5 Style Trends of the Decade – The Great and The Ghastly

At the start of the decade I was 14, just starting to get a few curves despite mums constant assurance I had no ass to speak of.
It was easy to see that girls were supposed to use their bodies to provoke and that I’d need to start dressing more feminine. After my wigga stage in the late nineties I bought a pair of tight baby blue corduroy pants with my own money. I began to experiment with op shopping and pushing the boundaries, trying to find a personal style when the concept was still quite foreign. I tried to see how far I could push it without embarrassing myself. I didn’t like wearing revealing clothes, but I did like to grab attention.

It’s strange trying to coming up with my favourite and least favourite styles of the decade because it’s like coming up with the favourite and least favourite styles of my life. There was nothing before this. I’ve done all of my experimenting this decade, I’ve gone from wigga, to mish mash op shop girl, to young adult trying to fit in with all of the other young adults that actually look a bit skanky so I actually feel really uncomfortable, to trying to look like a respectable employed person, to dabbling in the goth, to deciding I didn’t give a shit and if I want to wear sneakers and a t shirt with a skirt suit then fuck you if you tell me I can’t.

So without further a do. These are the trends I’ve loved and loved to hate from 2000 – 2009.

The Great

The Great

Leggings In general I’m not very confident about my skin tone or texture so when leggings hit the shops around late 2007/early 2008 I was quick to take them up as a staple. Previously I’d worn woollen stockings as pantihose only last an hour around me before I put a hole in them. Unfortunately I’m sensitive to wool so wearing woollen stockings was never very comfortable.
Leggings are now available in many colours and sizes, and makers even cater for people taller than 5’3″ on occasion! Makes dresses bearable all year round and scandalously short skirts seem demure.

Body Mods This decade has seen body modification not just pushing the boundaries, but also becoming acceptable, and even mainstream. You’ll find tattooed, pierced, and stretched employees in most workplaces these days.
Having access to communities of people, via the internet, who appreciate body mods has flared my interest and made me an addict.

Blazers Easy to chuck on with whatever you’re wearing blazers always make you look a little more polished.

Wide Leg Pants As an owner of thighs that are one size larger than the rest of her proportions I rely on wide legged pants to balance me out. These pants look as though they fall straight from my hips and don’t place any extra emphasis on exactly how I curve.

Mixing Styles Many think pairing sneakers – street shoes that is, not runners – with business suits is tacky and lazy. Not me though. It’s my favourite look of the decade. I like to be comfortable and just polished enough so a t shirt, blazer, dress skirt or pants, and sneakers is the best.

Extras for experts – Androgyny, socks as an accessory to an outfit, chucks, nerd chic.

The Ghastly

The Ghastly

Boho – This style rarely looks good outside of an ethereal looking editorial with horses.

Leggings as pants – Despite my big love for leggings as an accompaniment to a skirt or dress, a pyjama bottom, or a comfy alternative to trackpants, like trackpants I don’t think they should be worn out of the house as pants unless you’re doing sports. The material leggings are made from is usually thin and unforgiving. But most of all, it just looks like you forgot the last step when you got dressed in the morning.

Daisy dukes – At least if you’re wearing leggings I don’t have to see your ass. I’m sure you have a very nice ass, but I don’t really care for having it almost naked in front of me as I’m walking down the street.

Boob tubes – If you’re wearing one you end up spending half the night pulling it up to make sure you’re not exposing yourself. You can wear a bra with them. And worst of all they squish your boobs down at the top. What is the point? Just wear a singlet.

Crocs – I saved the worst for last because WTF?! I can almost understand your reasons for wearing them if you’re a nurse, or if you’re doing a spot of gardening. But really why are they so ugly? Crocs makers have proven they can make shoes that are comfortable without looking like the original hideous chunk of plastic so why do they even make the ugly ones?

Extras for experts – Ugg boots as shoes, fake tan that is too many shades darker than your natural colour, huge sunglasses on girls with tiny features, Paris Hilton.

What did you dig on this decade?