Getting Started on Getting Started

[This post is bought to you by Kim of A Life Analytical, courtesy of the the 20 Something Bloggers blog swap]

So I kept thinking about what to write for my Blog Swap partner, and every once in awhile a great idea would hit me, and then later it was gone. That is when I decided that I need to keep a journal with me to record the things I want to write about when inspiration strikes. Then I was thinking about things that I appreciate and I decided I should probably make a daily list of those things as a reminder that life is far better than I think it is when I’m in one of my cynical moods. A little while later, I was thinking about the fact that I want to be better in terms of how I eat, and I thought that perhaps the old wisdom of keeping a food diary may not be a bad idea.

This is how I work. I identify a goal and then I think of a million things I need to do before I could possibly make real progress on that goal. Of course I need to be very dedicated to these things, so I’ll need to carry these little notebooks with me all the time. If that’s actually going to happen, they’ll need to be the perfect notebooks! And off I go, Googling in search of the perfect notebook in which to work on the preliminary steps for my awesome goals. Notebooks lead to to do lists which lead to productivity websites which lead to books on time management which leads to advice on stress which leads to yoga which leads to me thinking that I’ve been slacking on my yoga practice and I should look up the schedules for local studios and make a calendar of when I’m going to go to class where and if I’m going to do that obviously I need a new planner because my existing one just ended and sure I didn’t really use it ever but now that I have so many goals it’ll be so good to have! And now hours have passed, and I still don’t have a post for Blog Swap, and I haven’t accomplished anything at all really, but man do I feel like I’ve done a lot. How do people accomplish anything!? The internet is a bad, bad place. Maybe I should Google tips for weaning yourself off of it.

And there I go again.