Pick N Mix – Week Starting 7 December 2009

Pick N Mix - 7 December 2009

Best of Twilight

Piece of Me fan video. Makes me feel sad for Britney

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 1 December 2009

Pick N Mix - 1 December 2009

Can you fucking believe it’s December already?!

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 23 November 2009

Pick N Mix - 23 November 2009

How Twilight should have ended

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 16 November 2009


Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
Despite the horrific choreography this video is AMAZE

A cute kitty being fed with chopsticks? Yes please!

Seeing my dog the day I got back from Afghanistan

This cat is totes pissed! The commentary is ridculous and therefore hilarious.

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 9 November 2009

Pick N Mix - 9 November 2009
  • Sally from Alraedy Pretty has the same figure as me. We can look totally slim from the front but get us side on and you see where we store our food! She gives some tips on how to dress including which items to embrace, which to avoid, and which to wear when you don’t care about showing your shape.
  • Have you always been curious about Madonna’s sex book? The scanned pages are available online. (NSFW natch)
  • ickle and Lardee dress up for Halloween.
  • Chinese people write in Chinese, not english.
  • Amazing Halloween makeup! Zippered face.
  • Double Fail – Not only does Andrew completely lose at trying to win some affection from his ex he also writes like he’s been taking tips from the How To Write Badly Well blog.
  • It’s true, us Kiwis are ridiculously polite (or just ridiculous) when it comes to paying for meals at a restaurant, particularly when you’re in a party larger than five. We’re hyper aware that some people may have ordered cheaper dishes and no drinks because they’re short on cash. Frankly, unless we’re sharing food, like at yum cha, I like to pay for what I ate.
  • What a cool idea. It looks great
  • writers block
  • Christ died for easter sales.
  • xkcd does beauty as well as snark. I’m an organ donor and am quite happy to donate my body to science if my family doesn’t mind having to keep their memories rather than my ashes. The law is a bit weird in NZ though, even if you have donor printed on your licence your family still gets to decide what happens with you when you die.
  • Things I hate: Men who tell me to smile.

The Golden Age of Video – Ricardo Autobahn

(I have just under 300 posts left to read from last week. I suspect there’ll be around 500 waiting for me when I get up in the morning. Hopefully Pick N Mix will be bigger next week!)

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 2 November 2009

Pick N Mix - 2 November

Steel Panther – Death To All But Metal

Hilarious piss take of radio friendly “artists” featuring Sarah Silverman!

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 26 October 2009

Pick N Mix - 26 October 2009
  • You still have about a day to enter the Pass the Parcel giveaway! :D
  • Annnd Sarah Von is also giving away a Cupcakes and Mace nameplate. Go and enter. :]
  • Y’all probably know how amazing the technology the CSI crew have is right? Well, just a reminder – look what it can do.
  • Between 2004 and 2006 about 100 cards were sent to Margaret Huber. The cards were made of unusual things like hair, fish, and copper pipe and were sent to test the postal system. Only 3 never reached their destination.
  • Ever wanted to know what the Death Eaters are up to these days?
  • Want to see a million giraffes? Send your giraffe artwork to the One Million Giraffes project and it might just be possible.
  • Lessons from a wedding explores some of the gender stereotypes that are rife in society. Girls must be protected from boys, boys must find a girl they like; vegetarianism is ok for girls because we’re fickle and weak anyway, eating meat is manly and therefore any boy that is vegetarian is weak and feminine.
  • GeoCities is being deleted today. I never had a site there but I had other free sites resembling GeoCities, which would have been impossible without it. It’s a big loss of history.
  • funny pictures of cats with captions
    I’m reading Wicked at the moment
  • Having trouble picking a religion? No problem, let the religion flowchart help you. (p.s no atheism is not a religion, and no Buddhists don’t believe in a god. This is fun, not accurate)
  • As if you needed more reasons to love New Zealand – see it from a visitors perspective. Everything Ms Von says is true!
  • The zombies in Brisbane look amazing. My favourite is the librarian with a book stuck in her head.
  • I’m not a big fan of omelettes, I am however a big fan of ridiculously easy meals. Omelette in a bag definitely fits that description. Make sure you use melt proof bags and/or make sure the bag doesn’t touch the pot.
  • Kids get all the good stuff. :[
  • It’s easier to learn new things when it’s put into language you understand. I love the fucking word of the day site.
  • Amazing, apparently all the black people of France have disappeared. Due to safety fears France is no longer allowed contact with black people from other countries in case they also disappear.
  • Dare we imagine what the world might look like if the internet disappeared.

  • Always Blow On The Pie – Safer Communities Together

    When you’re a hard man you need to make sure no one thinks you’re gay. That’s where “no homo” comes in.

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 19 October 2009

Pick N Mix - 19 October 2009

Pick N Mix – 13 October 2009

Pick N Mix 13 October

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 5 October 2009

Oh Well

Twilight Spoof

Real Moments with Rachel Zoe

Hate ?