Daily Outfits

First up is my roller derby outfit! New Zealand had its first intercity bout on Saturday and it was with our 2 most rival cities – Auckland and Wellington. The extra few years practice Auckland has on us were very evident as they whooped our ass 174 to 88! Not once did the crowd become discouraged though, we screamed our lungs out in support till the very end. It was SO great.


Welly’s colours are orange and purple so I wore every piece of orange clothing I own – a tie that came free with a shirt, a corduroy skirt from when I was at high school, and socks. I made my bow at Jo’s fascinator/banner making session the day before, it’s stuffed with paper, that’s how I roll.


I totally guessed how to tie my tie and got it right first time! Stoked.

ootd 1

My usual staples – a tee, skirt, sneakers. But this time it’s minus the leggings! Behold the glorious whiteness of my legs.
The grin is courtesy of free rum cocktails.
If you look closely you should be able to see that my t shirt features a punk version of Bambi. She’s very cool.

ootd 2

Daily Outfit – 17 October 2009

This was tattoo day. I think it’s about healed now so you’ll get to see photos tomorrow! Yay!

balloon 1

T shirt – Misery
Skirt – Pagani
Shoes – Nike
Bag – Loungefly

They were giving balloons and popcorn away at the tattoo show, likely to keep the multitude of kids occupied. Well, I’m a big kid so I asked for a pink balloon and it was so worth it! It had been ages since I had a helium filled balloon.

balloon 4
getting ready

I think that’s my OMFG what am I doing I hope I don’t pass out letsjustsithereandactlikeimcoolwithit face. Real tattoo photos tomorrow.

OMG Shoes!

I could not believe my luck when a last minute (because I get up so late and am so slow getting ready) dash into town to have a quick shop started with picking up the much coveted Nike Dunk red and white check hi tops!

Not only were they $40 cheaper than when they first caught my eye Shoe Connection are also having a buy one get one half price sale! :D So The Boy got a pretty pair of shoes too and we both saved an extra $40 something each.

OMG Shoes!

These are my first pair of Nikes. :D

candy and monsters

This candy necklace is new in the shop. We’ve got a few new things up and a few more coming this week.

I also picked up the new Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol. I haven’t read an actual book in a while, keeping up with the hundreds of blogs I read is enough for me. I don’t care what people say, I like Dan Brown’s writing. It’s easy to get caught up in.

Daily Outfit – 12 September 2009

You may have seen my plea for help on twitter on Saturday night. Big thanks to those who replied!
My Saturday night consisted of a friends birthday cocktail party where semi formal dress was requested. We knew it’d be more semi than formal so didn’t want to be too flash. And afterwards we had an album release party to go to at a bar. I ended up pulling out an outfit I bought for a work do last year, I love wearing a poofy skirt anytime and this one always gets compliments.

Outfit 12 September

Beads – Some cheap jewellery store (Diva, Bling, Equip?)
Ring – Cupcakes and Mace
Blouse – Jay Jays
Jacket – Portmans
Silk skirt – Portmans
Leggings – Valley Girl
Sneakers – Converse

Daily Outfit – 30 August 2009

Ooo two outfit posts in one week. You are spoiled!

This is what I wore to have yum cha that never happened. The disorganised birthday girl forgot to book! We ended up finding a cafe for eggs, toast, and other associated foods.

30 august

Glasses – Burberry
Fuck necklace – Cupcakes and Mace
T shirt – Misery
Trousers – Supre
Sneakers – Converse
Bag – Loungefly

WIW collage

Daily Outfit – 20 August 2009

I don’t post many pictures of myself here. Purely because I have a point and shoot camera with no tripod, and The Boy is only home when it’s dark and the camera doesn’t like to work in the dark.

And on that note here are some grainy pics of what I wore out for a drink last Thursday.

What I wore 20 August

Jacket with hood- Rusty
Wide leg pants – Supre
Pink and black brooch – simi [Postcard from Simitopia]
Black and red fingerless gloves
Sneakers – Converse
Handbag – Loungefly

what i wore

21 Grams

Before I start I want you to know that if this site does ever attract sponsors I will never endorse a product or brand I have no interest in. OK so now you’re wondering what the fuck I’m on about…

Staying up late on a Friday night twittering like a true anti-socialite with a preggo for a best friend I saw 21 Grams tweet to ask who likes free stuff and why you deserve to win free stuff. With the promise of blog love I was told I was ahead of the rest, but the “competition” turned into a who can sign up to our website and email me the fastest kind of affair. I didn’t win, but my promise of blog love endeared me enough that Andrew decided to send me a free tee anyway! Woohoo.

