All Hope Is Lost


Now that Lost is over forever it’s being talked about by everyone. Everyone seems to have an opinion, whether it’s that the show was great but confusing and the last episode was beautiful but unrevealing (me); or that Lost made no sense and was worthy of being discarded during season one (almost everyone else I talk to).

Chatting on Facebook the other night I realised that how and when you stopped watching Lost can be compared to how your relationships with real people play out. Me? I stick around till the bitter end and still get disappointed when things I hoped for still don’t happen after 6 years.

Here’s what some others had to say:

  • I got confused, gave up and moved countries. lol.
  • Hah… I got annoyed and confused in the first episode and I’m still wondering why there was a polar bear on the island… (@sarah_puppy)
  • I gave up after season 3 and got back togeher with it for the last season. (@casper_99)
  • I quit after s01 when I realised I liked the teasers more than the show itself. I will break things off if not working quickly? Although when bored I did occasionally watch an episode. Oh man. This does sound like me. (@ehjc)
  • I watched for a while, stopped, and then went back. Again and again. Huh.
  • I gave up during season 2, but ask my friends for updates and what’s happening, then get upset as I’m missing out. I also think wistfully about watching the rest of it in the future, but remember that it probably won’t work out.
  • I only started watching at the start of season 2, got bored (not confused) even tho I liked some characters and quit watching. I’m willing to get sucked in totally if things are interesting, but if I get bored, I detach.
  • Watched Lost til the very end, getting angrier & more & more frustrated as it developed.
  • I watched till the Polar Bear. C watched for long long after. Despite being a pro lost & an anti lost we are still very together!
  • Stopped after maybe series 2 or 3, when I realised it was going to take ages to find out wtf was going on.
  • I followed it on the internet obsessively even after it made it clear it didn’t want my attention. OH SHIIIIIT!
  • I stopped watching when I moved away and lost my TV
  • Has anyone said abortion?

No wonder we’re all so fucking dysfunctional.

Whittakers vs Cadbury

I wanted to include this advert in yesterday’s Pick N Mix but couldn’t find it online anywhere. It has shown up on NZ TV recently after big changes made by one of our major chocolate manufacturers. Cadbury has moved production to Australia, reduced the size of their blocks of chocolate, reduced the amount of cocoa solids in the chocolate and added palm oil to their recipe (which not only negatively affects the taste of the chocolate but also contributes to deforestation in Indonesia).

Whittakers’ is taking a well deserved dig at them here. I think without even trying Whittakers’ has just taken a large chunk of Cadbury’s consumer base, Cadbury basically handed it to them on a platter.

If you would like to protest against Cadbury’s use of palm oil you can join the Facebook group or sign the petition.

The L Word Returns

Everyone’s favourite lesbian drama has returned for its 6th and final season.

It starts 3 months in the future and Lucy Lawless (the kiwi, Xena, Cylon) enters as a policewoman. You’ll have to watch it to find out why :p

It then cuts back to the end of season 5 where Jenny find Shane eating out  her girlfriend (complicated relationship as ever where any of these ladies are concerned). I can’t help but be on Jenny’s side with the gorgeous dress she’s wearing. She’s so damn fierce. I didn’t appreciate that side of her personality in previous seasons of The L Word, but she may take a surprise first place as my favourite character this season.

Jenny's dress, The L Word 6th season premiere

The first sex scene doesn’t start till the 35 minute mark and feels very restrained for a season premiere, the scene doesn’t even get very graphic when it’s finished off near the end of the episode.

Gorgeous back on Jenny's dress, The L Word 6th season premiere

Unfortunately the sex in episode 2 is even less existent. You’ve got 6 episodes left ladies, better ramp it up quick.

Gossip Girl is baaaack

Last night I caught season 2 episode 1 of Gossip girl and it was as good as ever. Definitely on form.
A great chance to squeal and stare at the computer screen for 42 minutes.

I don’t know when I switched from hating Chuck to, well, falling for him. He knows what he wants and that’s a quality I’m looking for in a person. Plus he’s hot.

The best line of the show was when Dan asked Jennie what they should have for dinner

Jennie: It’s too hot for indian, how about popsicles!

Sounds like my kinda dinner.

P.S I just found Holy moly, 300 screen caps of Chuck Bass from 1 episode! That is dedication.

Because you asked – 01.09.08

I can’t claim to know much about Katherine Moennig. I’ve watched all of The L Word episodes and therefore know a bit about the character Shane McCutcheon, but I am by no means an authority on the subject.

That doesn’t mean you don’t ask though.

The majority of visits to this blog are bought by searches for Shane McCutcheon (85) and Katherine Moennig (51), then followed by ‘Shane The L Word’, ‘The L Word’, ‘Shane L Word’, ‘The L Word Shane’ and most other combinations.

So lets give the people what they want:

Kate (Katherine) Moennig – Born December 29, 1977 (or 1976, listed throughout the internet as both, The L Word website also refers to both years. Two fan sites listed below refer to 1977 though.)

