Things I Love Thursday

Pink and Grey jewellery bits
  • Deciding not to do a Things I Loathe Thursday this week even though I’ve been getting pissed. The reason I didn’t do one? Today made everything better.
  • Being self employed!! I new I had made the right choice this morning when I was lying in bed at 9am with my eyes open, too excited to sleep any longer. I just wanted to be up doing my thing.
  • Finding some new pink acrylic. I’ve been searching so long! The fluoro pink tint I use is great but it’s more orange than pink when it’s held against a dark background. I always wear black, so I usually only wear my fluoro pink necklaces when my top is cut low enough to expose my skin more. The new pink is bubblegum like and frosted. The boy just cut some new pretties for me and I can’t stop squeeling!!! :D (of course my picture doesn’t represent the colour anywhere near accurately. I’ll get proper ones when there is real light and I’m not so excited.)
  • My first day of self employment had beautiful weather! Despite the fact it’s winter here, the sun was shining and there was hardly any wind.
  • I get to see my family tomorrow. My sister turned 21 today (happy birthday!) and we’re going up to Hamilton for her party tomorrow. It’s going to be 16 hours of driving in 3 days, but it’ll be worth it.
  • Getting things off my chest. Yesterday was my last day of work and I had an exit interview to do. I don’t expect any of my complaints to be handled properly, or anything done to improve the situation there, but I said what I had to. And I did all I could to make things better for all the people still suffering there.
  • Having a best friend. For years I didn’t have any close friends (except for The Boy of course), and it’s really great to have one again.

Indie Finds – Ponies

New regular post. :D In Indie Finds I’ll be listing some of my favourite finds from independent artists and crafters.
First up is a collection of pony finds. I love My Little Ponies, and have mini collection on one of my desks at work.
Ponies are always portrayed as nothing less than adorable. Just look as these cute finds…


  1. Sterling Silver Horse Ring – monkeeboo $40 USD
  2. Wild Pony Wire Earrings – WildPonyBrand $20 USD
  3. Pink Pony Card – Imaginart $3 USD
  4. Funky Junq Recycled Aluminum Soda Pop Can Art MAGNET COCA COLA HORSE COKE – FunkyRecycling


  1. Ninja custom my little pony – fugsly $57 USD
  2. My Little Alien – Mari Kasurinen
  3. Push me Pull me custom my little pony – fugsly $55 USD
  4. My Little Edward Scissorhand – Mari Kasurinen


  1. Bloo Pony – Starrby $20 USD
  2. The Lampwork Pony Bead – dianadear $28 USD
  3. Cotton Candy Horse PDF Pattern – djonesgirlz $6 USD
  4. RAEWADOLLY Amigurumi Pony, Okie Pokie Dokie – raewadolly $18.99 USD
  5. Another absolute favourite is the My Little Pony Underbust Garter Corset – sweatshopbytiqcom $119.99 USD. Photo NSFW.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Love, love, LOVE, lOVe, EEeeeeEEEEeee

For some reason I am feeling a lot of love and excitement today. Despite being tired and having to be at work.

1. 11/04/2007, 2. ohai, 3. ink, 4. Fashion photography
  • I got a text from my mums partner (still not sure after 10 years if I should be referring to him as something else?!) this afternoon about our tickets to Iron Maiden. I’m going to the concert because of him, he’s a huge fan and has been for a very long time, he belongs to their fan club. :D The ticket company called him yesterday to let him know that by the request of the band we have been moved to seats closer to the band and will now be sitting up the front in the grandstand. He assumes that all fan club members got upgraded. So freaking sweet!!
  • I’ve realised that most times you need to spend money to make money. And I feel a lot better for it. I’m getting better at putting the price of things into perspective too.
  • I have a new part time role :D :D :D I am part time web coordinator, something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s at the same place I’ve been working for the past 2 years so I’m working 50/50 in my old role and new role for the next 6 months until we figure out if there is enough work for a full time role. There has never been anyone in the position so it’s all learning at the moment. It’s only my second day but it is so nice to have a break in the boredom.
    It helps that in the afternoons I now sit next to my best friend and her awesome boss who is describes himself as a “stereo-typical comp-sci geek”, both are totally smart and fellow bloggers.
  • Rainbow suspenders. $2 yeyah.
  • I get to spend this weekend with my friends in Hawkes Bay. It’s a long one because it’s Wellington Anniversary.
  • My fringe is still awesome.
  • I’ve been listening to the recently released Fall Out Boy CD non stop the last couple of days. Folie à Deux is a fantastic album, my favourite song by far is 27 and I really love the chorus of w.a.m.s
  • My new iPod is so shiny. The 3rd gen I had finally gave up over new years and after much cajoling and resetting it refused to be coaxed into working properly. Now I have a shiny black 120GB colour iPod which holds videos and photos. A pretty huge jump from the 4 year old black and white one that had buttons above the wheel and held 15GB.
    Only gripe is that they (like all hard drives) are advertised as 120GB but are really only 111GB. Boo :[
  • Hula hoop! I couldn’t be bothered searching any longer for a professional hoop in New Zealand so I just got a cheap one from The Warehouse. It seems big enough but I’ve got no idea how big adult ones are supposed to be. It really needs some extra weight on it though, I wrapped some duct tape around it but duct tape apparently doesn’t weigh very much.
  • Big schemy scheming plans that are scheming to bring you some pretty pretties right out of my head. :D

