Can we think about gingers for a moment?

Can we talk about this video real quick? I never knew about it when it came out (over a year ago), but it was bought to my attention on twitter just now. (ht Chris)

Half of you watching it will be all “LOL Gingers” “Gingers are hilarious and disgusting and deserve to be killed. Hahaha I’m so funny.”
But watching it was strange for me. These kids are white and look enough like me that seeing them rounded up that way really brought home how desensitised I am to seeing black people, or Asian people, or Jewish people, or anyone that has been historically persecuted treated like this.
Because I have seen scenes played out like that in movies, or even in news footage, and while horrifying and horrible and so totally wrong they still weren’t as shocking as they should have been.

Pick N Mix – 8 September 2011

Remember these!? I’ll forgive you if you don’t, it’s nearly been 2 years since I did a Pick N Mix link round up!

  • Ickle and Lardee are finally back! I missed them.
  • Evolving happiness. “They say that you need to be a whole person on your own in order to be part of a successful relationship, and I believe that that’s true, too. But what they don’t tell you – what nobody seems willing to tell you – is that it’s also okay to work this stuff out with someone else by your side.”
  • And another one from Nicole. Because she is better. The 100 lunches project.
  • Brend has almost convinced me to grow something with all the gardening he’s been doing. I think it’s far more likely that I’ll make some succulent terrariums or vertical gardens though.

Remember that one time it snowed in Wellington? This video captures that day perfectly.

  • Feminism, that touchy subject that shouldn’t be touchy because can’t we all agree that women deserve to be treated just as well as men are? I like how Sarah explains that feminism is not about being better than men, or being the same as them, but that we’re all equally as awesome as each other (or have the potential to be) and good at different stuff.
  • Goddamn Sal is a brave woman for putting all of this out in the open. Body hair is one of those things you just. don’t. talk. about. I’m happy for that to change though! We’ve all got it, it’s all different, we all deal with it somehow.
  • Best engagement shoot ever. Ever! Ever ever.
  • ‘You Look Great’ and Other Lies. What to say to someone who’s sick.
  • On the subject of privilege. “What other people are trying to say, and you aren’t really hearing properly, is that the way you have experienced the world has been shaped by a series of factors that you’ve probably never had to think about before.”
  • Absolutely stunning doily lamp.
  • While I’m sure we’re all aware that it’s not up to the victim to prevent sexual assault (a la this list) this video put out in New Zealand is a really great reminder that everyone can help prevent assault. Especially when a victim is not aware what is happening and may not be able to help themselves.
  • If you love Instagram and/or can’t get access to it on a phone then these Instagram Photoshop actions will be right up your alley. Filter all of the photos you can get your hands on.
  • Super simple tutorial for turning an oven rack into a jewellery organiser. Another item to add to the op shop list.
  • Harry Potter Party! Want!


Flash Mob Haka!
Doing a haka at the mall, nek minnit lost my jandal

Can’t stop listening to this song.

New Zealand Whaka Yeah

PostSecret now has an iPhone app. The trailer for the app is beautiful, and the app is fantastic if you’re a fan of the PostSecret blog.

If I didn’t know better I’d say Cookie Monster and Tom Waits were one in the same.

How long would it have taken to edit this video?! So much dancey clothed fun. (via yesandyes)

Because I’m Awesome and You’re Bored

I thought I’d share some sweet videos I’ve favourited on Youtube.

Neil Patrick Harris is the SHOE FAIRY. Fuck yeah.

Just like all the other movies from your youth you figured that if you watched Little Shop of Horrors again you’d ruin it because it wouldn’t be as good as your remembered right? If this one song is anything to go by I think that hypothesis is wrong!

500 Days of Summer wasn’t too awful, I guess. I mean Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in it and I’ve loved him since I first saw 3rd Rock from the Sun. But this trailer looks like it’d make a much better movie!

You like True Blood too? Sweet.

Nameplate Competition Winner

Somehow I decided that making my first bloggy video would be a good way to announce the winner of the nameplate necklace competition despite being a terrible actress, having no idea how to edit video, and never having made one before. Once I got started though I was determined to finish.
So here it is, atmospheric feedback and all. Please go easy on me.

I thought Sarah-Rose was very right when she said that font 5 would look adorable as a sweary word so I got it cut last night. I’m wearing it in the video and below.

Just as I finished recording the courier came with a package for me from Pakistan. It was all wrapped in cloth and I was a bit scared of it till I remembered my glasses were coming from Pakistan!
They are amazing for $26 NZD delivered! The right eye feels slightly blurred My ears are wonky so the right eye doesn’t line up properly all the time and is a teensy bit less clear, but I can still see great in them, they look cool and they even came with a hard case and cloth. Woop, will definitely be buying glasses online again.

New $26 glasses

Now I’m off to see Harry Potter. :D

O and please don’t name the winner in the comments so it’s a surprise.

Whittakers vs Cadbury

I wanted to include this advert in yesterday’s Pick N Mix but couldn’t find it online anywhere. It has shown up on NZ TV recently after big changes made by one of our major chocolate manufacturers. Cadbury has moved production to Australia, reduced the size of their blocks of chocolate, reduced the amount of cocoa solids in the chocolate and added palm oil to their recipe (which not only negatively affects the taste of the chocolate but also contributes to deforestation in Indonesia).

Whittakers’ is taking a well deserved dig at them here. I think without even trying Whittakers’ has just taken a large chunk of Cadbury’s consumer base, Cadbury basically handed it to them on a platter.

If you would like to protest against Cadbury’s use of palm oil you can join the Facebook group or sign the petition.

Get To Your Children Before the Beauty Industry Does

This video is beautiful, and thought provoking. If you don’t talk to your child at a young age about being comfortable with the way they look then the magazines, TV shows, movies, books they see and people they talk to are going to influence them first. You may have become accustomed to it like me. But this video by Dove made me take note of all the stupid crap I see everyday that makes me feel like I’m not good enough. The beauty industry is HUGE!