It’s that most wonderful time of the year

That time in which I get to dream about things I want and make lists and buy presents for people I love.

Here’s some of the things I love right now:

T Shirts

It’s been a while since I’ve had new ones and it feels like it’s time to discard and replace. Oversized baggy black tees are my jam.
 Bacon and Cheese MC by Mcbess

Pretty pretty plugs

Sure my Deathly Hallows plugs are a near permanent fixture but look at these! I’m a size 1/2 inch or 13mm (double or flat flare, average ear thickness)
Red wood fox by Omerica Organic

Anything with swear words

Am I predictable or am I predictable?

Anything with a fox, deer, Harry Potter, or tree branch theme

Espresso Patronum Grimm cup

House stuff

  • Vouchers for Bunnings, Briscoes and everything else (not limited to those starting with B)
  • Vintage plates and tea cups, ceramic dishes, pretty pots. Try something like these heart dishes.

Other things to consider

New addition

For more ideas and info my full Etsy favourites list is here and my Amazon wishlist is here.

Giftmas Wishlist

There are a number of things I’m wishing for for giftmas that I’m really not expecting: to wake up and realise the result of yesterday’s election was just a nightmare; a 4s iPhone; a trip to Iceland.

Here are a few more realistic ideas:

  1. Daily diary with unruled pages – It is insanely hard to find daily diary with unruled pages! I have found a total of one option, the Delfonics Daily Book. The Kikki K Sundae Daily Diary looks pretty cute too though.
  2. Cute storage – To hide all my mess! [Sky blue paper suitcases from Sweet Shop Lulu.]
  3. Scissors – A pair of fabric scissors and some embroidery scissors would be a great addition to my craft tools. [Pink embroidery scissors from Sublime Stitching.]
  4. Sweary plates from Trixie Delicious – I have wanted some of her plates for AGES. Pretty sure these have been on every wishlist of mine for years. Maybe it’s time to invest for myself? [X-boyfriend trio from Trixie Delicious.]
  5. Spray paint – My 26 in 26 list says that I need to paint something to make it look prettier. I love the blue!
  6. RAM – My new compy could sure do with a memory upgrade! [8gb of RAM from OWC.]
  7. SDHC memory card – My camera has the ability to take videos but I still haven’t tested it out as I’m sadly lacking in the memory card department.
  8. Rings – Sometimes it’s nice to have jewellery that isn’t made out of plastic or wood. These Sterling Silver rings are lovely. [Goujon Triple Ring from Alex and Chloe. Lightning Bolt Ring from Glam Rock Emporium.]
  9. Animals in clothes – Or second best, these cute illustrations of my fave animals in suits. [Polar Bear and Narwhal from Berkley Illustration.]
  10. Food and Drink – Or cake and gin.
  11. Tattoo money – I plan to get my next tattoo in the same place as this pretty piece.

What’s on your wishlist this year?

More Shit I Want

I’m not sure if it’s this time of year or the fact that I generally like to have things but after my last wishlist post I was inspired to start noting down the things I’m lusting after.

Here a few more things I’d love to have to would also make excellent gifts for the left of centre girls in your life.


