101 Things in 1001 Days May Update

I still haven’t managed to finish writing the 101 in 1001 list. But I know for sure there are going to be many more goals to add to the list in the months to come.

Things have been kicking off for me in a big way the last few weeks. I decided to leave my job, started getting orders for my jewellery through Etsy, and have had a few late nights emailing customers trying to be the best darn customer service/company representative I can be.

I’ve beaten my “make and sell 10 items of jewellery” task well and truly already. I aimed a bit low on that one. I’m thinking the next goal should be to sell 1000 pieces in the next 2 years! :S Gotta aim high!

Since the February update I’ve:

  • created a new blog header
  • gained a few more subscribers
  • added the completion of the ProBlogger 31DBBB to the list and started it
  • gotten into the habit of making my lunch instead of buying it. It’s saved me heaps of money!
  • quit my job!!!!
  • purchased two new pairs of glasses
  • watched some more movies in the IMDB top 500

It’s very exciting time right now!

101 in 1001 March Update

Goals achieved this month

  • Design a new blog header. Did you see it?

Goals started this month

  • Earn $2000 from blogging. I’ve got $136 with the current exchange rate, but it’s still in my paypal account.
  • Find a fruit and vege juice I like and buy it with my groceries every week. I’ve been buying V8 juice with my groceries every week. It’s quite delicious even though it’s healthy!
  • Create and sell 10 pieces of jewellery. I’ve created and listed some on Etsy. Now I just have to wait for the elusive first sale.

Other updates

  • I’ve watched 62 of the top 250 IMDB movies, I’m aiming for 150
  • I’ve watched 45 of the next 250 IMDB movies, I’m aiming for 100
  • Progress has been made on me quitting my current customer service role, there is a chance I ccould be working in another area full time in a couple of weeks
  • I listened to a whole host of new bands. Fire House; S.O.T.U; Warrant; Stryper; Saint Demon; Pink Cream 69; Lauren Harris and Fucking Lazy.

101 in 1001 February Update

With one month down on the path to completing 101 goals in 1001 days, I’ve been making some good progress towards the bigger goals. Most namely earning money from blogging, getting more blog subscribers, creating and selling jewellery and quitting my current job.

I’ve come to realise that I’m even lazier than I suspected. I’m doing lots of making, thinking, reading, and writing; but virtually no cooking, washing, putting away, or vacuuming. Thems the breaks when you work 40 hours in an office and then spend at least another 30 planning on ways to become independent of a boss.

Goals achieved this month

  • Put a battery in the smoke alarm
  • Get a copy of Wreck This Journal
  • Change my hairstyle

Goals started this month

  • Write the list
  • Design a new blog header
  • Complete Project 365
  • Learn to use Photoshop
  • Have 200 subscribers to cupcakesandmace.com
  • Be on time to work (not 5 minutes late) 300 times
  • Read 50 of the books on the Rory Gilmore Book List at listsofbests.com
  • Listen to songs by 101 artists I’ve never listened to before

I need to get the list finished first and foremost so if you have any suggestions on what to add to it let me know!