Happy Birthday me!

The 9th of October arrived much like it did last year, with Kate shouting happy birthday and dancing around the kitchen, both of us a least a little drunk, and Kate awake way past her bedtime.

27 snuck up on me. It’s not that I didn’t anticipate the day or make any arrangements for celebrations, it’s not even that I was trying to forget on purpose. It’s just sneaky.

Finishing the cookbook photography, making jewellery, working full-time, and planning a trip to Japan has been taking up all my time. (YES, JAPAN.) So I haven’t even come close to finishing my 26 in 26 list. But I will. This year I don’t have any lists in mind but I am going to try my hardest to finish the one I started. Many of the remaining list items have been started; I have the frame for my SE Asian postcards, I just haven’t put the postcards in it yet (task for today!); I’ve cut a few inches off a skirt, I just haven’t hemmed it yet; I am on the lookout for a good quality second-hand tripod.

I had plans to go to the South Island this year, and I will be going next year in autumn.

For now though, I will finally drag myself out of bed (at 1pm) and have a shower. Followed by bacon butties, antipasto for dinner, and the 16 year old Jura whisky I bought as a present for making it through another amazing year.

26 in 26

At midnight last night my friend and flatmate Kate shouted Happy Birthday in my face. (We were all a little drunk and I think she was particularly excited to have checked the time exactly on 12.) A little terrifying, but still a really nice way to ring in my 26th Birthday, especially as I’m at that stage in life where a birthday is just an excuse to eat food and drink gin.

Now that my 101 list has passed I’ve written a new list. These all feel very doable. We’ll see.

  1. Buy a day train pass and go somewhere. Anywhere. Without much of a plan.
  2. Picnic
  3. Alter a piece of clothing
  4. Make something look better by painting it
  5. Watch 3 Hiyao Miyazaki films (0/3)
  6. Update my CV
  7. Visit Mum at least 3 times (0/3)
  8. Participate in a protest
  9. Frame my South East Asia postcards
  10. Apply for a British passport
  11. Submit a photo to something
  12. Write a letter to each of my siblings (0/4)
  13. Renew my learners licence
  14. Get a tripod for my camera (and take outfit photos with it)
  15. Post a secret to PostSecret
  16. Learn a dance
  17. Make something out of polymer clay
  18. Go to the South Island
  19. Make a friendship bracelet
  20. Make a fruit pie
  21. Blog every day for a month
  22. Complete my ‘Wreck This Journal’
  23. Apply for a job I think is out of my league
  24. Learn a song on my bass
  25. Try roller skating
  26. Grow a plant

We Now Return to Your Scheduled Programme

What a week! Hugest order ever, birthday, birthday, derby, spewing, sunburn, candy, order, UPS guy. DONE.

With all of the extra excitement around here I neglected the blog more than usual last week. But do not worry. We are now returning to the usual late night postings and inane ramblings of a one Ms Constantine. Now bought to you by wireless keyboard (I’m so 2000 and late).

Unicorns and Narwhals

Friday the 2nd my big order for ModCloth got confirmed so we spent most of this week putting that together. Turns out I can’t handle that on top of normal orders and a blogging schedule and seeing how I get paid for the orders it was my blog that took the hit.

Birthday Cake

BIRTHDAY! Dinner was delicious (as always at Arashi) and Chickie Little made the most amazing cake! White chocolate mud cake with cream, chocolate, crushed maltesers, and a bit of baileys in the middle. It was so rich and amazing. And it was even decorated with pink sugar and cupcake candles. Best lady evah.

The Boy’s present was a wireless desktop set (keyboard and mouse) and a copy of The Matrix. It might seem like a lame present to some of you but let me just say the hunchback look is not a great one for a 24 year old (24!), and I was already well on my way before I got my laptop.
The Matrix has been on my 101 in 1001 list from the beginning. He also paid for dinner and candy on Sunday.

After dinner with friends I met up with a couple of cool ladies I found through blogging and twitter. It was awesome and we clicked straight away.

Roller Derby 10 October

Saturday night involved more meetings with internet friends including Laura (from Friday night) and Jo (bottom left with the Perky Nah Nah supporter sign and stalkery necklace) two really great ladies that I love. I also got to have a brief chat with Katie who I also love and who is a skater in training. I started enjoying myself too much though and drank enough that I had to leave early and go spew in my hair.

laura leopard print

Laura looking bad ass in her Smash Malice/Brutal Pageant crossover outfit


Thankfully the terrible stormy weather cleared up on Sunday and our picnic up the cost at Lindale went ahead as planned. We didn’t go to a farm show but We got Kapiti cheese and ice cream and The Boy bought me a whole bunch of candy! :D
The duckling and her mum kept us entertained for quite a while in the picnic area.