  1. Anything from Trixie Delicious – This clever lady make me want to collect plates and tea cups so bad. So far I’ve only managed to score one of her badges emblazoned with flowers and the word Creep, but I’d really love some of her plates hanging in my house, the cruder the better.
    I wish I had a close gay friend so I could buy him the Gaybo plate!
  2. A watch – I’ve been trying to find one I want for ages, but these styles all seem quite cool.
    Bright pink from The Warehouse
    Black Plasteramic from ToyWatch
  3. Keep Calm posters – The Boys work has a nice printer so he might be able to do these for me ;]
    Bright solid colours please, no pastels, and definitely no orange.
    Get Excited and Make Things – download
    Keep Calm and Conjure a Patronus Charm (because I’m on a massive Harry Potter kick right now) from 3 Lambs Graphics
  4. Thrifted frames – Sure new frames are nice, but they’re expensive, and you can’t spray paint them without feeling guilty.
    I’d like to fill one of our walls with framed prints (like the posters above) big ones, little ones, whatever. So if you come across any cheap ones snap them up for me!
  5. 0g earrings – Because the holes in my lobes are 8mm wide I usually just leave my trusty plugs in but it would be nice to change it up every now and then. These earrings are so pretty!
    Horn Hearts from Bodyartforms
    Single flare light blue pyrex plug from Bodyartforms
  6. Feltidermy – Like taxidermy but with felt animals (even though The Boy feels really bad seeing soft toy heads on the wall. He said “what if that was Little Ted’s head on a plaque”. He’s a big softy!)
    Bunny and jackalope from Girl Savage on Etsy
  7. Books – With a particular focus on Harry Potter. While I’ve read all of the books in the series at least twice I only own books 6 and 7. Adding hard cover copies of books 1-5 would be awesome.
  8. VouchersReading cinemas movie vouchers, New World vouchers, and cleaning vouchers. To entertain us, feed us, and make us look like we’re less gross than we really are.
  9. Geek prideKeep out of direct sunlight. Nuff said.

My often updated wish lists can always be found on Amazon and Etsy.

Birthday Wishlist 2009

I love lists so what better way to celebrate an impending birthday by listing pretty stuff I would buy if money was no object. My birthday is this Friday, the 9th. Japanese will be had for dinner and on Sunday I finally get to go to the Lindale Centre and visit their candy shop. Yay.

Over the last year I’ve managed to procure 5 out of the 7 items on my 2008 wishlist!

  1. Tattoo – Yep. I’ve been going on about it so much that I couldn’t not put it on the list. I have three planned in my head. First one will hopefully be done in December.
  2. Books – I read SO much online but sometimes it’s nice to get engrossed in something 500 pages long instead of 1 page long.
  3. Booklight– I love reading in bed, especially when the weather is as cold and shitty as it is now. (spring, wtf is up?) The Boy usually goes to bed at least 5 hours before me though and hiding under the covers with a torch is a bit hard to do comfortably without moving around a lot. (I know it looks like a pregnancy test but I swear it’s not)
  4. Candy and cake – What would a birthday be without candy and cake? I have been searching for licorice bullets, the candy covered kind not chocolate covered, for AGES. They used to be everywhere and now they’re nowhere. *pout*
  5. Accessories – I have most accessories covered. But two things I can’t make myself are watches and earrings that fit a 0 gauge.
  6. Hand held card games – I’m not a gamer girl but I can get pretty obsessed with card games, and sudoku, and bejeweled. It’s be great if I didn’t have to sit at my computer to play. If I had a Nintendo DS I could put them all on there. :D
  7. DSLR Camera – Every amateur photographer/amateur narcissists dream. One of two items from last years list that I haven’t gotten yet.
  8. Skirts – I’m so over pants! I hope to see more skirts in my immediate future. I’m leaving the house on my bi monthly daylight excursion tomorrow (ah, later today :S) hopefully I’ll find some new pretties then.

Life Will Be Better When…

sweet is in...
  • Desert is part of dinner. Especially dinners at restaurants and friends houses.
  • All drinks are served in cans. Everything tastes better with a hint of metallic flavouring.
  • People aren’t discriminated against because they are tattooed, pierced, or queer.
  • The people who know what they’re doing make the decisions.
  • More guys are nerd cool like the ones described on MLIA
  • People stop thinking I’m weird because I work at night, I don’t want to be in the hot sun, and I don’t want a tan.

Things I Would Do If I Didn’t Have A Day Job

  • Create the already thought out design for Cupcakes and Mace
  • Read books often
  • Spend more time writing posts
  • Name, tag, and upload all of my photos
  • Write to do lists
  • Exercise
  • Bake
  • Write letters
  • Find the best thrift stores and ask when new stock is put out
  • Plan outfits
  • Get more sleep
  • Listen to music lots
  • Clear out my old clothes
  • Bask in the glory of having no boss
  • Breathe more fresh air
  • Make jewellery
  • Have fun with my “Wreck This Journal”
  • Attempt to alter clothes
  • Play my bass
  • Save money on food
  • Use recipes
  • Tweet constantly
  • Find the best photos on Flickr

Present Day (Xmas) Wishlist

I like to call Xmas Present Day because it’s they day for presents and family and food. Celebration of a god I don’t believe in is insignificant.

