I dressed up as a feminist for halloween except actually I didn’t, but that’s a great idea for next year.

Saturday involved another trip to the food mecca that is Petone, and a final cheese toastie at Cultured (their store is now closed D:), a bag of biltong from OnTrays, licorice from the Dutch shop, and a hanging planter for Brend. The planter is the only new thing I bought in October that wasn’t food or entertainment! A present for someone bought from a store owned by someone I’ve met in real life totally doesn’t count as failing Buy Nothing in October.

While in Petone we popped in to Sweet Pea, a new high tea place that looks so fucking cute. I absolutely adore Martha’s Pantry in the city but Sweet Pea was really spacious and felt like it would be more relaxed. When I’m next in Petone and not full of cheese I’ll definitely try it out.


After drooling my way around Petone I drooled all over the awesomeness at Craft 2.0 and then dragged myself home in the hot sun to finish the icing on my Halloween party cookies! They had scary words on them like ‘Babies’ and ‘National Government’ and ‘Feminist’.

You know I can't eat your ghost cookies

Hungover on Sunday meant french toast and reliving the costumes from the night before. Best dressed went to Tim as Ron Swanson that time he got back with Tammy 2 and ended up in prison with corn rows; and Fiona dressed as Al Swearengen from Deadwood. She wore a chest merkin, and kept a glaring scary look in her eyes. We managed to not die before seeing Drive at the Embassy, where we also sighted John Waters in the wild!

Also I never used to understand the Ryan Gosling hype, but now. Daymn.

Multi choice question: In the past week have I…

A) Started eating meat
B) Smoked a substance for the first time
C) Took a new boy to meet my mother
D) All of the above

meat and stuff

We love winners in this country right? Well you’re all winners. Because in the past week I have done all of the above! (D: or :D ?)

It all started 2 weeks ago as we had a final gathering before Kate and Jason left for 2 months of honeymooning in America. Jason made pulled pork and I’d heard about his pulled pork since the day I moved into 361. I gave in. I realised I wasn’t so disgusted by meat any more. And I haven’t stopped eating it since.

At some point at the gathering a (I’m assuming very drunk and stoned) friend dropped a wee bag of weed on the kitchen floor and I found it while cleaning up. It had been decided a while ago that I would try marijuana at some point, so this opportunity was kind of perfect. Prior to this I’d never even had a puff on a cigarette. So my throat burnt, and my eyes stung a bit. But I did it, and am apparently one of the few that is affected in the first try. An odd feeling of knowing what I was doing but not being able to control it ended up making me think throwing a marshmallow back and forth was pretty damn hilarious.

Last but not least I am writing this from Mum’s house. All the way up in Ngaruawahia, an 8 hour drive from home.
Having not seen Mum since January, when I finally convinced my friend from school to come see me in Wellington I decided to drive back up with her. B (man friend for the past 6 months, have I told you about him yet?) agreed it was time to meet Mum as well and so we all piled in the car for the long drive. Mum says ‘he seems like I really nice guy’. I say ‘he’s just putting it on to impress you’. I kid.

Hier Und Jetzt

Listening to: Too Lost In You – Sugababes (Love Actually Version)

Watched this week: Love Actually (and again); the last 4 episodes of Dexter. It really ramped up on episode 9 and the finale had me shaking and in tears; Ice Age 3

I’m loving:

  • Tattoo!! There will be a proper post on this on Giftmas day. At the moment it’s a scaly scabby mess. I think it was too moist the first couple of days as it was weeping quite heavily and that’s what caused it to scab. It seems to be ok on the bits that have already peeled so hopefully the whole thing will look ok in a couple of days! At least I have movement of my arm back, getting tattooed right on your bicep affects the use of your arm for a couple of days.
  • Breaking 300 subscribers. You guys are amazing! Hi to all the new followers. It was only a couple of months that I was exceptionally happy that I made 200 just before my blog anniversary and now there’s an extra 100 of you. Come out of the woodwork and say hi! (Or I have this formspring thing, maybe you could share your thoughts or questions anonymously.)
  • Seeing the internet get a lot quieter in the space of about 3 days. I feel better about slowing down and not posting when it’s like this. I’ll be trying to enjoy family and friends for the next 3 weeks so blogging will take a back seat (if you’d like to guest post over the holidays please get in touch :])
  • Holiday!! I’m officially on leave from sending jewellery for the next 3 weeks. I just finished packing the last 7 orders for the year! (I’ll still be taking orders and helping customers but there will be no shipping deadlines to deal with for a bit. Yay)
  • Drinking with some of my favourite Twitter ladies and then going to see some comedy.

I’m loathing:

  • The bitchy comedienne that told us to shut up when we were good naturedly heckling one of comedians about Twitter, and the MC that called everyone at our table a slut because we were heckling. WTF dude, uncalled for and says more about you than it does about us!
  • Having mail returned labelled ‘insufficient address’ when the address is correct! Way to waste my money mail chimps.

