Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Review

Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore - The Half-Blood Prince

The 6th instalment of the Harry Potter story is much darker, brooding, better directed, better shot, more emotional, and draws you in more than all those before it. Malfoy looks like a young man instead of a child, Luna is still wacky, and Snape is as brooding and drawling as ever (delightfully, he’s my fave!).

I had heard that this movie was darker than the others but I didn’t realise it would be so beautiful. Everything is superbly shot, and the story is played out as well as can be expected in a short time span. I found myself laughing and crying and getting pissed at the girls all around me jacked up on sugar and excitement who wouldn’t stop giggling for seemingly no reason.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a movie I could watch again just for the artistry. A small screen won’t do it justice, you’ll need to see this one at the movies.

[potential spoiler]

And make sure you’ve read the book first because a lot of it is left out of the movie, I don’t know how the last two movies have been written but things left out of this movie will affect the next two. And once you’ve read the book you might have a better understanding of what some of the giggling and awing is about.

If you’ve seen the movie Wikipedia has a great section on the differences between the movie and the book.