NZFF 2012

Farewell My Queen / Beautiful. Loved.

The Hunt / Distressing. Loved.

Bernie / Odd. True story. Shirley MacLaine is fantastic. Liked.

Monsieur Lazhar / Really liked.

Sightseers / Funny. Gory. Very British. Liked.

The Ambassador / Ballsy. Liked.

The Angels’ Share / Funny. Must see for whisky lovers. Very Scottish. Loved.

No / Emotional. Goodness prevails. Really liked.

Holy Motors / Really fucking weird. Wonderful. Loved.

Sound of My Voice / Brit Marling as captivating as ever. Really liked.

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 22 June 2009

Pick N Mix 22 June 2009

A beautiful wee story about girls and boys