Favourite photo:


Hier Und Jetzt

Listening to: All of the Glee songs. Particularly the Young Girl/Don’t Stand So Close To Me mash up which has been my favourite since I heard it.

Watched this week: Love Actually (yes again) I have a feeling I’ll be watching it next week too; Constantine; Wedding Daze

I’m loving:

  • Finally beginning to get our holiday timetable sorted
  • Adventures with friends in the middle of the night
  • Tattoo nervousness
  • Knowing there is only one week of orders left and then I can take a break!
  • Free alcohol
  • A very thoughtful gift of liquorice bullets all the way from Canadia thanks to the lovely Ela. Thanks so much! Ela knows the way to my heart. :]

I’m loathing:

  • The Boy finding a grey hair on the back of my head today!
  • Superglue on my fingers
  • Grandad still being in hospital. I hope he can gain back the weight he lost and get out for xmas.

Favourite photo: Black & White Belton Buck

Hier Und Jetzt – 6 December 2009

Listening to: Sonata Arctica – I can’t help it, I’m obsessed!

Watched this week: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince; Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

I’m loving:

  • Knowing that I’m not the only person who works through the night, doesn’t shower unless she’s seeing someone (leaves more time for work), and regularly eats a “6 serve” desert by herself. (love you Princess Lasertron!)
  • Roller derby! Wow wow wow.
  • Gossiping
  • Being distracted by crafting, gossip, snacks, and geeky musicals when The Boy spent the night away at his mums (in Napier) after picking up our new car from his dads (in Te Puke).
  • Twitter. It truly is amazing, I have met SO many new people on twitter and they’re almost all exceptional human beings with great senses of humour.

I’m loathing:

  • Finding out my Grandad has now got pneumonia on top of the cancer that’s already killing him.
  • Knowing there is only two weeks till we leave on our summer holiday. It will be amazing but I don’t feel at all prepared! (lists ahoy)

Favourite photo: It doesn’t snow here, but especially not in December when it’s supposed to be summer. I hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere aren’t hating it too much!

Hier Und Jetzt – 29 November 2009

Listening to: Lady Gaga – The Fame: Monster; Rammstein – Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da

Watched this week: Horton Hears a Who; Year One; Love Actually; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I’m loving:

  • Baby Abigail. I’m so happy for Chickie and her hubby!
  • That we sold our car so quickly and painlessly. We knocked $500 off the price but it’s nice to have it off our hands!
  • Alan Rickman
  • My tattoo design. Got to see it mostly done and I’m relieved – December 14 here I come.
  • Partying with friends and meeting people that are into the same music as you when no one else is!

I’m loathing:

  • The super sunny weather. It’s nice that it’s not raining all the time (except it pissed down today) but not being able to walk around outside due to the heat is never fun!
  • Spending so much time reading, making orders up, and socialising that I neglect the blog.

Favourite photo: I can’t decide if I want to be a fairy princess in this forest or if I want to brood in the dungeon of a castle. Summer is oddly conflicting like that for me.


Also – o hai.

Hier Und Jetzt – 22 November 2009

Listening to: Sublime; Spice Girls

Watched this week: Spice World(!); Sixteen Candles

Best line:

It’s like Jesus going ‘You know what, I don’t want to be Jesus anymore’.

– Tash on Oprah announcing the end of her show in 2011

I’m loving:

  • Spice World! Our spicy party finally happened with Jo as Ginger, Laura as Posh, Amie as Baby, Sarah as Scary, and me as Sporty. Lisa who took the photo played the part of all cameo appearances.

I’m loathing:

  • Delayed hangover – WTF, I didn’t even knew this existed until my extreme tiredness this afternoon turned into a spinning room and spewing out my nose.

Favourite photo:

Hier Und Jetzt – 15 November 2009

I’m reading: Son of a Witch; Bridget Jones’s Diary

Watched this week: Crank:High Voltage; Fracture; The Taking of Pelham 123; Surrogates; Made of Honour; Waiting; Semi Pro

Best line:
That dude looks like he has run into a back of a bus, his forehead to nose ratio is astounding.
– An anonymous commenter replying to an article stating Robert Pattinson will be coming to NZ to film next year.

I’m loving:

  • The price tags at Woolworths. Under each price they list the equivalent cost per 100g or 1kg. It make price comparisons SO easy and makes the shopping experience so much nicer!
  • Tiki shacks, gossiping like a teenager, hanging out with people who are generally in high spirits. I had a great weekend!
  • The All Whites winning against Bahrain to gain entry into the World Cup for the first time since 1982. I’m not much of a sports fan but I know a lot of people are very excited about this including Mum and her partner. And anything that might steal some of the limelight from Rugby is ok by me!
  • My new phone. Even if it was bought under less than ideal circumstances while facing life without a mobile for a couple of weeks. (see below)
  • The Boy’s dad has agreed to sell us one of his old cars even though we turned him down when he first offered it to us. When we were up with him last weekend we got to use it and kinda fell in love. By then they’d decided to keep it for visitors to use but The Boy is both a mummy and daddy’s boy, and for once that’s a good thing!

