The Lazy Girls Guide To Getting A Sweet Treat

Easy treats

If peanut butter cookies are too much work and apple pie takes too much planning then read on…

Being both lazy and addicted to sugar I often find myself in a situation where I desperately need a sugar hit but I’ve already eaten the two bags of lollies I bought with the groceries, there is no pie in the freezer, I don’t want to leave the house, I can’t be bothered baking, and no one feels like enabling my addiction by popping down to the dairy for a block of chocolate.

To cope with this sick sad situation I have devised numerous ways of getting my fix without resorting to any sort of work. If you ever find yourself desperate you can try these too.

  • A quick and easy place to start is a cold beverage. If you have fizzy in your fridge it’s an obvious choice. Alternatively you can dissolve a tablespoon of milo or other chocolate drink in a small amount of hot water and then top it up with cold milk. Lime concentrate works well as it’s so full of sugary syrup. I also have a large bottle of banana flavoured milkshake syrup in the pantry. Add some of this to milk for a cheats milkshake. There’s an added bonus of getting your daily calcium needs.
  • Hot beverages can be great too, tea with 3 teaspoons of sugar or a hot chocolate with two heaped tablespoons of choc.
  • As long as you’ve got bread and sugar on hand there is an easy treat around. Simply toast and butter your bread then cover in sugar. Yum!
    You can get fancy with this one by using a mixture of brown and raw sugar with cinnamon. Sprinkle it on and grill for little while so the sugar start to melt.
  • If you have some bananas they can also be mashed on to toast and covered in sugar.
  • Who needs to slave over an apple pie made from scratch when you’ve got a toasty maker.
    Slice your apple thinly into a bowl and microwave it for a bit to soften it up.
    Layer the apple on a piece of white bread and sprinkle with sugar.
    Put another piece of bread on top and toast in the toasty maker.
    Pseudo apple pie!
  • If you’re a fan of coconut like me bread covered in jam and desiccated coconut is a lazy girls louise slice.
  • With a wee bit of fore planning you can buy some candy that you like but isn’t your favourite. Preferably something that takes a while to eat like lollipops or peppermints. When all the good stuff this will still be available until your next store run.
  • Last but certainly not least is every little girls favourite – fairy bread! Y’all know what to do.

So now you’ve heard some of my tips, what are yours? Maybe we could make a lazy girls desert book?

Baking with Kim – Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookie stack

Because I’m a rather lazy housewife I always look for the easiest recipes when I bake. Peanut butter cookies are one of the simplest things to make and take hardly any time. Another great thing about this recipe is that it can easily be gluten free! Just omit the baking powder, many recipes don’t include the baking powder anyway.

  • Mix a cup of peanut butter with a cup of sugar
  • Stir in one teaspoon of baking powder and an egg
  • Place spoonfulls on a baking tray and flatten with a fork, make sure they’re at least an inch apart
  • Bake in a 350°F oven for 10 minutes
  • Leave to cool for 5-10 minutes
Milk & cookies + One big cookie

So easy! I altered the recipe a bit so I could use a whole jar of peanut butter.
I mixed the 375g jar of peanut butter with one and a half cups of sugar, one and a half teaspoons of baking powder and two eggs.
There wasn’t enough room on the tray to space them out properly so I put them closer. Bad idea! These cookies spread like mad and ended up becoming one big cookie!

They will be quite crumbly when they’re just taken out of the oven but they harden up a little more once they’re cooled.

These very dense, very peanutty cookies are great with a glass of milk.

Baking With Kim – Apple Pie

    Frozen apple pie box
  1. Find the cheapest frozen apple pie available at your local supermarket
  2. Remove it from the box and place it in an oven heated to 180°C for 35-40 minutes
  3. Cooked pie
  4. Remove from oven and admire the fruits of your domestic labour
  5. Apple pie with cream. Yum!
  6. Serve doused in cream. Don’t bother to whip it first, it tastes great without whipping. Shake it in the bottle for a bit of extra texture.
  7. Leave any dishes for your significant other