To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries

Flying home

I’m planning some trips in 2013 (if you couldn’t already tell from my 13 in ’13 list). They’ll be both close to home and on the other side of the world, and I’m pretty excited.

Even though I was born in Christchurch I haven’t been in the South Island since I was a couple of months old (bar a few hours spent in Christchurch Airport). The one time I attempted to travel to Christchurch it was so foggy that the plane flew to Christchurch, circled the city a few times and flew back to Wellington. So this year I’m going for sure.

We want to see Arrowtown when it’s all sparkly for the autumn festival, pretty with autumn leaves, maybe find a good deal on a bed and breakfast. Brendan has been writing a script based in Arrowtown gold mining times on and off for a couple of years so it will be really great to see the area for himself.

The truly big trip will be in October and November. Six weeks, six countries, six cities. Prague, Berlin, Reykjavik, Budapest, Krakow, and Vienna. I’ve wanted to go to Germany for about 10 years, German is my favourite language (though I don’t speak it). Iceland, though a relative newcomer to my list of favourite places I’ve never been, should be incredible. The Northern Lights! Potentially some kinds of snow dwelling animals! Though my narwhal and polar bear viewing mission may have to wait a few years till Brend and I both have the desire to spend $12000 on an 8 day arctic safari cruise.


Firmoo glasses on

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Antonio from to see if I’d like to participate in their free glasses offer. Well duh!

First stop was Specsavers to get my eyes checked. It had been a couple of years but thankfully my eyes have only deteriorated a small amount. Specsavers Cuba Mall was fast and super friendly for a check up. They even use cool machines to take a picture of the back of your eyeball (which my optometrist let me see on his iPad) to check for cataracts or glaucoma . I told the optometrist I’d like a copy of the prescription so I could order glasses online and did not hear a single word of protest! Big change from my last check up (not at Specsavers), and all this excellent service for free with my AA membership. So good that I’ve thrown in this review without prompting or subsidy.

Anyway, Firmoo. I usually wear thick rimmed rectangular glasses so this time I went for a rounder frame, fairly straight across the top and not too large. It’s always a risk buying new styles when you have a face as big and square as mine and I’m not convinced the risk paid off; the way the frames taper at the bottom really emphasises the size of my cheeks and the top of the frame hits exactly below my eyebrows making me look a bit Groucho Marxy.

The service from Firmoo was excellent though. Fast response, fast shipping, and the prescription is perfect. As long as I keep my hair tied up while wearing this pair I think I can live with the style, it’s not like it’s unusual for me to look like a dweeb anyhow.

Firmoo glasses on

Watch Out

This post is sponsored by Time2 Watches.

Colour, colour, colour.

If I’m going to wear a watch I want it to be an accessory, not just a functional time telling device. Something a bit different to the usual; colourful; not too big or tacky, but maybe a little tacky. I love watches with coloured faces.

Taking a look at Time2 Watches I found more than a few fitting my needs. I tend not to wear watches in everyday life. The ones I’ve owned in the past have been good enough, I suppose, but for some reason I try to buy what I think a watch should be and it never quite fits me right.

I do have one watch I like, which was stupidly spoiled by a leaking pen in my bag! I wore its bright pinkness all over Asia. So necessary for travel when you’re used to pulling out your phone for the time!

I really like all the Oasis brand watches! (plus they are cheap!!) The solid bright colours that cover even the face really appeal to me, and the deployment clasp would keep it from falling off my wrist. As my watches seem to love doing.

Yellow is slowly creeping into my wardrobe so I would not be disappointed if the Oasis yellow bracelet showed up in the post!

Making Fetch Happen

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I’ve never been one for designer clothing, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact I never know where to start. Catwalk looks are so freaky and it’s all just a bit intimidating. I couldn’t tell a Rick Owens from a Givenchy if my life depended on it.

I’ve been playing around a bit on though and finding some pretty sweet stuff (and some pretty crazy stuff). There’s a bunch of fancy designer clothing from the big names, but there’s also a heap of stuff from emerging, experimental, and casual contemporary designers. My faves are the contemporary designs obvs.

Clothes used to be so exciting to me but a lack of money and places to be, plus three months spent in Asia in my grungiest duds have sent me back to skinny jeans and t shirt territory. With the odd bright blue tight and dress combo. Maybe I’m losing my edge now I’m almost 26?!

Here’s a few looks I conjured up to get me back in the mood.


FarFetch Casual

I’ve been wearing a little more colour lately, and I love love love sky blue. That top though! If only I had that much to spend.


FarFetch Birthday

I don’t normally dress like this, but I really really want to. Lace dress, pinky purple brogues, skull covered clutch, spike necklace, and the pièce de résistance a glorious Alexander McQueen ring.

Look at the ring!

Beachin it

FarFetch Beach

We’ve got a bach booked for our new year holiday and I really cannot wait. The sun has got me so excited for beaches, and barbecues, and cider. And then I spotted this wolf swimsuit. Wuuuuuuuttt. I want to own it and parade it on the beaches of Raumati.

I would definitely wear this outfit on holiday with bright yellow sandals for day, and fancy fish sandals for night.