These are the things I’m lusting after in a perfect world:

  1. Petticoats – I REALLY want a big fluffy petticoat. REALLY!
  2. Prettyfull sneakers – I already have these ones but I’m dismayed over the lack of pretty individual sneakers available. Note to shoemakers: Not all girls like wearing heels!
  3. Loungefly bag – I love Loungefly gear. I especially love this bag though. I WANT it. Damn you exchange rate. I’m not really asking for this stuff but if someone got me this bag I would love you forever!
  4. Marie Antoinette DVD – So I can play it on my computer and screen cap all the prettiness for inspiration. That’s going to be a whole lot of screen capping.
  5. Camera – I don’t actually own a camera of my own :S I currently use the boys one that I bought for his birthday a few years ago. He uses it at work a lot now so I can’t steal it. What kind of blogger am I?!
  6. Mindless Self Indulgence CDs – With the opening of JB Hi-Fi I have been lucky enough to score the CD Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy. I’m keen to get the rest of the discography though.
  7. Jewellery – Chunky jewellery, including this super cute baby bunny charm bracelet which I have the possibility of winning via Annie’s giveaway :D The site mentions an adult version but there’s no search function on the site and I can’t find it :[
  8. Hospital bracelets – I love them, I’m refusing to take off yesterdays hospital bracelet. I’d like to style them like Tilda Swinton as Gabriel in the movie Constantine. She wears them with the extra length of bracelet left in tact and words like passion and hope written on them. A metal version would be pretty damn awesome too, I found a Ksubi version a couple of years ago but it’s not for sale anymore.
  9. Labrets – Pretty labrets with attachments that are long enough. The pretty blue one I own now needs to be checked constantly to make sure it’s screwed on properly because the thread isn’t long enough. It’s fallen out more than once, luckily only when I’m sitting at my desk. It did come out in the shower once but I managed to save it just before the drain.
    Labrets need to have more than one twist before they fall out.
  10. Darwin Fish – One of the little car plaques would be nice, but what I’d really love is for everyone to come to their senses and realise “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”.
  11. Glasses – Still need some scene glasses.
  12. Sprout the life you love – Perfect for aspiring female entrepreneurs.
    Wreck this journal – I also REALLY want this. I think it’d be an excellent way to nurture my baby creative skills.
  13. Tattoo – This is more about finding something I love enough that I will want it inked onto me FOREVER.
  14. Glitter – I like sparkles so a glitter bar would be ideal :D

I’ve loved seeing everyone’s lists around! They’ve been my favourite posts of late. If you haven’t done one yet get onto it and leave me the link. Otherwise let us know what you want in the comments.

And There Shall Be Skully Bags For All

Excuse the hideous photos but I’m just too excited about my new backpack to wait and get pretty ones!

I’ve had the white skully bag for a while now and it’s starting to break and it badly needs a wash, and then, like a guardian angel a co-worker told me she’d seen a pink one at the shopping centre near her house and wanted to know if I’d be interested in something like that. Well duh?! pink & skulls & a bag, woohoo.

So there on my desk this morning was my new bright pink bag with 8 pockets (I love pockets) and a shiny chain dangling off it, she’d also chucked in a a pair of pink skully socks for good measure.

The good thing about being unusual and having a clearly identifiable “brand” is that people know what you like.

Now I just need this Loungefly handbag which totally matches my backpack and shoes and I’ll be sated for a few weeks.

A N Original Jewelry

I came across Etsy shop A N Original Jewelry which sells handmade artisan jewelery which is super cute and clean. Just the way I like it.

I’m so impressed that there is an Etsy shop that actually has LOTS of stuff I want, that I had to share. Also, the Silver Spooky Arch Back Cat Necklace is a sterling silver version of a stick figure cat I used to draw!