The L Word Cast – Katherine Moennig – Katherine Moennig

Shane McCutcheon

The L Word Wiki – Shane McCutcheon

The L Word

The L Word official ‘Showtime’ site
The L Word fansite

Cashmere Mafia…Round two

Episode 2. Last night was Cashmere Mafia’s second chance. And boy did they waste a good time slot on that show!
Once again, the only thing enjoyable about this show was a few scenes of Lucy Liu and her clothes.

This time around they managed to send the red head (looking well put together) into a trailer for a make over, and had her come out looking like a drag queen wearing a stupid one armed top. The script is so bad and forced and makes the actresses look incompetent.

And the more I watched it the more I cringed at the similarities between these characters and other shows.

The blonde, she’s the ‘slutty one’, just like the blonde Samantha and the blonde Edie.
The red head, she’s either the home maker or the slick professional, like Bree and Miranda.
The brunette, she’s the mom a la Charlotte and Susan.
And the other one comes in different packages but is always the fashionista; Carrie, Gabby, Lucy Liu.

If you’re at home, snuggled in bed, looking for something to watch with the heater on. Don’t watch this show, read a book!

Or you could try getting a copy of these…
The L Word
The Tudors
Big Love
Gossip Girl
Grey’s Anatomy

Cashmere Mafia

Cashmere Mafia started in New Zealand last night. First impressions are that it desperately wants to be loved!
Like that annoying friend who copies everything you do.

It’s trying so hard to be Sex and the City crossed with Desperate Housewives that it forgets to be itself.
It feels jolting, cliched.

I’m not going to write it off completely straight away, I’ll give most things a second chance if they show any promise. And I need a fashion fix! So far it seems Lucy Liu is the only one close to being able to give that to me. She got all the good lines too (apart from the shocker “It’s not winning without you”)…man, she must be a demanding bitch in real life.

Cashmere Mafia

Sex And The City: The Movie

Now that I’ve finally seen the Sex And The City movie I can open my eyes and ears to comments and reviews once more. I feel the need to chuck my two cents in though about how I feel about the movie.

I came out of the movie sated. I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed the clothes and shoes…

The introduction

I started watching Sex and the City as a young teenager, I think at the time it was more of a way to be naughty and watch sex on TV though. I hated the clothes when I was younger. I though they were crazy, unrealistic. No one would wear something like that in real life I thought. Well, how wrong was I!
I’m a little older now and I read fashion blogs constantly. While I am unlikely to spend $600 on a pair of heels I’ll never wear and because I’m living in New Zealand I would feel uncomfortable wearing something extravagant through fears of being over dressed; I still lust over all the pretty, shiny things in the world.

The pretty stuff

I hadn’t watched Sex and the City for a long time. Not since the series finished on TV. I’d consider myself a fan, but I never made the time to re-watch any of the episodes, so going into this movie I didn’t expect much, just lots of expensive crazy clothes and sex.
I wasn’t disappointed. I adored the clothes, they were unbelievable. I lusted over almost everything, the highlight had to be the cupcake purse that Charlotte’s daughter Lily used at the wedding! I find it a bit strange though that anyone would entrust a small child with a purse worth over $4000 though. No matter how rich you are.
The wardrobe was also beautiful and made me completely jealous!

The scene where Carrie walks down the street in a white dress with a huge flower on her shoulder made me giggle. As she’s walking down the street a group of four younger women walk past and one of them turns around and says it’s a great dress. It reminded me of a post Gala had done a few days earlier, her Daily Outfit post for 19 June 2008. Gala talks about the compliments she got…so many compliments! I was thinking how alien that situation is in New Zealand and how it must have been a freaky not often done situation anywhere in the world. People never (well hardly ever) give you compliments in the street here. And I’m not just talking about compliments aimed towards me, I never see anyone else getting them either. I guess New Zealanders are too reserved.
So that scene made me giggle because it showed how different it is in other cities. Gala stuck in my head a lot through the movie, I guess with her current New York jaunt it fits really well.

In conclusion

So, I came out of the movie feeling pretty good about the experience. It wasn’t until later on when I read the comments on Gala’s Sex & The City: The Movie post that I began to doubt it. That made me a bit sad because Gala is usually such a positive person. One of the main issues that was raised in the comments was the massive amount of product placement. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with this when it comes to Sex and the City and I didn’t even notice it in the movie. Isn’t that what most of this show is about? Labels, labels and more labels? How could you not give a Louis Vuitton bag as a gift and leave a pair of blue Manolo Blahnik pumps in the wardrobe in a Sex and the City movie?

Update on Shane

Shane - The L Word

So now that I’ve finished watching all 5 seasons of The L Word (and am eagerly awaiting the 6th and final) did it live up to my expectations the whole way through.

Well, yes and no. I think the seasons got worse the further through I got but I still really love the main characters. The story just stopped grabbing me and it lost what drew me to it in the first place, unfortunately I’m not sure what that was though.

Even though Shane ruined a marriage that didn’t quite happen, a relationship with a mum, and hooked up with her best friends love in the final episode, I still love her. She appears effortlessly cool and I can only imagine how much work it would take to be that blase in real life!

The character that grew on me the most though is Alice. She’s so perky. lol.

Alice and Shane - The L Word

So now with The L Word, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost all finished or finishing am I going to be stuck with Shortland Street and Coronation Street for the rest of winter? Lets hope Gilmore Girls hurries up and downloads soon!