Time Flies

The months, where have they gone?
On 40 hour work weeks, buying a house, moving house, and starting a family of fluffy dinguses all in the dark cold of autumn and winter.

And now? Well, Minerva the tortoiseshell cat is finally allowed outside, Percy the petulant pembroke corgi is learning to listen, and our house, while still bare of art has at least had most of its lights fixed.

Photography though? Ha! As if I have had time for anything more than listening to Harry Potter audio books and playing candy crush. But once again I’d like to start that anew.

Without pressure. Cause I do not do well once I stumble on a routine.

Expect tumblr and instagram like bursts. Maybe.



Whatever, I’ll Do What I Want

I’ve realised lately that I’m in a good space and working on what I actually want to do now. How do I know this?

I’m temping and getting on with it but my mind is full of jewellery ideas I’d like to work on, photos I want to be taking, and blog posts I want to be writing.

When people ask what I do I tell them I temp 6 months of the year, as well as all the other stuff. Because that’s true. I have officially gotten to a point in my life where I can live on half of my temping wage while I’m temping, and spend the other half of my wage during the 6 months of the year I’m not officially employed.

My birthday, an unusually beautiful and sunny one (spring time in Wellington = rain), was spent nursing a hangover of both the food and alcohol varieties, having high tea with some of my ladies, and working. I couldn’t wait to have a few hours to myself so I could edit some photos, write some words, and sketch some ideas.

The crazy giftmas season has kicked in and orders have shifted into high gear. It’s been quite overwhelming juggling 40 hours in the office, social engagements every night, blogging every day, and filling all the orders in time. But I’m still really happy, I want to give up less than ever. And it’s a really great space to be in.

Over the past few years I’ve struggled constantly with the idea that maybe I’m just doing the jewellery and blogging thing because I couldn’t think of anything else. But I’m pretty sure that as long as I’m crafting and sharing my thoughts I’m where I want to be.

Money or no.

[Title courtesy of Cartman]

Eleven Eleven Eleven

Whether you use the American date system or the normal one (ha!) doesn’t matter. It’s 11/11/11.

These days I’m temping in an office with people I used to work for 5 years ago. Spending my days thinking about blogging and jewellery and food. My sister has been visiting for the past few days with her friend so I’ve eaten out for lunch and dinner for the past three days.

The weather has been windy, scarily so, but today the sun has finally come out.


November 2010 I was 25 and looking for a house to move into with Brend and flatties Kate and Jason. Our old dump was falling down around us and we didn’t like having to live with an extra single person (and I don’t think single people really liked living with our coupled up selves either). I was temping at the same place I’m temping at now. I was getting excited about going to my first midnight movie screening and booking a bach with friends for new years.
Kate and Jason had been on their honeymoon to America and Brend and I were serious about our own travel plans.
I had started doing Couch to 5k with Kate, which was a disaster because, as I later found out, I have hypermobile knees.


Back then I was 24 and blogging almost every day. I had quit my job in June and was being supported by my ex while I worked on the jewellery business. We had a little apartment of our own in Mt Victoria and had been living there almost 3 years. I had been a pescetarian for almost 3 years as well. My how things change in two short years!

I met a lot of new people in October and November 2010, almost everyone I’m good friends with now! Thanks to twitter I secured myself a larger group of best friends than I ever thought I’d be lucky enough to have. I spent November gossiping with them, replacing dead phones, and stressing about the ex’s workplace being downsized to 4 days a week.

I also spent a lot of time stressing about where our relationship was going. I was well ready to get engaged, and he, well, wasn’t.


Before blogging! Before twitter! Before Facebook! Before I joined Flickr! I was 21 and was 3 weeks into a new job. Wellington had been my home for almost four years and Sol and I were living without flatmates for the first time in a shitty little basement bedsit that had windows but no light.
I was getting involved in the internet in an obsessive way around this time thanks to My Chemical Romance, the MCRmy, and MySpace. I also bought a bass and amp with my birthday money and started trying to play.

Where were you?

I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to run away

Soap suds in hands

I haven’t used soap in weeks. Or shampoo. Or facewash. It’s been over 5 weeks actually. Well, that’s a lie, I’ve used a little soap on my underarms, lady parts, and hands. But that’s all.

Sarah Von mentioned not using soap on the Yes and Yes message boards and I figured if I can survive with only 6 items of clothing then I can do this too! Bonus points for making travel easier as well.

I read approximately a million articles on the subject and most said that if your skin goes crazy then try your hardest to wait it out for a month because things should come right by then. Fortunately I’m awesome and my skin did nothing weird.

For the 5 weeks I’ve been cleaning my hair with baking soda (alkaline) and apple cider vinegar (acidic to close the hair shafts once they’ve been opened by the baking soda), and cleaning my face with baby wipes at night (I’ve always used these as a cheap make up wipe replacement) and a flannel (face cloth) with my morning shower (don’t use fabric softener on flannels or towels, they’re excellent for exfoliation).