Things I Love Thursday

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin Donuts – The boy happened to be in Auckland yesterday for work and remembered me when he spied the Dunkin Donuts counter at the airport on the way home. We don’t have Dunkin Donuts in Wellington so it’s always a treat, a once every one or two years treat! Yum

Paul Henry – He is one of the hosts of TV Ones Breakfast show. He’s cynical, mean and sarcastic, but I can handle it because he makes me laugh every morning. Even when he’s praising something he sounds like he’s making fun of it.

Wishlists – It’s good to dream and aim big. And creating wishlists means you have a goal when you step out into those crazy crazy shopping strips!
I’m loving reading everyone’s lists at the moment, gives me lots of ideas.

Buying presents – Buying presents and giving gifts fills me with joy :]

Miso – I always keep some soup sachets in my draw at work, I love the taste of miso and it’s great for an afternoon wake up when you’ve already make yourself sick on sweets at lunchtime (a common occurrence in my world). Just squeeze the paste into a cup, add hot water and voila!

Presents – OK, so Em is cuter and better at drawing than me, but I love sending and receiving packages too! How come she gets all the cool shit :[ Am I being punished by God for not believing? Teehee.

Things I Love Thursday – 6 November 2008

1. Baracks Smile 2. Red Martini

  • Barack Obama – I am so in love with America right now, for the first time in my life. I said “I’m so excited” so many times last night. I also likened it to Christmas. And I believe the words “screw the NZ elections we’ve got a black president now” came out of my mouth! (If you’ve just joined us, the reason that is funny is because I am in fact a New Zealander and therefore I do not have an American president at all.)
  • Midweek cocktails at Chow – At Chow you get two cocktails for the price of one on Wednesdays. They are delicious. We got a bit drunk celebrating Obama because we hadn’t eaten yet. :S
  • Nasal Spray – I have a stupid cold at the moment which is blocking my nose and marking it hard/impossible to breathe through my nose. I couldn’t even breathe well enough to inhale to nasal spray last night but it still cleared it up within one minute. I am so glad I discovered this in the last couple of years, it makes it easier to do everything while you have a cold. No more choosing between blowing your nose or dribbling everywhere while you’re at the movies!
  • Handwritten letters and printed photographs – I received a letter in the post from my littlest sister yesterday. She’s been very sick with adrenal gland failure for the past three months and has missed school all that time. She decided to write to keep up her vocabulary and such. She’s 13 but has acted like a 30 year old since she was a baby. :D Enclosed with the letter was a photo of her, almost all of my photos are digital these days so it’s special to have a few printed ones.
  • Non religious Prime Ministers – I’m an atheist so while I support the religious Obama I prefer secularism. I was happy to hear both John Key’s and Helen Clark’s responses to questioning on their religious views were that neither of them are deeply religious. John Key does not believe in life after death and doesn’t know if there is anything up “there”, Helen is already well known as an agnostic. I’ve had less luck finding out the religious views of Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russel Norman, leaders of the Green Party, who I am probably going to vote for (I can’t believe I’m still um-ing and ah-ing about it!).