Wholesale order

Finally the order got completed and packed. Now I just really hope the couriers pay attention to my fragile warning and everything arrives in the US in one piece.

The 24th Year

Last year I was sick on my birthday. My best friend was also out of town, and I chose a tiramasu with far too much alcohol in it for desert.
A sucky birthday certainly wasn’t a taste of things to come though.

I’ve achieved so much this year. I grew this little blog into something I really love and found so many new friends while doing it. I finally decided what I want to do in my life (for the moment anyway), and I think that decision will mean working for myself or at least in a job I really love for the rest of my life.

I really started discovering who I am, where my lines in the sand are, what I’m ready to go into battle for. Recently I even started learning to embrace my figure and stop worrying about fitting into my old jeans. (thanks Natalie and Frances!)

This year has been great for socialising. The group of friends we had when we first moved to Wellington is back with us in a big way and intelligent discussion abounds amongst the drunken antics. I really love all the people I surround myself with.

The Boy has been amazing. Extremely supportive and encouraging. There is no way I could do this without him, and not just because of his Freehand skills and the fact he’s paying my bills.

It’s when he pulls out things like this that I really know he’s paying attention.

cupcakes and mace wrapping paper

Last years present is on the wall behind The Boy.

That’s the wrapping paper for this years as yet unknown present. Present tally so far includes a lovely soft hand knit scarf, chocolates, a marshmallow bear lollipop, a funky candle, and a 2010 cupcakes diary. The Boy also went out in the pouring rain to get me some muffins, cheese, and bread so I have something nice to eat for breakfast and lunch.

Thanks for all your support and for making this year great!


Also – My ghosty necklace is in Etsy’s current voter honouring halloween items! Yay. It can’t really compete with the more expensive and amazing items though. If you’ve got an Etsy account and haven’t voted yet it would be a great birthday present if wee ghosty got a bit of love. And if you don’t have an Etsy account why not?!

funny pictures of cats with captions

No one can drag me away from cake!

Birthday Wishlist 2009

I love lists so what better way to celebrate an impending birthday by listing pretty stuff I would buy if money was no object. My birthday is this Friday, the 9th. Japanese will be had for dinner and on Sunday I finally get to go to the Lindale Centre and visit their candy shop. Yay.

Over the last year I’ve managed to procure 5 out of the 7 items on my 2008 wishlist!

  1. Tattoo – Yep. I’ve been going on about it so much that I couldn’t not put it on the list. I have three planned in my head. First one will hopefully be done in December.
  2. Books – I read SO much online but sometimes it’s nice to get engrossed in something 500 pages long instead of 1 page long.
  3. Booklight– I love reading in bed, especially when the weather is as cold and shitty as it is now. (spring, wtf is up?) The Boy usually goes to bed at least 5 hours before me though and hiding under the covers with a torch is a bit hard to do comfortably without moving around a lot. (I know it looks like a pregnancy test but I swear it’s not)
  4. Candy and cake – What would a birthday be without candy and cake? I have been searching for licorice bullets, the candy covered kind not chocolate covered, for AGES. They used to be everywhere and now they’re nowhere. *pout*
  5. Accessories – I have most accessories covered. But two things I can’t make myself are watches and earrings that fit a 0 gauge.
  6. Hand held card games – I’m not a gamer girl but I can get pretty obsessed with card games, and sudoku, and bejeweled. It’s be great if I didn’t have to sit at my computer to play. If I had a Nintendo DS I could put them all on there. :D
  7. DSLR Camera – Every amateur photographer/amateur narcissists dream. One of two items from last years list that I haven’t gotten yet.
  8. Skirts – I’m so over pants! I hope to see more skirts in my immediate future. I’m leaving the house on my bi monthly daylight excursion tomorrow (ah, later today :S) hopefully I’ll find some new pretties then.

More Cupcakes and More Skulls!

Cupcakes for my birthday mosaic
Isn’t that amazing? My best friend has now arrived home from her trip and she treated me to some cupcakes and pretty things for my birthday and cooked me dinner! All the cupcake photos are taken with her huge digital SLR (jealous!).

This means my birthday wishlist has almost been fulfilled! I got cupcakes, a road trip, pink pretty stuff, I finally got my hair cut and I ordered a new computer on Monday! Yay. I’m so excited about my new computer! It’s going to be flamingo pink :D

Along with the beautiful cupcakes she got me some earrings; 2 cupcake pairs, a lollipop pair and a pink pair. And to match my bag perfectly she got me some bright pink socks with skulls on them and some bright pink undies (hehe) with skulls on them, she said when she saw them she new they’d be perfect. That was even before I got the bag!


