I Am Such A Dweeb!


The weather was beautiful in Wellington yesterday so we spent the afternoon with friends at the park playing frisbee and talking. This eventually turned into a drink at a bar, and then we decided to go for dinner at an Indian restaurant before heading to a Thanksgiving party. That probably doesn’t sound strange, but I live in New Zealand and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

It just so happens that the Indian restaurant is below the place we were going for the party and when we arrived on Cuba Street two of our friends were standing in the mall shouting to people in their apartment for the keys. One of them was holding a block of butter, they were all dressed with American Indian headdresses and face paint. Highly amusing.

And then who do I spot sitting on a chair not trying to ignore the rowdy yobbos? None other than Gala Darling! I’ve confirmed in my mind now that I am not the type of person who can walk up to strangers and introduce myself. Although she was sitting RIGHT THERE I fangirled out and all I could manage was a whisper in the boys ear to say Gala is sitting right behind us! 0_0

By that stage the sun was almost down and black denim peddle pushers with white ankle socks don’t translate so well to night, even if you have come straight from the park.

Ransom Note

The rest of the night was spent drinking, eating pumpkin pie that must have been done wrong because it tasted like roast pumpkin in pastry, almost being killed by the boy when he picked up an ‘oversized marker pen’ and tried to take the lid off only to find that it was actually a flare (!), laughing at a ransom note one of our friends wrote in response to a lost sunglasses notice, walking around town with a guy who had a red tinged face after smudging his red Indian paint all over it, being asked by the cops why we were sitting at the waterfront because no buses go past there (duh! we already told you we’re from Wellington), playing with fireworks and sparklers on the waterfront, finding out that that’s illegal, eating cheesecake at a cafe and discussing horrific stories of anal sex gone terribly terribly wrong.

It was a great night. Apart from me being a total geek.

Weekly resolutions

*Play bass I picked it up and played for about 5 minutes, that counts right?!
*Get a new book from the library I got it and read it :]

Clean Ew ew ew…I must MUST clean. It’s no wonder I get home and crawl into bed every night after work and just stay there. It’s because I can’t stand looking at the rest of the house. I wish Sol would let me get a cleaner in. Having someone in our house while we’re not there has got to be better than living in filth. I think we need to sign up to Chore Buster again.

Plan for the iCiNG Transformation Challenge Gala has inspired a transformation in at least 800 people around the world it seems. I plan to eat better and get stronger for a month. Go back to avoiding chocolate and cheese (this is my biggest downfall and cutting 2 things out is pretty easy). And try to get some abs or muscles or something. All the girls on the L Word are so lean and strong and I’m jealous!

♥ Sus out some more details of my trip to Melbourne and blog about it. Yay I’m finally going to Melbourne:D