Things I Love Thursday – 30 October 2008

  • My shoes – They are still getting compliments everywhere I go. On the weekend someone asked me if I where them with everything and said they totally would if they had those shoes!
  • Summer keeps peaking its head out – My 3 day weekend was really busy for once. I went to 2 parties, yum cha, a barbecue, and a picnic at the botanical gardens. The boy got burnt but I remembered the sunblock :D
  • Cute babies – There were so many cute baby girls at the botanical gardens in their little sunhats. One mum and baby that sat near us wear particularly adorable; mum pulled out a little container with buttered pikelets and started sprinkling them with hundreds and thousands, bubs looked so excited!
  • Chav chicks in Wellington – Well, not so much a love, just something I wanted to mention. It was such a hilarious sight. I said to the boy I would’ve taken a photo if I didn’t think they’d beat me up. Hopefully it’s a oncer and the “culture” doesn’t arrive in force.
  • Lollies and Singstar – They’re the best thing about Halloween this year. We’ve organised a Singstar night for social club at work for tomorrow!
  • My big shiny new laptop – Specs coming soon :D
  • Stand up comedy – I went to my first lice (thanks Benhi) live stand up comedy gig at Katipo Cafe last night. The headliner act was acquaintance Benjamin Crellin and he made us laugh our asses off. Sarah Harpur did a hilarious song about being a racist against vegans, and Fergus Aitken is a definite must see. If you get the chance to see any of these comedians I recommend you do.

What are you loving this Thursday?

Things I Love Thursday – 16 October 2008

  • Platters – I had a massive craving for lounging at a bar or restaurant with a delicious platter for dinner. So I did!
  • My new bag!
  • My best friend is back – She arrived back in the country today after a 6 week trip in Europe, woo.
  • Short work days – Everyone’s desks are being moved around at work tomorrow and over the weekend so we get to finish at 12 for a ‘team business activity’ and then ‘pizza and beverages’ at 3.30pm.
  • Knowing geeks – I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but man am I appreciative I know so many. My best friends husband is an uber geek and I’ll be roping him into helping me choose a new laptop now that he’s back in NZ.
  • New laptops – The boy must be getting sick of me saying ‘I can’t wait to get a new computer, then I can do ‘this’ and ‘this’ and ‘this”. Soon my precious.
  • Pineapple lumps – The bag next to me is quickly being devoured.
  • You guys :D – I’m starting to see a few regular readers and I’m enjoying reading your blogs too.

What are you loving this week?

Things I Love Thursday – 25 September 2008

I thought it would be appropriate to start my brand new website with an ode to Gala Darling. The person who made me want to quit my job and become a blogger!

  • Having my own website. It does mean that I have to figure everything out by myself, and a job that would have taken 5 minutes by someone familiar with php and css instead took me approximately 15 hours.
    But I finally figured it out and I’ve got lots more php knowledge and a great sense of achievement.
  • Babycham shoes. The desperate search for pretty sneakers started a number of months back. Even before my trip to Melbourne, because my beloved chucks were starting to fall apart. Eventually I found some Babycham shoes in Wellington store and proclaimed they were my ideal sneaker “if only they came in adults sizes”.
    The next time I went into that shoe store the I noticed the sizes were actually in UK sizing so they were bigger than I first thought. I asked one of the staff if they came in adults sizes and she told me they were, in fact, adults shoes!!!!!!!
    I snapped up my favourite pair right then. At only $70 they were much cheaper (and brighter and more comfortable AND velcro) than anything else I’d seen. Even the packaging was totally cute.
  • Summer at Mangakuri beach
  • Daylight savings. Because it got moved forward daylight savings now starts on the last Sunday in September…this Sunday the 28th. We lose an hour this time around (your clocks go forward) but it means the start of the great kiwi summer and days which last forever.
  • V from a can. General consensus is that drinks from cans taste tainted and therefore less good. Well, I actually love the tainted taste. It gives it an edge, like sucking on lemons.
  • TV’s getting good. Or more accurately, American TV, and therefore downloads (for those of us in the antipodes). Gossip Girl, Heroes, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice!
  • The Veronicas. When my sister came to stay recently we had MTV on quite a lot and in between all the ‘Nexts’ and other assorted reality TV gems I realised I actually quite enjoy listening to The Veronicas. Turns out my sister is a big fan so I bought their latest CD and have been listening to it constantly. My favourite songs are Popular, Untouched, I Can’t Stay Away, I Don’t Wanna Wait.

xoxo Ms Constantine

Things I love Thursday – 3 April 2008

Live bands Yay for Coheed & Cambria and their opening act Slipping Tongue

Having loud music in the car Sol doesn’t like loud music (or music at all sometimes) so it was cool to drive with my sister and have the music up loud!

Gossip Girl Favourite TV show! Those clothes, the money, and Penn Badgley

Seeing my family It was nice to see all the family again. I even got to see my sisters new flat. She’s so grown up :]

♥ My boyfriend being a cutie and moving around the furniture in our lounge to make more space and make it easier to use

♥ Wondering if I’ll spot Gala out and about in Wellington

♥ Lots of new friends from the connection post and people reading my blog :]