Hier Und Jetzt – 7 August 2009

I’m listening to:Wow, wow, wow. Rick Astley and Nirvana who would’ve thought they’d make the best mashup!? I love this song so much.

Nirvana vs Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit up

Jace Everett – Bad Things (better known as the True Blood theme song)

Watched this week: The Soloist

On my wishlist Best buy:
I’ve already linked to this bag twice, but I’ve been thinking about it all week and I haven’t mentioned it on here for 8 months so it’s time for another outing.
I. Want. This. Bag! Why is it so hard to ship internationally? :[
[Edit – I am such a dick, why in the past year did I not think to search the net to see if anyone else stocks their gear? Brain fog finally cleared and I just bought the bag from the UK at a cheaper price than getting it from Loungefly direct. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself even though it took me so long!]

I’m loving: Being a geek, sleeping till noon, having a supportive partner and family, having a doctor that cares, True Blood, http://twitter.com/MsConstantine/status/3104724658, attracting great customers.

Favourite photo: The tree that refused to believe it was winter

The tree that refused to believe it was winter

Hier Und Jetzt – 1 August 2009

Watched this week: I love You, Man; 17 Again (The Boy and I both loved this for some light hearted fun, thought Zac was excellent); Knowing; The International; 50 Dead Men Walking; Road to Perdition; the beginning of Lies & Illusions which we turned off after reading too many reviews calling it a bomb and a waste of time.

On my wishlist: Even though it’s getting close to spring here in New Zealand I’d still really love a new coat. I recently found out Topshop now delivers to NZ so I went to take a look at their site. I fell in love with everything but the New Zealand dollar is worth about a third of a pound so I can’t afford to have anything sent here with the risk of it not fitting. :[
My picks for a Topshop jacket are the Patent trim trench coat and the Asymmetric popper trench coat. I’d love something with a hood though.


I’m loving: Everyone’s awesome responses to my post on colitis. I thought I’d written about it before, but it seems I haven’t written much except for the post about my colonoscopy last year, and I’ve got a lot of new readers since then. I love you all!; Twitter, I’ve been interacting a lot more and it’s actually fun now; the quick response of animal control and their handling of the situation below; Geocaching, I only heard about it today so I looked it up online and it sounds like fun!!; photo projects planned for August.

I’m loathing: Asshole dog owners who can’t keep their dogs inside their property. The dogs get out, constantly roam the streets, and then one day they see a cute little unsuspecting kitty, attack it, and kill it.

Poor little Zephyr (my sisters kitten who died yesterday after being attacked by asshole dogs)

Munchkin face Zephyr

Best line: “If I didn’t know that she’s a celebrity I’d assume she’s some random diseased hooker- You’d be more safe licking the stripper pole than making out with her. But since she’s famous and all I guess what she is wearing is considered artistic.” – Pop Champagne on Lady Gaga

Favourite photo:

Hier Und Jetzt – 24 July 2009

Watched this week: The Mexican; Gilmore Girls Season 7 – Yep, it’s all done. I’m glad to have one more thing crossed off my 101 in 1001 list, but I feel kind of sad that I’ll never know what happened in the rest of their lives. And I feel sad for feeling sad! I also feel sad that the final episode was kinda lame and there was no double wedding or anything.

Best buy: Some new low top chucks. My others are falling apart and are left sitting in the closet. By chance I found a big sale at Rebel Sport and after a quick check of other shoe stores in the area I realised I was getting them half price. :D


On my wishlist: I came across these beauties while killing time in town yesterday. It was love at first sight, I want them pretty badly, but at $240 they’re beyond my self imposed cost limit.

They’re even prettier in real life!

Nike Dunk High red check

I’m loving: Compliments on my shoes from the local friendly crazies, Plans to leave the house four times in one week (!), discussing and debating religion and the New Zealand prison system with intelligent boys, amazing emails from customers letting me know they love their jewellery, warm ugg boots (and getting them half price), freebie testers from Lush, reading the latest fashion magazines at my leisure in the library, cheap Poon Tang cocktails at Monsoon Poon, Wii Fit as a party game.

Best line: I was on the stepper at the gym for like 30 minutes and there is only so long I can think about Johnny Depp before I spontaneously orgasm it’s just not appropriate to do that at your local YMCA. – Lady Smaggle

Favourite photo:
A New Path

Hier Und Jetzt – 18 July 2009

Watched this week: Gilmore Girls season 5; Gilmore Girls season 6; Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; We Own the Night; Revolutionary Road; Role Models.

On my wishlist: Either one of these beautiful bags, but preferably a hybrid with quilting.


Turquoise clutch by Jujie + GAGA clutch by RenegadeLovers

What I’m loathing: Stupid headache :[ I can’t really think about anything else right now. Hopefully it passes soon!

Best line: It tasted pink, I mean like really tastes really pink, like pink pink. God that’s terrible; it’s like drinking a My Little Pony. – Luke Danes [Gilmore Girls]

Favourite photo: Pink heart in gray

Pink heart in gray

Hier Und Jetzt – 10 July 2009

On my iPod: Crazy Sexy Cool by TLC

Watched this week: Bruno; Season 4 of the Gilmore Girls; Australia.

Best buy: I received an email last week from Goggles4u.com offering me a free pair of frames (because I had entered my prescription details on their site and signed up to their mailing list, not because I’m special) so I decided to have another look around. Googles4u is the place that had the amazing red and black frames I lusted after in another Hier Und Jetzt. It turns out that sometimes they hold only one or two pairs of a frame so you’ve got to be quick if you spot something you like.
Their prices are already ridiculously cheap at $13 for frames and a starting price of $17 for lenses, I couldn’t say no to an extra offer of free frames. So I ordered these babies. They promptly went into out of stock once I’d placed my order.