I returned to work today after our weekend dash to Taupo which was full of cafe dining and sun. The trip was marred only by the fact I realised an hour and a half down the road the boy had not put my chargers, the laptop, or the toiletries bag in the car.

Before you get all “why didn’t you put it in yourself”, it’s because he was picking me up straight from work. The plan was to leave everything I wanted to take on the couch and he would put it all in the car when he came home to pick it up…but he didn’t. I made him buy me some tinted moisturiser, face wipes, deodorant, a new toothbrush and toothpaste and razors so I could cope.

While in Taupo I was given a manicure for a birthday present. It was my first ever manicure from a professional! Just a simple shape and polish but it was great. I chose the brightest pink nail polish in a shade by China Glaze called “Make An Entrance”. It’s super fast drying which is perfect for me.
I took some pictures but they all make the colour look red. The bottle gives you a pretty good idea of the true colour though :]

The rest of the time was spent shopping and eating. There are some fantastic cafes in Taupo, we went to Fine Fettle a couple of times and Replete and I’d recommend both to anyone in the area. Fine Fettle is especially good for anyone who doesn’t eat gluten.
We had a nice long soak in the Taupo DeBretts natural mineral water hot pools. The boy got to go sailing (I hate boats!) and then we drove home again.

And although Lotto jack potted again and I didn’t become a millionaire at least the weather was beautiful the whole time!

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I turn 23, and I’m sick!

We had builders pulling down a wall at work yesterday and the dust gave me a sore throat and a headache. I’m feeling a little better now though. Just in time to go to Strawberry Fare for dinner! Deserts galore :D

Before I show you what the boy got me I have to give you the background story.

We were walking home a week or so ago and passed a gallery on Featherston Street. There was a painting of licorice allsorts in the window which I cooed at and just then the boy seemed to have an aha! moment and claimed he new what he was getting me. I made sure it wasn’t going to be the $650 painting and he assured me it wasn’t.

So I spent the next week trying to guess what it was. I knew it was reasonably large so he was keeping it at work…

And here we have it, in all it’s 1m x .5m glory (approximately :])

Licorice on canvas

He trawled flickr for a photo that was sharp enough and big enough, got it printed on canvas and mounted it himself. He even lied about how someone at work needed a staple gun so he had an excuse to take it in, and then said he wanted to walk to work just so he could go to the hardware store on the way to get staples.

Isn’t he sweet!

He also gave me a “voucher for 24 million dollars”. A lotto ticket for New Zealands biggest ever lotto draw.

Birthday Wishlist 2008

It’s my birthday in exactly one week. Scary!
I’m going to be 23 this year.

So here’s my birthday wishlist. I don’t expect to get any of this stuff (well maybe cake) but I thought it would be fun to list expensive stuff too.

Sigh, here comes my friend narcissism again.

  1. Digital SLR camera – I know nothing about them except they take great photos. I want one, even though they’re huge and I don’t know how to use it. Oooo and a remote so I can take pictures of myself. :]
  2. CUPCAKES – Yea, I love cupcakes. Y’know, just in case you didn’t get that yet.
  3. A laptop – I’m currently using one borrowed from a friend who is overseas, or I’m stealing the boys one. I can’t customise either of them because they’re not mine.
    Deciding what I’m going to get is hard, I don’t want a Mac and I don’t want Vista, so that leaves me NO choices. I think the best I’m going to be able to do is get my programmer friends to make Vista useable and just roll with it.
  4. Roadtrip! – I haven’t been on a roadtrip in ages. We just got a new (to us) car and it’s so much prettier and cleaner than our last one. I’m really keen to go on a roadtrip and get away from work. Super Summer Starter will be my saviour in November. Details on that will be shared as soon as I have any.
  5. Femme Sud Diary Bag – I saw Gala sporting one of these and fell in love with it. So cool! Way out of my price range.
  6. Pink pretty stuff – Pictures are indicators only. Anything pink, black or light blue (or a combination) will get the thumbs up.
  7. Glasses – My ears are really wonky and my glasses are starting to annoy me because they are constantly getting bent out of shape.
    I’m ready to embrace the glasses once again and be uber geekay/designer cool with a statement pair. Finding ones that fit my face, look good, and don’t scare me with the price may be hard to find. Maybe when I’ve got my wear out of the $400 lenses I’m currently wearing (note that is only the lenses, not the frames).
  8. A haircut – I’m in desperate need. I don’t get my hair cut at a salon, I get the boy to cut it in a straight line. So I have no excuse to let it go verylong without a trim.
    I’m a disgrace.