So now I’m living up to my end of the bargain writing this while sitting in a comfy grey tee with 20 ONE G emblazoned on the front. It’s currently the only girls t shirt available, but the sizes run true and are long enough for my tallish frame, two things I’m always concerned about when ordering tees online.

I can’t wait till summer so The Boy can take photos of me in real light!

Pretty stoked that my first freebie as a result of the blog is a t shirt from a NZ label!

21Grams is a urban streetwear label based in New Zealand, this interesting tidbit is the story behind their name.

In 1907 a Doctor in Massachusetts conducted a number of experiments on dying patients to determine the weight of the human soul. The Doctor found that the patients lost small amounts of weight in the three hours leading up to their death as they lost moisture. At the exact point of their death the patients lost 21 grams, giving the human soul the weight of 21 grams.

Nameplate Competition Winner

Somehow I decided that making my first bloggy video would be a good way to announce the winner of the nameplate necklace competition despite being a terrible actress, having no idea how to edit video, and never having made one before. Once I got started though I was determined to finish.
So here it is, atmospheric feedback and all. Please go easy on me.

I thought Sarah-Rose was very right when she said that font 5 would look adorable as a sweary word so I got it cut last night. I’m wearing it in the video and below.

Just as I finished recording the courier came with a package for me from Pakistan. It was all wrapped in cloth and I was a bit scared of it till I remembered my glasses were coming from Pakistan!
They are amazing for $26 NZD delivered! The right eye feels slightly blurred My ears are wonky so the right eye doesn’t line up properly all the time and is a teensy bit less clear, but I can still see great in them, they look cool and they even came with a hard case and cloth. Woop, will definitely be buying glasses online again.

New $26 glasses

Now I’m off to see Harry Potter. :D

O and please don’t name the winner in the comments so it’s a surprise.

Photographic Evidence

No Parking

19.06.09 – It’s terrible to start this off with a bad photo (but don’t you worry, I promise to end with one too) but these things are usually done in chronological order. The photo was taken in the middle of the night near a friends house. Isn’t it the prettiest No Parking sign ever!


23.06.09 – FUCK. Well, this is a little more subtle (and technically more “letters”) but it says it well enough. It still needs a couple of tweaks, particularly need to make the @ smaller. I think it’ll be great as a brooch.

Kiwifruit and Tamarillos

29.06.09 – A big box arrived today full of organic bio-dynamically grown kiwifruit and tamarillos. The kiwifruit are not at all tangy, they’re really sweet. It’s strange. Two weeks later and we’ve got heaps left.
Also, to any US readers, the fuzzy fruit is called a kiwifruit, not a kiwi. A kiwi is New Zealand’s native flightless bird and a colloquial term for a New Zealander.

Dressed up boys

03.07.09 – Friday night was the Rocky Horror Picture Show party! It was a lot quieter than I thought it would be but the costumes were great and the band were fantastic (the Hardy Ha Has). The host was more cross dresser than drag queen unfortunately, my friends looked camper than her.

Anyway these are two of my friends who came to mine and The Boys house for pre party drinks. We managed to bribe the guy on the left to dress in the cat suit he happened to have with him. After some alcohol he was quite happy to pose like a rock star with my bass. This is also one of the few situations that allows for wearing tights as pants. If I had such amazing legs I’d probably wear tights as pant too.

The guy on the right is dressed as Brad (as if you didn’t already know that :]). Faces have been blurred to protect the not so innocents.

Bad face

07.07.09 – I finally have my hands on the Gilmore Girls fourth season! I’ve become quite obsessed with watching their lives. A favourite past time of mine is pausing DVDs and laughing at the horrible faces. Zoooommmmbie Emily is coming to get you.

All good rabbits go in our pies

07.07.09 – The Boy helps run a monthly young professionals gathering with a speaker. This month we had Nathan Gray, he is the youngest Westerner to walk the length of the Great Wall of China, it took 2 years. Since then he has written a book and sold over 10,000 copies. You only have to glance at his CV to feel inadequate and inspired. Nathan is a lawyer, speaks eight languages, is trained in ballet, drama, speech and piano, he’s a photographer and has worked in all means of media!
Anyway, this is the wall that greets you as you walk into the Green Man pub where the meetings are held. This pub is very kitschy, it’s awesome.

Daily Outfit

07.07.09 – This is the outfit I wore to the meeting. Please look beyond the laser eyes, shiny face, and uncooperative fringe.
The lady at the medlab who took my blood spent the time I was there complementing my skirt and scissors necklace and enquiring about my business. I think she thought I was a student selling jewellery on the side, cause real adults don’t do that sort of thing for a living.