Pick N Mix – 13 January 2012

If you’re having work problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a job ain’t one. Not till next week anyway. So till then I’ll do my part to ease the suffering at the end of your first week and offer you a bumper list of distractions. Welcome back.

Two lesbians raised a baby and this is what they got.

They don’t tell you in the diet books that this food plan might make you SHIT YOUR PANTS!

I have zero clues about anything to do with make up…but this looks totally doable. Now where does one actually buy the tools for this trick? And how do I remind myself that I shouldn’t rub my eyes with my fists?

Klara Harden hiked over Iceland by herself for 25 days. This mini doco is beautiful and made me start looking at flight prices immediately (again). Her FAQ on the MADE IN ICELAND doco is an inspiring short read as well.

This little girl will change the world

Do you guys watch Community? The christmas episode was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. We are all still singing the songs from it over a month later.

Pick N Mix – 29 November 2011

Pick N Mix - 29 November 2011 Hearts
+ / +
  • Xmas not your favourite time of year? Broke? Bored? Totally over the tradition of buying crap that no one needs? How about not doing that this year? (p.s. I’ll be posting a bunch of posts soon with awesome ideas for not new not crap presents.)
  • Skills they should teach in school. They’d only take one or two lessons and they’ll set you up for life.
  • What do you want? Ask yourself this question, ask your friend this question, ask your client this question. It might help you see the bigger picture and get where you’re going.
  • Need an incentive to get writing? Is a new kitten every 100 words enough? :D
  • Remember that Simpson’s party I mentioned? Laura wrote up some tips on throwing your own Simpsons party and kindly shares the recipe for her GIANT DONUT.
  • For all of my posturing against war and the people that decide fighting with guns is a valid career choice it’s still infinitely sad when they die. Final Salute follows Steve Beck, a marine who has the hard job of telling families when their person has been killed. It’s a long read, and very sad so save it for home lest you end up crying at your desk like I did.
  • Pretty pretty glitter polishes.
  • Ever wanted to get something designed, maybe a logo, but you’ve heard all this talk about terrible clients that don’t know what they want and you definitely don’t want to be that person. Take these tips from actual logo designers and you won’t be the one they hate.
  • Nikki Kaye doesn’t seem to understand the internet.
  • The 50 Things creatives should know.
  • 63 reasons why Bradley Cooper isn’t the sexiest man alive. Hoooohhhhh.

One of the creepiest and most fascinating things I have ever seen. I for one welcome our cephalopod overlords.

Way to make me cry people in love. <3 This world needs fixing, and this is such a simple way to start.
Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords) and Kermit (the Frog)!

Pick N Mix – 15 November 2011

Crafty Projects

Breaking news: Wellywood sign explosion.

It never ceases to amaze me that people can move this fluidly. <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ2hYXAocTc Joel McHale shows why he won the Sexiest Man Award. (wait for it...)

Pick N Mix – 1 November 2011

Pick N Mix - 1 November 2011
  • The ABC guide to drama-free female friendships! Plenty that I need to remember and plenty I would like people to learn. I’m a bit sick of hearing woman say that they can’t get along with other ladies.
  • If only I had the words to express how amazing Hyperbole and a Half is. Adventures in depression, a pretty accurate depiction of what a depressive episode looks like for a lot of people.
  • Now that you’re big / There’s some stuff you should know / There’s some stuff you should know / About your bits down below.
  • Rachel lets us inside the world of sugar daddies and sugar babies at a ball arranged for those seeking “mutually beneficial relationships”.
  • Flatmate Jason occasionally emails us pictures that are either hilarious or controversial or both. I’m particularly fond of ones that include one of my favourite fictional characters and his cross. Stop! Hammer time. + This is going to be hilarious.
  • And then the PR guy called me a fucking bitch. According to the PR guy The Bloggess should have been flattered she was relevant enough to be pitched at all.
  • Men Ups. Photos of men in typical female pin up poses. Goes to show how fucking ridiculous the act of posing “sexy” really is.
  • It’s not just pin up poses that are stupid either. Fashion model poses are fucking ridiculous too, proven when the poses are replicated by people in the street.
  • More crazy ways to paint your nails. Do you remember marbling paper in school? That! But for your nails!
  • Nowt nor summit kindly rescued this article from behind The Times’ paywall. Differences between being rich and being poor and why those that have never been poor can’t know what it’s really like. The poverty trap.
  • The Globe and Mail take the piss out of celebrities in their celebrity photos of the week feature.

