Weekly resolutions

*Play bass I picked it up and played for about 5 minutes, that counts right?!
*Get a new book from the library I got it and read it :]

Clean Ew ew ew…I must MUST clean. It’s no wonder I get home and crawl into bed every night after work and just stay there. It’s because I can’t stand looking at the rest of the house. I wish Sol would let me get a cleaner in. Having someone in our house while we’re not there has got to be better than living in filth. I think we need to sign up to Chore Buster again.

Plan for the iCiNG Transformation Challenge Gala has inspired a transformation in at least 800 people around the world it seems. I plan to eat better and get stronger for a month. Go back to avoiding chocolate and cheese (this is my biggest downfall and cutting 2 things out is pretty easy). And try to get some abs or muscles or something. All the girls on the L Word are so lean and strong and I’m jealous!

♥ Sus out some more details of my trip to Melbourne and blog about it. Yay I’m finally going to Melbourne:D

Weekly resolutions

O crap…
I’m taking a leaf out of Gala’s book so I’m going to keep my goals written down in a place I can see them in the hope that that way I will achieve at least one of them. Unlike last week.

So, the resolutions once again…

Play bass I really want to be into this. And I was planning on jamming with my friend (eep scary) on Saturday until I got really sick and spent all day in bed.

Clean I am so messy! I’m starting to feel more than a little grossed out by myself (and the sight of my house). I need to set a small chore each week. That way maybe the whole house will be cleaned once a year. Ew.

Get a new book from the library I got one out last week. It’s called Miss Misery and was a bit weird. Definitely deserving of the comment on the cover saying “This is the emo Fight Club“. But I managed to read it in a couple of days. And now I don’t have any unread books at home it’s time to get another. :]

Weekly resolutions

Weekly resolutions
I did ok with my resolutions last week…

I bought my first dress as an adult (and wore it to the wedding) & I made cupcakes for easter.
I did not however get some gel cushions for my new shoes. I wore thicker socks instead :] that worked fine. I will need to get some soon though.
I haven’t done so well in avoiding the cookies & cakes. I ate 3 Chocolate butternut snaps for morning tea today! :S

This week:

♥ Play bass once
♥ Read more about raw eating and try to make at least a few of my meals completely raw & drink some smoothies
♥ Start reading ‘The 4 hour work week’.