Nameplate Competition Winner

Somehow I decided that making my first bloggy video would be a good way to announce the winner of the nameplate necklace competition despite being a terrible actress, having no idea how to edit video, and never having made one before. Once I got started though I was determined to finish.
So here it is, atmospheric feedback and all. Please go easy on me.

I thought Sarah-Rose was very right when she said that font 5 would look adorable as a sweary word so I got it cut last night. I’m wearing it in the video and below.

Just as I finished recording the courier came with a package for me from Pakistan. It was all wrapped in cloth and I was a bit scared of it till I remembered my glasses were coming from Pakistan!
They are amazing for $26 NZD delivered! The right eye feels slightly blurred My ears are wonky so the right eye doesn’t line up properly all the time and is a teensy bit less clear, but I can still see great in them, they look cool and they even came with a hard case and cloth. Woop, will definitely be buying glasses online again.

New $26 glasses

Now I’m off to see Harry Potter. :D

O and please don’t name the winner in the comments so it’s a surprise.

COMPETITION – Cupcakes and Mace Nameplate Fonts

The biggest jewellery seller in the Cupcakes and Mace shop is the nameplate necklace. Any name you like (up to 9 letters included in the price) in any colour from our range, and a choice from two chains for just $25 USD.

People love them, they love that they are completely customisable, and that we can cut a shape out of many of the letters for no extra charge. We’ve cut cupcakes, hearts, apples, a bird and a skull so far. The biggest problem with customising these nameplates is finding appropriate fonts, most of the flicks in the script type fonts are too thin to hold it all together during a bit of wear. Our current default font is Courier New (#1 below), it looks good and holds together really well. We let people choose their own fonts too, but we’ve figured that people don’t like having to find out what they want by themselves, it’s much preferable to be given a short list to choose from.


That’s where you come in. Have a look at the list below, and let me know your top 3 choices (in order of preference) in the comments. Your comment will get you in the draw to win your very own nameplate so make sure you use a valid email address! :D

Extra entries are available to anyone who spreads the word about the competition, just leave comment letting me know where you left the link.

The competition will close in 2 weeks on the 15th of July so get commenting.

Cupcakes and Mace nameplate fonts

My favourites are 5, 8, 1, and 3.

So Many Fonts

I may have exaggerated in my previous post when I said that I don’t work on my blog when I’m sick home from work. How else can you explain the last few hours I spent looking at every single font on the urbanfonts website. And they’re all free today (well, they’re free everyday but I really like saying it in the creepy child catcher voice from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

I made my selections from the thousands available and now I have to choose what I want to use for my title, tagline and signature.

What’s your favourite? Do you use a special font?

Free fonts Cupcakes and Mace