    “Lauren Conrad, well-known chronicler of the down and out in Orange County, wore shorts to the polo match to show her support for people who can’t afford long pants, something she read about online one time or something.”

  • This is not far enough from the truth. National’s election billboard.
  • Remembering a relationship through gchat. Prepare for tears.
  • New Years break with the gang last year consisted of 5 days of eating and drinking at Waitarere Beach and Jason finally got his photos developed! Can’t wait till this New Years break at a different beach with even more of my favourite people.
  • Why Poppy no longer cares for ‘internet feminism’. I can relate, not to the books as I haven’t read them, but to this:

    “People with the ‘wrong’ opinion are viciously cut down. I am frightened of speaking about how I feel,because I have not read enough,do not know enough,am too privileged am not a “good enough” feminist. Because I do not fit into the rhetoric that is currently in vogue, I am too afraid to trust my own voice,my own opinions. It is not merely me questioning my beliefs and privileges, it is about being afraid because I am not doing it the right way, because I don’t agree with what everyone else says, because I haven’t researched enough, because I am not thinking deeply enough.”

    and this:

    “I do not like leggings. I think they are ugly…” “…But in the feminist blogosphere,if one has the audacity to say that one does not like leggings, this is not what that statement means. It means that one hates fat people, that one is body policing and fashion policing and oppressing women who choose to wear what they want.”

  • I love fancy weirdo style! In my head this is who I am…the reality is a lot more clothes on the floor and piles of laser cut plastic.
  • Hey girl. Did you hear about Feminist Ryan Gosling yet?
  • Remember Blossom?! Refinery 29 talked to costume designer Sherry Thompson. Mayim Bialik is on The Big Bang Theory these days and has a PhD in neuroscience!
  • Speak now.
    Taylor Swift doesn’t understand yet that her constant intense desire to fall in love is mostly just the desire to fuck everything, and that she can fuck everything without automatically falling in love. And that she can fuck everything AND fall in love.

  • Proving again that nothing is new and there are no original ideas. Dads are the original hipster.

I’m not a big rugby fan, in fact before the cup started we made jokes like ‘Winter is coming’ (holla Game of Thrones reference) because we thought the RWC was going to be a huge munter fest.

While we did miss out on news of much importance over the last 2 months, and Jason’s bumper was torn off his car by French tourists, and I may not ever hear the word groin without thinking of Dan Carter again, I also did watch the final and kinda enjoyed it. And I would be lying if watching this video didn’t make me feel a little emotional.

This country loves the shit out of rugby. For better or worse.

Thank goodness it’s all over now.

Oh and I’d also be lying if this video wasn’t my second favourite* part of the whole RWC. SHAME JOHN KEY. It’s ok to be mean-spirited towards JK because he’s a horrible person.

*My favourite was the three way handshake fail but the IRB claimed copyright on that video! A hilarious tumblr parodying the fumble is up though: keyhandshake.tumblr.com

The craziest thing happened to Bede when he arrived in Nepal to help Edventure Nepal Orphanage. And then he managed to raise $7000 nzd for them in 14 days! What a guy!

Pick N Mix – 3 October 2011

My Absolute favourite thing of moment. Plus all of the My Drunk Kitchen videos. SO GOOD.

Crafty projects

  • Spike comb
  • I am fucking awful at painting nails (and also just have awful nails), but I think I could maybe pull off this fancy little idea for ombre nails. Syl makes it look really easy.
  • Cookie bowls! So simple, so genius. At xmas my brother always fills brandy baskets with mums trifle, maybe he’d like this too.
  • DIY tattoo tights.
  • Super keen to try out chemical apple pie! It has no apples in it. D:
  • Long live the pastry queen. I always love Definatalie’s art. (I think I’d really really like some of her paisley art in my skin.)
  • 365 Days of Ampersands inspired the new ampersand necklaces in my shop.
  • Consequences of gay marriage
  • Draw a stickman and see it come to life. Super cute.
  • Maybe when someone tells you their goals and they’re different to yours they actually mean it.
  • All the kids say “I love you” all the time now.
  • CV writing and applying for jobs is the worst! These “buzz words” for your CV could help though. Especially if you’re like me and have completely forgotten what office managers are looking for in an employee.
  • A fun way to help ensure your camera is returned to you if you leave it somewhere stupid. I always keep a business card in my camera case but this is way more fun.
  • Lamebook: The LA Story. Long, but worth it.
  • I’m not married, so can’t speak to actual experience, but this is definitely why I do think that marriage is still relevant. And why I really want to be married one day.
    “The Fun parts of Being Married come when you accept that this is what marriage is: as well as being a patriarchal hangover and an historical structure of oppression etc, practically it is the institutionalisation of two people as Super Friends. “
  • What the actual fuck. Flying while brown on September 11, 2011.
  • That girl you hate. Do you actually hate her?
    Getting over girl hate:
    “Girl hate is not hating someone who happens to be a girl, it’s hating someone because we’re told that, as girls, we should hate other girls who are as awesome as or more awesome than ourselves. That there can ever only be ONE cool girl, ONE funny girl, ONE smart girl, etc., in a circle of people.”

