Update on Shane

Shane - The L Word

So now that I’ve finished watching all 5 seasons of The L Word (and am eagerly awaiting the 6th and final) did it live up to my expectations the whole way through.

Well, yes and no. I think the seasons got worse the further through I got but I still really love the main characters. The story just stopped grabbing me and it lost what drew me to it in the first place, unfortunately I’m not sure what that was though.

Even though Shane ruined a marriage that didn’t quite happen, a relationship with a mum, and hooked up with her best friends love in the final episode, I still love her. She appears effortlessly cool and I can only imagine how much work it would take to be that blase in real life!

The character that grew on me the most though is Alice. She’s so perky. lol.

Alice and Shane - The L Word

So now with The L Word, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost all finished or finishing am I going to be stuck with Shortland Street and Coronation Street for the rest of winter? Lets hope Gilmore Girls hurries up and downloads soon!