory Bay
Glengorm Castle
Glengorm's standing stones

Take me to Jamie Fraser?
Aros Park Walk

Aros Park Walk
View of Tobermory from the Aros Park Walk
Duart Castle
Duart Bay

Another Island, Another Ferry

Another drive, another ferry, another Island. We left Islay for the mainland and then on to the ferry for Mull, stopping by the tiny village of Crinan to eat seafood served by Basil Fawlty on the way. The wharf at Oban was as far as we could venture at this stage of the trip. We would have a chance to look properly when we came back.

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