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett – The Lady is a Tramp (give it a listen even if you don’t like Lady Gaga, her voice is amazing).

‘Being Elmo’ trailer

Proposal by flash mob! I bawled a little.

I used to think that maybe, just maybe, Jugallos were just misunderstood weirdos. Now I know that they’re actually really fucking stupid. But an overarching message of family and good directing make this mini doco well worth the watch.

David Beckham undercover at Target. He’s definitely earned some cred in my book.

Pick N Mix – 19 September 2011


Pick N Mix – 8 September 2011

Remember these!? I’ll forgive you if you don’t, it’s nearly been 2 years since I did a Pick N Mix link round up!

  • Ickle and Lardee are finally back! I missed them.
  • Evolving happiness. “They say that you need to be a whole person on your own in order to be part of a successful relationship, and I believe that that’s true, too. But what they don’t tell you – what nobody seems willing to tell you – is that it’s also okay to work this stuff out with someone else by your side.”
  • And another one from Nicole. Because she is better. The 100 lunches project.
  • Brend has almost convinced me to grow something with all the gardening he’s been doing. I think it’s far more likely that I’ll make some succulent terrariums or vertical gardens though.

Remember that one time it snowed in Wellington? This video captures that day perfectly.

  • Feminism, that touchy subject that shouldn’t be touchy because can’t we all agree that women deserve to be treated just as well as men are? I like how Sarah explains that feminism is not about being better than men, or being the same as them, but that we’re all equally as awesome as each other (or have the potential to be) and good at different stuff.
  • Goddamn Sal is a brave woman for putting all of this out in the open. Body hair is one of those things you just. don’t. talk. about. I’m happy for that to change though! We’ve all got it, it’s all different, we all deal with it somehow.
  • Best engagement shoot ever. Ever! Ever ever.
  • ‘You Look Great’ and Other Lies. What to say to someone who’s sick.
  • On the subject of privilege. “What other people are trying to say, and you aren’t really hearing properly, is that the way you have experienced the world has been shaped by a series of factors that you’ve probably never had to think about before.”
  • Absolutely stunning doily lamp.
  • While I’m sure we’re all aware that it’s not up to the victim to prevent sexual assault (a la this list) this video put out in New Zealand is a really great reminder that everyone can help prevent assault. Especially when a victim is not aware what is happening and may not be able to help themselves.
  • If you love Instagram and/or can’t get access to it on a phone then these Instagram Photoshop actions will be right up your alley. Filter all of the photos you can get your hands on.
  • Super simple tutorial for turning an oven rack into a jewellery organiser. Another item to add to the op shop list.
  • Harry Potter Party! Want!


Flash Mob Haka!
Doing a haka at the mall, nek minnit lost my jandal

Can’t stop listening to this song.

New Zealand Whaka Yeah

PostSecret now has an iPhone app. The trailer for the app is beautiful, and the app is fantastic if you’re a fan of the PostSecret blog.

If I didn’t know better I’d say Cookie Monster and Tom Waits were one in the same.

How long would it have taken to edit this video?! So much dancey clothed fun. (via yesandyes)

Pick N Mix

fuck 2009

A couple of things to look at as you kill time till 2010 rocks around.

Glee Mashup Flashmob

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 21 Deccember 2009

Pick N Mix - 21 December 2009

Pick N Mix – Week Starting 14 December 2009

Pick N Mix - 14 December 2009