Goggles4u.com pink and clear glasses

They shipped they day after I ordered them so should get here in another week. Even if they turn out to be shit, don’t fit my face etc it’s no big deal because they cost me less than a dinner at a restaurant. And shipping was free. Awesome!

On my wishlist: Blackbird’s Attackin’ in the Dead ‘O’ Night t shirt. Pretty, I love that it’s plain black on the back and mostly white with black pattern on the front. Unfortunately it is only left in L and XL size.


What I’m Loving: Whittaker’s toasted coconut block. I’m halfway through my second block of the week; Bruno!!; Being able to find out so much about peoples lives through the Internet. I’ve been feeling very voyeuristic this week; fully realising that gender and sexualities don’t need to fit into boxes and can be as fluid as you like; androgyny; swamps.

Favourite photo: Did you know that swamps are one of my favourite things to look at?

P.S don’t forget to enter the competition to win a nameplate necklace!

Hier Und Jetzt – 4 July 2009

Movies watched this week: Green Street Hooligans; Never Back Down; Marley & Me (I’m so glad I didn’t see this at the movies, I bawled a lot! :'[); Meet the Browns (terrible movie!!).

On my wishlist: A black or pink “Delete Grenade“. Pretty.

Delete Grenade

What I’m Loving: Hanging out with friends, boys dressed as girls, boys dressed as nerds, being a night owl, Gilmore Girls (!), new readers, possessing the scone gene, Family Guy, caramello chocolate, free organic kiwifruit which is sweet and isn’t tangy.

Best line: “A hard yank will usually do the trick (and is very satisfying), but you could use wire cutters or a soldering iron if you are a poof want to do it right.” – Ben.geek.nz

Favourite photo: Encroaching Evil. Amazing!

Encroaching Evil

Hier Und Jetzt – 25 June 2009

On my iPod: It’s Not Me It’s You by Lily Allen. Particularly loving the track Fuck You.

Movies watched this week: My Best Friends Girl

On my wishlist: Original Modern Rock Ring in Silver by metalicious. So cool, it’s a diamond shaped ring but made entirely out of sterling silver. The best part is it’s a tiny fraction of the cost of a diamond ring.

Silver Diamond Ring

What I’m Loving: Goks Fashion Fix – I was sceptical, but spotted this show on TVNZ On Demand and decided to check it out. I’m in love. Gok is amazing and inspiring. He does say literally a lot though, he uses the word correctly but it’s still annoying to hear it so often. And when his clothes are compared to the designers they look overdone. But I still think I’ll be making this show a regular feature in my viewing schedule!

Favourite photo: Reflect


Hier Und Jetzt – 20 June 2009

On my iPod: The Fame by Lady Gaga

Movies watched this week: Paul Blart:Mall Cop; Shoot on Sight; The Condemned; The House Bunny; Meet Dave; The Love Guru; Shutter; The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations; How She Move; The Darjeeling Ltd; A Good Year.

On my wishlist: Love Ring by Missy Industry on Supermarket

Love ring

Best Buy: I had two great scores this week, first was business related. After a couple of necklaces broke in the post I realised that the pillow boxes I was using were just no going to cut it for delicate items. So I searched endlessly online for a couple of days trying to find afforable boxes to use for posting. Most were going to cost almost as much as the jewellery to buy and weren’t even black. Then I came across a manufacturer right here in Wellington. Longish story short, everything fell into step and I got black cardboard CD mailers for a fraction of the price they’re advertised elsewhere. They’re perfect and sturdy. Yay!

Sure I could've made it myself but not for that price!

Sure I could've made it myself but not for that price!

The second score was my only purchase on a 3 hour long depressing shopping trip. Depressing because I couldn’t find a single item of clothing in all of the shops in Wellington that I wanted to buy.
The necklace was $33, was marked down to $9, and then scanned in at $3!

Best line: “I have to have costumes because I can’t kick myself in the face like you can.” – Dita Von Teese on other dancing wishing they had her costumes (In Style Magazine)

Favourite photo: Transfiguration for the Dead

Transfiguration for the Dead

Hier Und Jetzt – 12 June 2009

On my iPod: Circus by Britney Spears and It won’t be soon before long by Maroon 5. I love both of these pop albums and have had them on repeat all week.

On my wishlist: Dear Girlface has a range of these super cute deer for sale. There are pairs of them available for use as wedding cake toppers as well. How adorable is a little deer with a pegleg and an eye patch?! Too adorable!

Darling Deer - Peggy

New blogs I’m following: Rabbit Write, Psychotactics, Kiwianarama,

Favourite photo: Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Hier Und Jetzt – 6 June 2009

On my iPod: I love the Genius function. I’m not sure how well it works, and haven’t bothered to find out what parameters it uses. But it makes choosing songs for the 8 hour drive to Mums house a lot easier. The Boy and I take turns choosing a song and listening the 25 song playlist attached to it.

On my wishlist: Hologram backed acrylic. Now that I’ve found my much sought after pink acrylic I need to find out either where to get holographic stuff, or how to make it. Does anyone know how it’s done? I’m suspecting it’s going to involve me sticking holographic foil to clear acrylic.

Best line: “Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.” – Ubi Dubius

Favourite photo: I could have posted any number of terrible photos I took of my sister at her 21s last night. She got extremely drunk (as you do) and still feels fine today.  But I won’t.

Instead I’ll show you this adorable little card of a “Waiting Chanchito“. It’s available from Etsy.