Dear Future Me

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Saturday, September 20, 2008, and sent via
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You’ll only get this email if you kept paying for your domain name. I hope you did. That would mean that you’ve made something of it and are making money. Hopefully it means your famous on the internet and you’ve done some travelling. Hopefully you no longer have to work in an office full of idiots.

What happened with the boy? Did you get married or did you call it quits. I hope you found happiness and got married. If you’re still with him and you’re not married WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!

Just incase you don’t remember. You wrote this in bed on a Sunday morning. The boy’s in the other room. You should be getting up to have a shower, go grocery shopping and have a driving lesson. Your new blog isn’t quite set up yet. Rimu is loading some stuff for you this weekend so you can get started and move from the free blog you’ve got now.

If you haven’t fulfilled any of your plans take this as a major kick up the ass and get to it :D.


To the piles of junk I have hoarded for years

It’s not that I don’t like you. It’s that I like you with no reason.

It’s that you’ve been in a box for 3 years and the only time I look at you is when I periodically go throught the junk boxes to remind myself of the junk I own.

Now, I’ve tried picking and choosing what to get rid of before. But as a classic hoarder I kept the sentimental things that are ugly, the expensive things I have no use for, and too many “when I lose weight I’ll wear you” clothes.

So I have to say goodbye. I’m going to try to reduce my possesions by 50%, which realistically means I’ll be getting rid of 25% of my stuff. There isn’t room for you, a business, and an instrument collecting boy in my life.

Goodbye, hopefully forever


To the ladies I talk to quite often

Pink Ladies

I have quite a few friends. People I know I can rely on when I need something, or want to share something. People that I would gladly go out of my way for.

But then there is a smaller group. The people I talk to at least every few days. The ones that get excited over the same things as me. The ones that will send me 20 emails in a day just to talk about cleaning their room, or eating cake.

You guys make me so happy.
You make being an adult fun.

I never need your approval to do anything, because you’ll support me even if my ideas are emotional and irrational.

This is a love letter to you.



To the offices that house Public Servants all over Wellington

Your money is a grand thing. It helps people like me, who don’t have formal qualifications but quite like sitting in front of a computer all day and are good at it, do the things they like. Buy the things they like. Travel to places far far away from you.

In your offices overhearing 30 minute conversations about why the printer is taking so long can be quite entertaining. Finding words like synergies and inter-dependencies in documents give sane people like me a bit of a laugh. (Hearing them said out loud however makes it hard to choose between laughing in your face and punching you in the face for being a pretentious dickwad.) And the free fruit helps to battle how gross I feel sitting in air conditioning 5 days a week.

Seeing how much money you waste though pisses me off. Giving temps, like me, work to fill only half their days is a huge waste of money. Money that me, my friends, and my family pay to the government in taxes.

And seeing how much power you give to Middle Managers that have no fucking clue pisses me off. Don’t you know it’s the little people that do all the work? They’re the ones that will leave and find another job quite easily when you won’t listen to a word they say. Sure, Middle Manager, you’re the one that will take the flak if shit hits the fan. But the little people you manage aren’t that concerned about that flak when you treat them like shit.

But do you know what’s great about coming back in to the office after a year away?

It’s reminded me why I left. Why temping is definitely the right choice for me. Why this is a money earner, not a career. And most of all, why focusing on my own business is important.

I want to try harder. I’ve been very slack the last 8 months. I forgot why I was running my business and how amazing that opportunity is.

Now I just have to wait for this assignment to be over so I can try again.

Thanks for being shit.