I’m loathing:

  • Dead phones. Mine suddenly died for no reason last week and Telecom workers seem to have no grasp on the Consumer Guarantees Act as they’ve refused a repair on it unless I pay. I can certainly try taking them to the disputes tribunal or the Commerce Commission but I absolutely hate conflict and am likely to cry if I have to confront anyone about my problems!
  • If that wasn’t a bad enough start to the week the next day The Boy’s office found out they’ll be going down to 4 day weeks starting in a week and ending at the end of January. It seems while everyone else in the office could see his boss was being overly optimistic hiring 2 new staff his boss couldn’t. And now they’re 3 people overstaffed.
    Goodbye holiday bonus, yearly pay rise, and $600 of pre holiday wages.
  • NZ Post. In general, but mostly when I have to claim money for something because it’s gone missing or arrived broken. I’ve put in a claim about 4 times so far and been unsuccessful every time! When something goes missing I have to provide the address, phone number, and email address of the person it was going to, but NZ Post refuses to contact the addressee by any means but post! ARGH get in the 21st century you dumb fucks!
  • Realising that this decade is almost over and will soon be able to be referred to in the same manner we refer to the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Favourite photo:

Field of Poppys

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Hier Und Jetzt – 6 November 2009

I’m reading: Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

Best buy: Two coats – A Golf Punk jacket $75 down from $150 and a long cute coat with a little fish tail and green and black polka dot lining $61 down from $200. Love these sales! Wellington is jacket friendly all year round.

I’m loving:

  • Catching up with my family. Even though the circumstances are not ideal, even though there have been tears, it’s still great to see everyone while they’re reasonably well. I got to spend a few hours with my Grandparents and it was great, just being able to sit with them.
  • The sun! The warmth! (despite the sweat)
  • The food I’ve eaten this week. It’s been equal parts amazingly decadent and cheerfully cheap.
  • Seeing my friend Kezz doing well. We only get to catch up a few times a year, but now she has internet at her house we can see each other on facebook. She’s much happier in life these days after a rough couple of years. It’s great to see.
  • Kim and Kezz

    Me and Kezz
    The pink tights I got last week
    Grey skirt I scored at the PPP clothing swap
    Unicorn t shirt from 1-day tee
    Ghost necklace from the shop

I’m loathing:

  • The family of starlings that have taken up residence once again in Mums roof. They come every year and they’re right above the room we’re staying in. The incessant squawking that starts in the early hours of the morning has me wishing bad things about the poor little birdies.
  • Feeling bad for neglecting the blog this week! Family and sleep has taken precedence. I admire those of you that have busy full time jobs, busy social lives, and still find time to blog. I’m home again on Sunday, with a realisation that I really will need to schedule posts over the holidays.
  • Packing for winter. I’m so used to the Wellington weather that I took 2 hoodies, 2 cardies, and a jacket on our trip and I’ve hardly needed a single one of them!

Favourite photo:

And the words 'warm' and 'light' are going back into ironic quote-marks until next April.


Hier Und Jetzt – 1 November 2009

I’m reading: Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

I’m listening to: Sonata Arctica – The Day of Grays. I have listened to this album on repeat a ridiculous number of times now. I didn’t listen to anything else this week!

Best buy: Pink tights from Jay Jays!

I’m loving:

  • The amazing weather in the Bay of Plenty. I’m not much one for sitting in the sun, but just being able to see it cheers up my mood.
  • The flat landscapes of the Te Puke and Papamoa area. Such a change from the Wellington landscape. Every time we come up here I long to be able to snap photographs as wide as my field of vision, and with as much clarity. It’s pretty stunning.
  • Tay Street Cafe. We went there for dinner last night and everything from the food, to the location, and most of all the service was stunning.
  • Seeing my family tomorrow! :D
  • Finally receiving my initial tattoo sketch and not absolutely hating it. I’m SO fussy when it comes to designing anything that I intimidate myself. I provided the artist with a whole bunch of pictures I kind of liked the idea of and gave him a basic premise and he managed to come back with something that was different to the designs I provided that I actually like. Amaze.
  • Hair clips. I finally got my hair and fringe trimmed and the clips provide the perfect amount of cuteness to pull the long bits of my hair back. My fringe is very blunt once again and combining that with the long darkness on either side was making my face disappear.
  • Grass; vines; an expansive house to sprawl in; being domestic and helping to make aioli, a modern twist on the prawn cocktail, orange cake, and crumbed fish all for one meal; not being pinned down by my laptop for hours on end. All things I’m enjoying at the start of my week away.

I’m loathing:

  • Constant fear of sunburn. The absolute worst thing about being so pale you’re practically translucent.
  • Having to sleep.
  • Spiders!

Favourite photo: Snowy Dock at CMS