The lens made it possible to see last week’s home through the eye of a bleak art house movie.
One full of slow longing and quiet sad beauty.

Distinction Hotel
Distinction Hotel
Distinction Hotel
Distinction Hotel

Hamilton Gardens

It was Brendan’s one request that while visiting Mum in Ngaruawahia we see the Hamilton Gardens. I hadn’t been for years but remembered them being quite spectacular and well themed.

The weather was awful but we were only in Hams for two days so we braved the rain with my friend Kezz to take a look. The rain really packed in by the end of our visit so we left soaked and hungry. Worth it.

Lily pads
Pa and Arch

Not Ready

I’ve been trying so hard to be tough and nonchalant this week that I almost convinced myself I am those things. For a while I managed to think about having an amazing life as a single person and decorating a bedroom all of my own. Thinking about all the friends I can party with, about all the travelling I’ll do, about all the fun I could have meeting new guys.

And then tonight, my last night in Hamilton, I went out dancing. It was great fun. But saying goodbye to my friend it really started to hit me. Tomorrow I’m going back to Wellington. Tomorrow I really have to start sorting out my life, whatever it is going to be. Getting into my room at Mums I see she has left me a little box of chocolates and I burst into tears. I don’t want to go home. I’m not ready to be on my own.

Photographic Evidence – 31 October – 7 November

Last weeks trip to see family was a complete success. We ate tonnes of delicious food, enjoyed amazing weather, and got to see my Grandad while he’s still in relatively good health.

city gallery yayoi kusama

After going to see my tattoo sketch (which hadn’t been done) and on the way to drop a library book off I saw the reopened City Gallery covered in spots for Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition. We flew to Tauranga later in the day.


That night we were treated to dinner at the amazing Tay Street Cafe. After a quick walk on the beach across the road of course. The area’s called Bay of Plenty for a reason, the first metre or two of shallow water was covered in baby pipis (or tuatua, how do you tell the difference?).

Prawn  cocktails and joy bar

I got my chef on while we were in Te Puke, helping to make these old school prawn cocktails for starters. I also helped make aioli, a couple of dinners and made a couple of cakes too.

How great would it be to not only have this view, but to have the view from your own little bar with both ping pong and pool tables!

Up in the tree

You can get a much better lay of the land up on the platform in the tree.
It’s strange to see my hair like this, until a couple of weeks ago it was down to my waist and my fringe was so long I had to kept it swept to the side in order to see.

I'm so cute

Found on my Mum’s dresser: a picture of me looking cute as in my snoopy outfit. I think I was about four. Twenty years later I have the same haircut again.

outfit 6 november

Eek Get this whitey out of the sun!

I tried on an awesome dress the day before I bought this skirt. It was on sale at Max and would have been perfect except my upper and lower halfs are different sizes, my boobs and shoulders couldn’t fill the dress properly. This skirt was a great alternative, almost the same material. I have a few skirts in this shape now, I really need to make a big petticoat for underneath.

Dinner and driving

My big, younger, league playing, brother is the master of getting the most out of a Chinese takeaway buffet. Just when I thought he’d filled the container so much he’d have trouble getting the lid on he sticks a couple of slabs of egg foo yung on top and closes the lid tightly! Side effects of this include a meal shaped like a brick, big enough to feed a family.

Everything is green in the BOP this time of year. It’s a nice drive back over the Kaimais.

Maketu beach sunlight
Maketu beach

Down the road from Te Puke at Maketu we enjoyed a lovely meal with stunning views. I ordered a huge pile of mussels which came with a huge bowl of chips and a salad. I couldn’t even get close to finishing everything.

Have you had any adventures lately?

I’m Baaaack

I got back from my xmas break on Friday night and spent the next few hours reading hundreds of articles in my Google Reader and watching an episode each of Coronation Street and Dexter. There is so much I want to be posting that I feel kind of overwhelmed and don’t know where to start and then end up doing nothing :S

Hopefully recapping what I did when I was away will clear out some of the clutter in my head so I can go forward and tell you all about my Project 365 and 101 in 1001 :D

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