The result: My skin is far less dry! It has settled down a lot. I’ve always suffered mildly from teenage like skin, even though I’m 25 now, but finally it’s starting to behave! ( unless it’s the week before my period)

My hair is getting proper greasy after about 5 days, a huge improvement from the 2 days it used to take. Living through a couple of weeks of greaseball hair is worth it when it trains your scalp not to produce so much oil.

Unfortunately backpacking with a tub of baking soda and a bottle of vinegar seems to be more trouble than it’s worth, but not having to use a tonne of soap is going to be grand.

Am I low maintenance or what!

Keep Calm and Carry On

12.51pm NZ time marks a week since another destructive earthquake ripped through Christchurch. Although it measured only 6.3 compared to the 7.1 September 4 quake, it was centered much closer to the city, much shallower, and at a much higher acceleration.

154 is the official death toll at this moment. 50 people are still listed as missing. Hundreds of homes have been red stickered – these will most likely need demolishing. And many more have been yellow stickered – unihabitable until they can be looked at further. It’s been reported that a third of the city may need to be demolished.

Walking around Wellington now I can’t help but wonder which of the buildings around me would crumble. It is, after all, Wellington that has been expecting the “big one” for years. The big one that not many took seriously until a week ago. I think we’re all a bit worried now. Worried for ourselves, sure, but mostly worried for our Christchurch friends. Hoping they’ll get through ok, that the pain of lost lives and livelihoods won’t be too much to bear.

The way New Zealand has banded together is heartening though. I feel more patriotic than ever before.

If you would like to donate money to help Christchurch I recommend the Red Cross.


Yes, yes, Valentines day is a crappy Hallmark holiday. But I’m such a fan of love that I can’t resist acknowledging February 14 a wee bit. Plus it’s technically the anniversary of when Brend and I started “dating”, and by dating I mean the NZ equivalent, which isn’t really dating so much.


Plus, I really really love food.

Saturday at the Cupcake Factory

It started with more than a few tears and ended with tea and cupcakes.

Somewhere in the middle the lovely Jason tried to make me feel better with a heart to heart and some tunes on the guitar and the lovely Kate helped me eat icing out of the bowl.

Love my peeps.

cupcakes and tea

Love Instagram for the iPhone as well. Makes all of my shitty photos whimsical and hip with the touch of a button.

Anything You Want

Image from weheartit with no source

These days women can be anything and do anything they like. But even better, we have the freedom to say no to the things we don’t want. Unfortunately there is still a common mindset that there are certain things people should do whether they like them or not. We should wash our own clothes, cook our own food, and clean our own houses. We should drive our own cars, tend our own gardens, and do our own grocery shopping.
But what if you absolutely loathe those things, why should we have to do things that make us incredibly unhappy if we can get someone else to do them?

Why are there laundromat services, restaurants, cleaners, taxis, gardeners, and online shopping sites if it’s expected that we’ll do our own dirty work? It’s acceptable to pay someone to mow your lawns, bring you firewood, and bake a cake for a party. It’s cheaper and faster to buy clothes off the rack instead of making your own. And most people get their fruit and veges from the supermarket instead of growing their own.

So why? Isn’t it good enough that we will concede to cleaning up after ourselves? Why do we have to want to do it?

Is this true of all countries or is it just in New Zealand where we’re taught to be down to earth DIYers. If I could afford it I’d have someone clean the house weekly.

Sometimes a single word is all you need

I’ve been a big fan of Hugh MacLeod’s work for a long time. His art, paired with a sentence or two tend to express exactly how I feel, just more concisely than I am able to express. I always feel the need to elaborate on why I feel a certain way. But this time I won’t, just know that these works express how I feel (or have felt, I don’t think that my current reationship has killed me).

Hugh MacLeod - Gapingvoid: Die for you

Hugh MacLeod - Gapingvoid: Corporate Drone

Hugh MacLeod - Gapingvoid: Sex and Cash Theory

High MacLeod - Gapingvoid: Love Regardless

Hugh MacLeod - Gapingvoid: Slavery

Hugh MacLeod - Gapingvoid: Writer's Block

Dear Future Me

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Saturday, September 20, 2008, and sent via FutureMe.org
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
You’ll only get this email if you kept paying for your domain name. I hope you did. That would mean that you’ve made something of it and are making money. Hopefully it means your famous on the internet and you’ve done some travelling. Hopefully you no longer have to work in an office full of idiots.

What happened with the boy? Did you get married or did you call it quits. I hope you found happiness and got married. If you’re still with him and you’re not married WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!

Just incase you don’t remember. You wrote this in bed on a Sunday morning. The boy’s in the other room. You should be getting up to have a shower, go grocery shopping and have a driving lesson. Your new blog isn’t quite set up yet. Rimu is loading some stuff for you this weekend so you can get started and move from the free blog you’ve got now.

If you haven’t fulfilled any of your plans take this as a major kick up the ass and get to it :D.